MOAS need a cunting. They are a supposed charity going round the Mediteranean picking up migrants. They are basically a ferry service for wogs wanting to get into Europe and there after find their way to Calais.

They are very well funded, we are talking about large ships here not a few small boats. Where is the money coming from? Its all a bit vague, they simply say it is crowd funded but my bet our old fiend Mr Soros is behind it.

Nominated by: Skidmark Eggfart

Who is supporting them? They sail out and “rescue” a bunch of migrants 7 miles off the coast of Libya take them to Italy and then as far as their concerned It’s job done. Then they sail out and pick up some more of the cunts.

Nominated by: Mahatma Koat

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  1. The beeb had one of their do-gooding cunts on one of these ships a couple of weeks back and when asked (by the studio shower of shite) if they’d received any medical attention yet the response was: “Well what little can be done on board is being done but is mainly food and water. It will take a day and a half to complete the journey to Italy where medical centres have been set up to provide care and attention, along with psychologists to help with the trauma of their journey.”

    Dry land was visible behind the do-gooding cunt so why just not ferry the fuckers back there then?

    Oh, I see, it’s because they would just simply try to cross again. Ok, ferry the cunts back then! Eventually the cunts will drown themselves I’m sure!

    The thing is that they make it sound like they’ve traversed Cape Horn when the reality is that they park themselves a few hundred yards off shore on a lilo waiting for soft cunts like these to pick them up and ferry them wherever they like, like a fucking P&O cruise!

    If these do-gooder cunts want to relocate them, then relocate them to Tunisia or Egypt or Morocco or – even better – long haul the fuckers to Saudi Arabia.

    All of those countries are nice and “peaceful” for them, so why 36hrs north into Europe (and then ultimately here)? Oh that’s right, they won’t want to go there because those countries aren’t “soft touches” are they! Soft twats.

    It’s about time Saudi put its hands in its greasey oil laden pockets to help out their fellow “followers” – fucking two-faced cunt of a religion that it is!

    • Another reason the Saudi cunts need cunting is that instead of putting 2.5 million rapeugee cunts up in a tented city they have for the haj they intead allow zero of the cunts in but offer to fund mosques in germany instead. What a set of cunts.

  2. This picking up of rapeugees whilst north Africa is only miles away is probably my biggest wind up right now .everyone’s looking at Italy but it’s also happening in tarifa in the south of Spain. I wouldn’t even take them back just let them drown,seriously. You should see the cunts in Ceuta ,bunch of fucking animals. Try banging down the doors of p&o and demand a free ride round the med coz your boss is a tyrant and doesn’t pay enough for you to afford it. Also the attitude of those raping cunts demanding entry coz now they’re in eroupe they have h human rights for the first time in their shitty lives . if an army came over in numbers like that we would defend our shores, but coz their not tooled up yet just open the doors then …. I don’t understand why they’re all coming to Europe when gay-z and boyonce are always championing African culture. Is there any factories in that massive continent , coz as far as i can tell they make fuck all and expect whitey to give give give. Oh and if any of them rapper cunts went to Africa they would be looking for the first white man to save their arses ….sorry to go on but Africa and all her cunts really piss me off. . PS rebel without a cunt,leave them pigeons alone

    • So sorry rebel without a cunt i meant trousrebulge. Hey trouserbulge leave them pigeons alone,and you Alan fistula…

    • It is so windy in tarifa that it has the highest suicide rate in spain. The wind drives them barmy. I’d like to see the cunts try to cross the straights of gibraltar in a rubber boat, not a fucking chance.

      • They don’t have to cross the straits as the gaurdia civil pick the cunts up, but one crazy little Moroccan cunt managed to make to the beach in Gibraltar on a fucking lilo at the beginning of summer…tarifa is cool as fuck man , everybody’s chilled out as far as i can see or maybe that’s the depression meds, but that fucking wind man .everyday, every fucking day.

      • Its getting beyond a joke now. What the fuck are the guardia doing fucking about in international waters giving free ferry rides to wogs? It is international maritime law that you must assist any vessel in dificulty so long as it does not endanger your own vessel or crew. It says fuck all about going out looking for the fuckers.

  3. Shipping the cunts in is akin to the Trojans rolling that fucking horse full of Greeks in,except at least the Trojans didn’t know the fuckers were in there. We do, and yet we continue to actively help an invading force who wish us dead.
    Let the fuckers drown,it might discourage the rest of the shits. The pollution from a few thousand drowned shite-bags might be a bit off-putting for those holidaying on the Med.,but the smell is probably no worse than when they were alive. Plus,we might get a few more happy-snaps of the aftermath of a good capsize. The last pictures certainly brought tears (of laughter) to my eyes.

