Gregg Wallace [2]


I would like to nominate “Ingredients Expert” Gregg Wallace for another richly deserved cunting.

This Penfold looking cunt is now onto wife #4 20-odd years his junior and an absolute stunner she is too!

For a “do nothing” cunt he’s a jammy fucking cunt! Just goes to show that money can bridge all kinds of age gaps.

P.S. That’s money we’ve provided via the BBC. The cunt!

Nominated by: Rebel without a Cunt!

22 thoughts on “Gregg Wallace [2]

  1. Wife number 4? For fucks sake what is it with some cunts. If I got married twice and both marriages failed I would think ‘obviously I am a cunt and I cannot keep a marriage together’ or ‘marriage is not working out for me’. If I were his mate after the second marriage I would tell him to fuck off if he invited me to the 3rd let alone 4th Wedding. Some bloke’s are literally lost without a woman and cannot get by without a Wife, the weak cunts. Get yourself a three time a week slag and then you’ve got time to watch the Football, F1 etc. Then settle down when you’re an old cunt and you actually need a woman round to keep you company.

    • Greg Wallace is a cunt of epic proportions. No talent on show just an irritating cuntishness. I hope Yew Tree have the fucker in their sights.

    • He is a megacunt. Fucking greengrocer that’s all who likes food. Too much of it by the looks of things the fat cunt.
      All of this at our expense due to the BBC tax. Fuck off and choke yourself on a drizzled spud or whatever it is you stuff down your neck.
      As for 4 wives what a cunt. Mind you what does it say about them in getting ramped up with him in the first place.

    • The famous Irish poof Oscar Wilde once said “a second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience”. It used to that the be that the only people that married multiple times were film stars but I know two blokes who have each been married four times. Both of them are bus drivers and both of them are cunts.

  2. I know I’ve cunted them a couple of times or so but Seagulls need another cunting. These cunts are getting out of order and more cunt like. They eat other Birds which makes them cannibal type cunts, they eat leftover Kebab and other shite and apparently dive bomb people whilst they are eating. These cunts are like eastern europeans, you let them be and then they get too big for their boots and start taking the piss. Look at this horrible cunt

    • Seagulls are cunts. Some nights when taking the dogs out ,I’ve had the bastards circle and swoop down on me. At night ffs, scary as shit . you hear the cunts screaching overhead and swoosh they nearly take your head off …..pigeons are cool little things though.

      • Gulls are carnivores FFS thats what they do this isn’t a new behavior for them. Also we don’t know if that pigeon was hurling insults at the gull or something cheeky like that no one is taking the gulls side on this! just always the poor poor defenseless pigeon.

        I dunno maybe the gull was recently radicalised and is now a moslem maybe the beeb will let us know… I wouldn’t be surprised if this happened because of brexit

      • If you want a laugh,get the hottest mustard you can find,make loads of sandwiches with it and then throw them outside and wait for the seagulls to swoop down and pick them up,then enjoy watching the cunts having violent spasms in midair.

  3. Wallace is a pointless celebrity, and like all of them , a boring useless cunt almost beyond normal cunting. The cunt deserves four wives .

    To quote Robin Williams , I hope they rip his balls out through his wallet, the cunt.

    As to fucking seagulls ,the cunts need cunting , not just because they are a cunting nuisance but because like Wallace ,they are fucking useless .
    There are billions of the fucking things and they are eating my fish, which despite the heartstring pulling cunts of the RSPB ,worth their own cunting, is an important source of food for us .
    If they laid waste farmers fields they would be coming out of the sky like feathered rain in the same way as pigeons are shootable all year round.
    But the RSPB have more power than plod. Sadly Johnny Seagull tastes like shit so he stays up there shitting on us.

    • Surely a bit of curry powder would make the cunts taste good. Thinking about it it could be a winner, with all the sustainability issues around food, there are billions of Seagulls, I need to catch one of the cunts and add a jar of Pataks.

      • They are tougher than Sturgeon’s pissflaps . Probably need boiling hard for three days until you could consider eating them, seagulls not the pissflaps which no one could ever consider eating unless you were blind and drugged to hell and back and Mr Sturgeon offered you thousands to chew on them and even then a decent man would say no.

  4. First let me say Wallace is indeed a proper cunt… “Ooohh this* is the loveliest I’ve ever had the pleasure of titillating my fuckwitt tastebuds”.

    Never mind the eejit said the same thing about something similar the previous week. Not that I watch this streak of continuous drivel rather the odd time I’ve had the unfortunate happenstance to inadvertently switch it on channel hopping its always to a T the same shit different day.

    However seagulls… FUCKING CUNTS. In breeding season these rats with wings have taken over our city/town centres… 5am and all ya hear is there damned squaling n that lasts till after midnight. And then you’ve got their damned kids (can’t be arsed looking up a gulls kids proper name I hate them just that much).

    But truth be told is… Seagull… There is no such creature. There are different types of gull but no actual ‘seagull’… They’re all proper cunts

  5. I think the Masterchef camera crew should be applauded for always managing to keep Wallace’s carer out of shot……

  6. Greg Wallace should be scouged with a cat-o-nine tails made of rusty razor-wire, analised using a three day dead porcupine,castrated with two house bricks,staked to a fire ant nest,forced to watch” Miranda”, boiled,sauteed,deep-fried,waterboarded,tazered,peppersprayed, and finally suffocated under Jo Brands’ meaty pissflaps.
    Nothing’s too good for you Gregg.

  7. I once saw a pigeon titillating it’s taste buds on a carrot from a pavement pizza from the Great British Spew Up. Dunno if the random masterchef puker was a celebrity or not. Pigeon’s are cunts, as are seagulls aways circling vulture like around McDonald’s and KFC car parks (I get to some classy places). They ear the fries and pick the bones. Greg Wallace is indeed a Class A nuclear warhead megacunt. After wife number three I’ve called it a day and ain’t looking. If it ever happens we won’t be moving in together.

  8. Had me twelve bore ranged doine on the cutest little bunny but just as was aboit to let it have both barrels a fucking flying rat nips in and pecks its eyes oit. Bugger me, no sport in blasting a blind bunny so let the bird rip it apart. Bastard.
    Wallace I suppose is orf some attraction to the type orf filly that gets orf by opening her legs and wanking her cunt over his bristly bald bonce.

    • Haven’t seen you in awhile Limpy, Rickie Dickie scare you off? that bunny scenario seems familiar like with that Gull
      At least a seagull is a bit more honorable and not as ugly then that scavenging vermin known as Rats! who some sick bastards keep as pets no less

      • He’s had computer problems hence the odd posting on behalf of by my good self that he’s emailed me direct.

        Rickie won’t be highjacking him any time soon as he now has a new email address that the sod doesn’t know and his old one is blocked – so Limply and Kath are the real deal these days.

        And Rickie can go fuck himself…

      • Takes more than a troll cockjockey to frighten off Sir Limply or Kath…. Again: using a woman’s identity and posing as her… Sick as fuck cunt…

        They should charge people for using Twatter and Facefook… I wonder how many narcissists, offended by anything knobheads, PC pro-rapeugee cunts and bogstandard trolls would be so eager to use the things if they had to pay and their real names and bank details had to be known?

  9. This is the taxi driver cunt driving the fat cunt opera cunt from go compare in the cunting advert right?

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