Guy Verhofstadt [2]


Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank.
Give a man a bank and he can rob the world!

Brexit, the go to excuse for any negative financial, legal and social incident. Happily spun by the beeb and their meejah-mates, when the reality is that fuck all has changed, the economy has stabilised, the workforce is doing well, and Juncker and his cronies are bricking it.

Actual quote from Belgian MEP Guy Verhofstadt (EU lead negotiator on brexit): “…the EU still offers the cure for the cancer of nationalism.”

I’m British, proud to be so, so fuck you very much, you EU cunts!

Nominated by: Rebel without a Cunt!

28 thoughts on “Guy Verhofstadt [2]

  1. Look at that cunt in the picture, if the Brexit campaign had shown his picture it would have been a 90% win for Brexit. The cunt.

  2. Certainly half a “sieg heil” in that hand gesture.

    Everyone is fucked off with career politicians making it to the top by basically being lick arse smarmy cunts, without having ever struck a bat in the real world.

    The problem is that the cunts at the top of the EU gravy train are even worse than career politicians, they’re career bankers pretending to be politicians.

    Oh, and even better, they are unelected and now (courtesy of the European Central Bank) are unaccountable career bankers pretending to be politicians.

    Cunts every one of them!

  3. What a mongy looking cunt this bastard is. Never heard of him before, like so many of these EU golden tit sucking twats that crawl out from under the carpet hoping to make a name for themselves using the Brexit excuse. In reality they at the EU are shitting themselves at the fact that we voted to leave and we could be the first of many. The treacle stick is drying up you cunts, accept it!

  4. The “cancer of nationalism”. Bit rich from a cunt who wants to turn the whole of europe into germany, don’t you think? No doubt the twat thinks dentists are cancer too. If I were on the Brexit negotiating team we would all turn up on the first day wearing goofy joke teeth. That would show the cunt we weren’t to be taken lightly. Cunt.

  5. Looks like someone hits the cunt regularly. Typical Belgian tosser. Most of the pissy little non country is employed by the EU so this. cunt with choppers like Highgate cemetery after an air raid will always support their principal employer.
    I spent a week or more there for a few years playing their golf courses and none of us had seen so many fucking great Mercedes and similar. Every cunt’s got one , paid for by you and me probably.
    Belgium laid down in 1940 to show France how to do it. Now their little wankers are lecturing us about having respect for your own country. while theirs is split irrevocably into two . Cowards child abusers and masters of self abuse.

  6. Surely a prerequisite for any spokesperson is having teeth that don’t resemble a row of bombed out houses…..

  7. What we need to do is have zero negotiation.
    Repeal eu laws and trade under wta regs like Usa, China and India do.

    Negotiating free trade with these utter cunts is a waste of everyone’s time.
    They want to much and we can’t afford to give an inch.
    I think that’s inevitably what will happen.

    Still be better than the shit deal we have now.

  8. Isn’t that Jürgen Klopp? The cunt. The Germans must hate us for threatening to derail their plans for a greater Germany for a third time but hey you crazy Germans, this time we want you to keep France, you are fucking welcome, we won’t be sacrificing out troops to save those turncoat cunts again anytime soon.

    You can’t give the cunts back either.

    • I got pissed up last night and had a row with an austrian cunt after he said Britain was full of racists. I put the cunt straight on a few things including my preference to being a racist above being a cunt. I can’t wait to get back home.

    • Like you, Sixdog, I don’t have much time for German football managers, especially that old flasher, Helmet Showin. Franz Beckenbauer has proved to be a cunt as well. I want to nominate you, Mr Vomit, for inclusion in the Brexit negotiation team (either side). Are you available?

      • No negotiation needed, we voted to leave, article 50 should have been invoked on the 24th of June job done.

        If the EU which is basically Germany and France want to sell their cars and shit wine to us we will of course negotiate a trade deal after Brexit. We can even offer them lots of cheap eastern European Labour and a shit load of Islamic hippy types.

        Negotiation now is an excuse to delay Brexit until the cunts can work out a way to stop it.

  9. Whether it’s this cunt or some other unelected ex banker/failed politician wanker the noise out of their fucking gobs is always the same. There is absolutely no point in negotiating with them. Repeal the European Union Act, stick 2 fingers up at them and then trade with whoever we want.
    Once they see we don’t give a fuck about them their tune will change. Kraut Merkel will see to that when Jerry starts losing money and their industry starts to feel the pinch. They have already got a black hole of £350m a week to fill and the Hun will have to bear the lions share of that. Won’t be popular at all.
    Once Jerry gets pissed off the rest will do as they are told.
    Then old tombstone teeth can fuck back off to his pissy little grief hole and cry along with the rest of the overblown greedy, undemocratic cunts.

    • I wouldn’t be so sure that it’ll be Frau Merkel that will be dealing with the Brexit fall out if yesterdays German elections are anything to go by … looks like there’s been a bit of a hiccup in her ‘open arms’ policy to her distribution of refugees.

  10. Hopefully the silly bitch does get chucked out and the Jerries get someone in who fucks the refugees off thus pissing off EU Commissioners etc. The roadmap from there ? discord in several countries, referenda in a couple and the collapse of the whole stinking edifice that is the EU.
    Perhaps we won’t need to have a negotiation at all.

  11. We need a cure for the cancer of rabid federalism.

    We found the cure, we voted to leave. Now fuck off and get back to licking Merkal’s vagina. No wonder his teeth look so bad.


  12. Can Eddie Izzcunt be nominated for a further cunting. Perhaps more properly the plod who nicked the bloke who snatched the mincing ponces pink beret.
    What a fucking waste of resources. Typical of plod though going for the easy target.
    Surely a sensible reaction would have been to give him a warning and tell Izzard to stop making such a fuss and to fuck off. But no up the steps he goes. Try getting plod to come out for anything these days is difficult to say the least but take a poofs hat and all hell breaks loose.
    Perhaps this is the start of a new development in that plod are going to detect all crimes big or small. Not holding my breath on that one though.

    • Have got about a bit in my time,and the one thing i noticed everywhere I went that the plod are the same .no matter colour,creed they are all dirty harry/poirot wannabe cunts. Ever been bashed around the back of the head whilst in handcuffs ?it stings.anyway fuck the police ,cunts all of them…

  13. I note he’s got the Hitler quiff. Minus the glasses and paint on a tache it’s mein fuhrer all over again….spring time for Merkel and Germany……

  14. This sack of shit comes from the non country of Belgium!!!
    Undoubtedly a cunt!!
    Life’s too short to waste it on this prick…. 😂

  15. This sack of shit comes from the non country of Belgium!!!
    Undoubtedly a cunt!!
    Life’s too short to waste it on this prick….

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