    • Currently down on the costa del sol myself with Lady SB, there have been shark sightings off the Marbella and Fungerola coast. Feed the fuckers to the sharks, can’t have the smelly cunts spoiling our holiday.

      • Hire a pedalo and get out there. You might be able to batter a few of the twats with the paddle-wheel. England expects…
        Have a good holiday.

  4. Sooner or later, the whole of Southern Europe will be a seething cesspool of these cunts who will then rape, murder and pillage their way north.

    Only the cunts who have enough money never to be bothered by the result of the shocking decisions being made remain unable to see this.

    Whole towns and cities are being assimilated and sooner or later countries. These dirty cunts seem to breed like fucking rabbits too.

    They are like a dirty, smelly, criminal, tea cloth wearing, raping, low budget version of The Borg.

  5. It isn’t a policy which has happened through bad decision making or poor management.
    It’s deliberate. Of course.
    The money for these boats is likely through an eu slush fund.

    My guess is that they want to ship millions upon millions of anyone from the third world in asap in order to shore up the falling European birth rate.
    Be it Arab or African. Dosent matter.
    Even Asians will do if they can get here.
    The cunts in charge know that these people have 8 kids per family.
    And they like those numbers.

    They are labouring under the assumption that these cunts are going to be as productive as a European. They are not.

    The Germans have been told that they will also assimilate very quickly.
    Within a few years.
    I was chatting to a German couple last week on holiday and they were telling me all this.

    Told em good luck with that then.
    We have had our Muslims for 50 years and they still haven’t assimilated.

    Beats me why they don’t just bribe European couples to have more kids through child benefit and grants.

    The fact they want third worlders imported, over having more Europeans born, therefore suggests the globalist agenda. The Population replacement of bolshy Europeans with a more mailable mass of cunts who aren’t used to human rights or living the good life..

    • Imagine if thousands of these fuckers were being dropped off on our shores every day.
      There would be civil unrest.
      Wouldn’t be tolerated by the people.

      These southern euros are spineless putting up with it.

  6. Whoa, whoa, whoa….!

    Sorry cunters, real news on the beeb, Branjelina are to split up! Make sure the world knows it!

    Oh shit, they already beat us to it themselves. Self-promoting cunts! Maybe Pitt could get some Paltrow action now that her and that whiny self-righteous Cold Play prick Chris Martin have split up.

    Hey, can you see Brad trying hard to get custody of the “bought in” tranche of UN kids that Jolie wanted as fashion accessories? I bet the cunt vanishes quicker than Chesney Hawkes music career!

    • Pitt is a cunt, but he is well shut of that demented, clap riddled, rubber lipped, botox filled, shagnasty gluebag… I just feel sorry for the next daft/poor cunt weirdo Jolie hooks…

      What do you all reckon the reason is for the divorce? Could it be adultery? What?! Angelina shagging an entire football team?! Surely not…

      • Some mongmagnet on Twitter wrote ‘Guys all over the world will be thrilled at the news of Brad and Angelina’s split…’


        1) Like the rusted to fuck Hollywood pusnbike would ever look twice at an ‘ordinary bloke’ (or a Twittermong for that matter)…

        2) Like anyone particular or sane would tub the crackpot slapper (then again, most Twittermongs are loonies)…

        3) Yes, I suppose it is thrilling news… If your’e into some barren kipper stinking mad tart with breast implants who adopts a refugee every five minutes….

      • Angelina Jolie is a cunt…

        Q: What do Angelina and a washing machine have in common?
        A: They both drip when they are fucked….

        Q: What’s the difference between Angelina and a bowling ball?

        A: You can only fit three fingers in a bowling ball….

        Q: What’s the difference between Angelina and The Belgrano?

        A: Only 321 men went down on the Belgrano….

  7. Yes we are heading for shitemaggedon for sure. I really feel for our European cousins who are slowly losing ground against the massive tide of migrant persons that have been welcomed by the wonderful enlightened politicians that these poor cousins of ours voted in (own goal of the higest order). Some of the EU countries had leaders with a pair and put up big fences and told the wogs to fuck off. One would not be far from the truth if one stated that if it was not for the fact that we have water between us and Europe we would all be parking our cars in the road cos tribes of rapists etc would be living in our garages and, I am sure that some of the cocky bastards would be living on the local golf course imagine that!!! The day is approaching when “refugee’s” will be more loathed than our disabled pensioners on AA or DLA if they received the latter prior to their pension date. I ask the question what are we becoming?

