Greg Wallace [2]

I know this waste of skin has been given a decent cunting before but it was a long time ago and he deserves to be cunted on a daily basis.

He is a humourless, talentless fucktard who prognosticates on others whose skills he could only dream of. He couldn’t boil a fucking kettle without burning the water. But he’s clearly up some cunt’s arse at the BBC who enjoys being reamed by this mono-syllabic bivalve.
He was on the Beeb again tonight mouthing more shit. This time about mince
pies which he described as being made of buttery flaky pastry. Every Englishman worth his salt knows mince pies are made from shortcrust pastry. He then derided the traditional English Christmas lunch. For fuck’s sake.

This cunting, worthless, mouth breathing streak of piss should be shot with balls of his own shite.

I rest my case.

Nominated by Pipesmoka

Gregg Wallace [2]


I would like to nominate “Ingredients Expert” Gregg Wallace for another richly deserved cunting.

This Penfold looking cunt is now onto wife #4 20-odd years his junior and an absolute stunner she is too!

For a “do nothing” cunt he’s a jammy fucking cunt! Just goes to show that money can bridge all kinds of age gaps.

P.S. That’s money we’ve provided via the BBC. The cunt!

Nominated by: Rebel without a Cunt!

Gregg Wallace


Gregg Wallace of Master Cunt. The bald headed twat no talent just stands there dipping his dick in custard while waiting to collect his pay check. The man has no other purpose in life.

Unfair? He would likely wank into John Torode’s mayo just to stop it separating. Nah – he is a natural born cunt.

Nominated by : Sir Limply Stoke