Justin Bieber fans


Grown adults who are buying Justin Bieber’s latest album; seemingly in their fucking droves.

The kind of retards who buy one album a year, and in their infinite wisdom decide upon the mewling of this dead-eyed, entitled, uppity little cunt.

These people can vote: utterly chilling (and probably explains a lot).

If you are older than 12, and not a girl, what the fuck are you doing buying this god-awful shite? Fucking grow up. Then kill yourself. Please. Cunt.

Nominated by: Artisan Beard

Justin Bieber [2]


Lest we forget… that fucktard teracunt Justin Bieber.

He’s been doing more of his self-aggrandising graffiti. FFS, lawks-a-lordy &c. Surely,three strikes and you’re out (I know he’s officially Canadian, but seems to live in the USA), and they’ve got some “cruel and unusual methods”, I understand…

May the Lord have mercy upon his soul for being such a complete and utter arsewipe, yee-ha!!

Nominated by: HBelinda Hubbard

Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo on its first test flight over the Mojave Desert, California

Had Jolie, Bieber, Perry and the loathsome Brand been aboard the craft, forensics would have to spend ages sorting out the ship from the wreckage.

So Sir Richard, when you plan your next interstellar fuck up, please invite some selected guests to play the role of crash test dummies. I humbly suggest:

Eric Pickles (for maximum splat effect)
Jo and Russell Brand
Jihadi John
Justin Bieber

…and as many paedo’s as you can fit in once you evict the illegal immigrants, who will no doubt be stowing away

Nominated by: Captain Japseye