  8. hmmm. i’m a bit ambidextrous about this. i can’t make up my mind if all the rantings from cunters above is callous unfeeling racism or just the honest truth. but then thats a problem i have i can always see both sides. but what is true undoubtedly is that if those waiting in LIBYA get to hear that they will be picked up and taken to Italy it will just encourage more to have a go.. this is only going to get worse.

    • Nah, the problem you have is that you’re a pant-pissing cunt. Fuck off back to the fucking guardian website.

      • Both sides? Wonder if that poor girl in Paris got it from ‘both sides’ from those rapist ’17 year old asylum seekers’ who are in actual fact
        three pieces of scum from Algeria in their 30s?… These ‘migrants’ are a living disease….

      • To be fair.
        She deserved it.
        She ran away from him in order to go and meet a North African on Facebook who told her they would spend the evening eating grapes and strawberries.

        Life lesson me thinks.

      • Well, any person who believes anybody on Facebook is a thick and gullible cunt… No argument… Eating grapes and strawberries? Where the fuck did she get the idea that these greasy turds were civilised? Probably some rich kid who was ‘bored’ with her wealthy, happy and uneventful life… Some people really are stupid cunts….

  9. Big spikey mines and frigates with shoot on sight orders, the cunts wont get in the sea and won’t fucking drown.


  10. This migrant shits only been going on for two years and look at the chaos it’s causing.
    Think about where we will be in 30 years.
    Very bad times ahead for this cunting continent

    • And yet the vast majority of people seem blind to what’s coming. They seem to have some sugar-coated fantasy idea where everyone lives in some multi-coloured,multi-religion utopia.
      If they are too stupid to understand that an implacable force is coming to overwhelm them and their culture, they probably deserve what is undoubtedly their,and their childrens’ future.

      • The whole unworkable concept of a Utopia needs cunting. There never has been, never can be and never will be a truly “perfect world”.
        Not unless you ruthlessly supress all individuality, chemically pacify the entire population or maybe lobotomise them with dumbed down shit television and mindless media/celebrity bollocks.
        Oh fuck…

  11. The children of today born in this country will in all likelihood be living in an Islamic country by the time they retire.
    And that transition will be bloody and very very violent.

    Unless the Muslim standing population is steralised or deported, which won’t happen.
    And that assumes no new arrivals, which won’t happen.

  12. Yes get worse is one option, turning into the biggest, nastiest goatfuck in the whole of the universe is the most likely outcome. This little island is getting the fuckers from all sides, we are going to sink long before global warming raises the sea levels. (paraphrase Chubby Brown). Enact article 50 now; buy or build and man a fleet of fast heavily armed coastal patrol boats supported by helicopters and maritime patrol aircraft. Increase the border protection force, DNA database of all persons found entering or have entered the country illeagally prior to their removal to their country of origen or best guess of deportation squad. Remove benefits, grants etc from any group or person calling for more immigration into this Country as they are truely foul traitors and have no right to breath our sacred air. A spell in the stocks may prove beneficial to the mental health of said traitors….

    • We’ve been conned and deceived and ,ultimately,sold out. The younger generation have been brain-washed into believing that multi-culturalism is the panacea that will lead to a bright,new, enlightened Age.
      It wont. It’ll lead to an Age of Barbarism. No good can come from the weakening and dilution of our culture by the virus of islam.It’s like introducing a rabid wolf to a pack of domestic dogs and expecting a lovely litter of cuddly puppies.

      • Well Said Black biscuit and Dick Fiddler The retarded carefree left have embraced a cancerous friend and they think western life will convert the haji bastards? Fuck they will, they will ruin every fibre of our being say goodbye to human rights Mates.

        They’re own imams say this daily in news and media that they will destroy us. So let them come on over?! WTF how many bombings,rapes and occurrences have there been in the last 3 weeks. Haji defenders including celebrities, politicians, and whoever else should be shipped to durka durka stan in a steel cage filled with shite, the traitorous cunts!

  13. If somebody said to me ‘If you could go back to the 70s: power cuts, the IRA at it, strikes, Heath and Thatcher, the Russians pointing missiles at us, no mobile phones. Twitter, reality TV, and no EU bollocks etc… Would you take it?

    I would say ‘Yes! Like a fucking shot!’

    That is how shite the UK has become…

    • Black September, Bader-Meinhoff, Red Army Faction, candle-lit pubs with hand pulled beer pumps. Man U relegated. Those were the days Norm…….

