Guy Verhofstadt (5)

Mr Verhofstadt -The Biggest EU Cunt?

This drink-sodden little motherfucker mutilating the English langauge has come up with another of his commandments (on the Irish question):

“It’s clear that the ball is now on the side of the UK to come forward with a satisfactory solution” he said.

“We will not give our consent to a withdrawal agreement without a guarantee, a 100 per cent assurance, that there will be no hard border between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic.”

(Source Standard newspaper 25/4/18)

Who the fuck is this wanker to tell us we have to have their CONSENT to leave the EU, when we actually voted for it and Verhofstadt is only a pen-pushing arse licking careerist who we have never voted for?

Even David Davis seems to be getting weak now – he told the self import tossers on the EU Withdrawal Committee at Westminster that the votes of MPs on the final withdrawal bill will be complied with.

Why don’t we just tell the up-their own-arses EU tosspots that we are leaving without any agreement and not paying another fucking penny to their bloated drinking club. Fuck them.

Nominated by. W.C. Boggs


Guy Verhofstadt [4]

Vehorstadt really is a stratospheric cunt!!!
Brexit is a waste of time and effort??
Yeh I suppose he has a point?,
Who wants to be governed by democratically elected people??
Want sort of Cunts want that??
What sort of idiots want to retain some national identity??
What kind of fools want to control their borders??
What sort of people want to stop a tsunami of foreign workers prepared to work for less money??
Brexit is indeed a waste of time!! 😂😂😂

Nominated by Quislings

Verhofstadt is a grinning, gap toothed, curtain haired, Biggins glasses wearing, plutonium grade cunt.

This piece of political jenkem has told a conference in London that Brexit is a waste of time and energy.

Had he a slight appreciation that the EU had become undemocratic and conceded that reform was needed then Brexit possibly would not have gained a majority vote.

Clearly he has no concept whatsoever of democracy. Fuck off back to your cheap fags, snotty chocolate and chips smothered in mayo, you utter fucking cuntbox.

Verhofstadt is a fucking waste of skin and bone. Cunt x 10^infinity

Nominated by Paul Maskingback

Guy Verhofstadt has ordered the United Kingdom to take “financial responsibility” over Brexit and pay a divorce bill to Brussels. “You have to pay us!” he rants in the European Parliament.

Now listen here, Doddy you gap toothed cunt : NO WE FUCKING DON’T!!! IT’S NOT A FUCKING DIVORCE!!!

Take that back to your Diddy Men and smoke it. Fucking idiot…

Nominated by Dioclese

Guy Verhofstadt [3]


Christallfeckinmighty !!

This stinking turd has surfaced again, thought I’d got Hubbard Hall’s plumbing sorted.

Needs a Kim-Mong nuclear-size cunting.

So glad to see that the EU favours the grossly physically repellent (doesn’t Belgium have any decent dentists ??!) ; just like Hitler and his club-footed Minister of Propaganda. This one looks like he had a near-miss with a coathanger in utero.

What a bloody awful thought, Merkel (no doubt to be given the bum’s rush by the Germans), will be sitting cosily alongside Kinnock of Bedwetty, Juncker and this unspeakable piece of shit…

Nominated by: HBelindaHubbard

Guy Verhofstadt [2]


Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank.
Give a man a bank and he can rob the world!

Brexit, the go to excuse for any negative financial, legal and social incident. Happily spun by the beeb and their meejah-mates, when the reality is that fuck all has changed, the economy has stabilised, the workforce is doing well, and Juncker and his cronies are bricking it.

Actual quote from Belgian MEP Guy Verhofstadt (EU lead negotiator on brexit): “…the EU still offers the cure for the cancer of nationalism.”

I’m British, proud to be so, so fuck you very much, you EU cunts!

Nominated by: Rebel without a Cunt!

Guy Verhofstadt

Guy Verhofstadt is a slimy Belgian, who sits in the European Parliament thinking he is the dogs bollocks…except for one thing, he isnt, he is a cunt.

…also he looks like Ken from Citizen Smith, I liked Ken though, not that bastard. He also looks like every other Belgian on the planet, which means your children arent safe as he’d lock them in a cellar.

Then kill them.

Nominated by danidiot