      • On the plus side, there was United in Division 2 (we had a fucking ball!), Tom Baker as Doctor Who (fuck you, Moffatt!), Stan Oggie in Corrie, Slade on the radio, and Top Of The Pops/Big D Peanuts girl, Beverley Pilkington (probably my first ‘Hilary Swank’)… Indeed, they were great days, Alan…

        The lovely Bev:

      • Not to mention The Sweeney and The Professionals on the box, the best two of Roger Moore’s Bond films, un-PC comedy shows, Jon Pertwee’s Doctor Who (with the Brig and Sgt Benton), motorbikes that weren’t made mostly from plastic, cars still being built with a Triumph badge, amusing Hamlet cigar adverts and no reality shows or Jonathan fucking Ross…
        I’m off to the shed to see if it’s possible to construct a time machine from various leftover Honda and vintage radio parts. I may be some time.

      • Book me a place if it works, Mr B….

        Sweeney was the bollocks and so was The Professionals… I liked Special Branch and Callan as well.. Pertwee was a great Doctor too… The Daemons with Pertwee’s Doc and Roger Delgado’s Master being an all time classic…. Also, some ace footballers in those days: Stan Bowles, Gordon Hill, Tony Currie, Robin Friday, Steve Coppell, Peter Barnes, Stuart Pearson… Not like the diving, tattooed, manicured beard, bellend haircut, fancy dan cunts we have now…

        Loved Slade at the time, but I also liked T-Rex, Mott The Hoople, Free, Gabriel’s Genesis and early 70s Quo… Even the odd Bowie record grabbed me back then…

        And another bit of quality fluff from the TOTP album covers: Debbie Smith:

    • Ah yes! The IRA…
      Fuckers nearly got me three times. I walked past the Westminster tube station bomb about two minutes before it went off. If I’d stopped to buy a newspaper I’d be dead now.

      They bombed the central office of information. My office looked onto it. Came to work next morning to find ther remains of the window all over my desk.

      They also bombed the office I used to work in in Holborn.

      So would I rather be back there than the shower of shit we have now? What do you think?

      Actually I would…

      • Imagine at the height of an IRA terror campaign there’d be people (celebrities, students, the usual cunts) holding pro-Irish protests and holding up placards saying ‘Tinkers Welcome!’

        It, of course, didn’t happen (apart from the odd cunt like John Lennon and Sinead O’ Connor)…. It would have been unthinkable back then: to actually side with a sworn enemy of Great Britain… But that is what these goatfriggers and their showbiz/student supporters are… Some innocent UK wagon driver is going to die because of these cunts eventually, and some British girl will get sexually assaulted, and anyone who is pro-migrant is preaching terrorism and condoning rape and violence… There are no excuses… It’s about time Mrs May gave the cozzers the green light to sort these cunts out (and the Remain dummy spitters and all!)…If they did it at Orgreave they can do it again, becuase these muzzie psychos and their ‘fans’ are a far bigger threat than Scargill ever was…

  14. Anyone who claims that immigrants will soon be assimilated into our culture is a lying cunt. What about the Indians and the Pakistanis? They’ve been coming into this country for well over half a century. Would anyone say they’ve become assimilated? Have they fuck.

    • Some have, but most haven’t… And those bastards from behind the Iron Curtain are worse… They just don’t give a shit… They don’t bother to even speak English, yet the cunts know how to fill in forms and open bank accounts… Well, actually some do-gooding state sponsored interpreter type cunt probably does it for them…. I read last month of some Polish bloke who had been in the UK for four years, but he still didn’t speak a word of English… A fucking orangutan could have learned English in that amount of time… And those who do know the language often ‘play dumb’ to dodge work and cream off benefits…. And the way the cunts attempt to jump queues at doctors, dentists, hospitals etc is disgusting… ‘Me want Doctor! Me no wait!’ is common to hear nowadays…

      ‘Me no wait!’? Me know you is parasitic cunt! You fucky offski!

  15. It’s about time some of these anti-British cunts were charged with treason…
    Pro Merkel/EU cunts like Fanny Izzard, Lily Allen, and that Geldof cunt… Pro-Migrant twats like Jude Law, Carey Mulligan O’ Gobshite, and of course that evil anti-English bitch, Wee Burney Jimmy Sturgeon Nesbitt-Krankie….

    • I’m afraid the List is much much longer then that Norm. Refusing to repatriate one’s citizens is an act of civilwar, the establishment itself has turned against its own people for feel good politics.

      Besides, aren’t there any flights from Vienna to Algiers? Just kick them off on the tarmac and leave. Oh right seeking asylum by plane wouldn’t work right?! Fuckers have Iphone 5 but not enough for a ticket

      • The butt hurt since Brexit has been amusing, the butt hurt when Trump becomes president is going to be a joy to behold.. I hope Wee Burney explodes on live television and all those do-gooding celebrity cunts have to check into the Priory….

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