“Refugees welcome” marchers


How about a massive cunting for those wankers on the “Refugees welcome” march in London on Saturday?

Ask yourselves this question, you cunts : “Who is going to pay for them?”

Not you, you bunch of cunts, as none of you pay tax I wager. Fucking grow up and take a look at the facts: we don’t want them, the infrastructure is not there to support them especially schools and the NHS and where are they going to go ?

Once you bunch of Tarquins start to pay your own way you will change your minds. At the moment you can afford to be radical ‘cos it ain’t costing you a penny.

Also the fact that the rentagob Vanessa Redcunt was involved is enough reason for a cunting in itself.

Nominated by: Johnson

23 thoughts on ““Refugees welcome” marchers

  1. The main problem these cunts have is they have no idea what a refugee is.

    A refugee leaves its home country due to war, persecution or natural disaster and seeks refuge in the closest safe country or area. There they stay until it is safe for them to return to their home country. Genuine refugees are guaranteed this under international law.

    Once that refugee decides to leave the safe haven for a 3rd country they imediately lose refugee status and become economic migrants. We have no obligation to take in, assist or provide for economic migrants either morally or under the law.

    We in the UK are second only to USA in the ammount of aid we provide to refugees so these bleeding heart cunts can go fuck themselves, we do our bit and more than most.

    What is it about these quite simple facts do these fuckers not understand?

  2. Can I nominate Tim Farron the Lib Dem leader for a cunting. This political prostitute in an attempt to win over disillusioned Labour voters is saying he admires the cunt of all cunts, Teflon Tony. Well Tim, you are one in a very small minority, carry on you cunt because with that sort of statement you are going to ensure that your party remain in the wilderness of politics within the UK for the foreseeable future. What a twat.

    • Was visiting my mother earlier.She is quite prim and proper and detests the word cunt.Anyway when she had the news on weasel faced Farron popped up.Forgetting I wasnt in front of my own TV I said “what a cunt”quite loudly and immediately she replied “Oh God he really is isnt he?”.

      • Also had a liberal democrat telling me today that many leave voters will be tempted to vote lib dem and accused me of gloating and not understanding democracy for accusing the remain side of having tantrums because they lost.Oh the fucking irony!

      • Not to mention how that political whore, Nick Clegg, bared his spotty arse to Cameron’s Tories and yelled ‘Come and get it!’ Cunts like Osborne, Duncan-Smith and the pigfucker got up to some diabolical shit (will that disabled deaths enquiry ever happen?), but ‘Mr. Liberal’ Clegg had a hand in their crimes… So fuck the Lib Dems… Also, did I hear that gimp who played Harry Potter voted Lib Dem? Typical Holland Park luvvie cunt….

  3. Professional spongers and trust-fund chinless wonders.
    They feel superior to the people who they expect to pay for their lofty ideals. If it wasn’t refugees,it would be some other cause that only they are capable of understanding. They have nothing but contempt for the people and country who enable them to spout their utter bullshit.
    Wonder if they’ll be so welcoming in 20 years time when the true results of this invasion come home to roost. I can’t imagine that the sharia courts will be quite so accepting of their pathetic,posturing idiocy.

  4. That Tim cunton was on the news today saying that although he’s largely given up of his dream of a second referendum so the deluded leavers can see the light, he has decided that the brexit negotiators had better bear in mind that any deal done with the fourth reach has to be good for the lib dems.
    Really Tim.
    I’m sure thats front and centre in their plans.

    The pro refugee lot…
    I’m sure they are mixing up the footage of the millions of refugees after ww2 who trudged across Europe with their worldly possessions in a hay cart and their entire families dragging behind.
    Who incidentally were largely Christian and and were compatible with living anywhere in Europe.

    They are mixing that up with hundreds of thousands of aggressive, violent and self entitled Arabs with iPhones and adidas trainers who chop down trees and set fire to cars to block roads in Calais, so they can threaten the passing drivers with machetes in order to get into their vehicles.

    Unaccompanied children?
    A good portion are 30 year olds pretending to be 17 and if they are unaccompanied toddlers then they ain’t alone.
    They are a Trojan horse for the family who will appear in a few months time, once they are in.

    It’s the equivalent of a sexy bird hitch hiking, while her scummy boyfriend hides in the bush behind her.

  5. Old Theresa made the right noises yesterday though:

    Economic migrant…no right to be here.
    Refugee…you should have stayed in Greece or Italy so no right to be here.

    Hopefully I pinned her wrong.

  6. I think those ‘rapefugees welcome’ cunts are wonderful for they way they have offered to have their wages / welfare garnished to the max and offered to take in all comers with no papers or background checks to live in their homes.

    I wait with much anticipation the list of their home addresses being doled out in Calais, so the illegals know exactly where to head for when they plop out the back of an artic on the M2.

    Furthermore the massive tax rebate all of the Brexiteers will be getting this year when the ‘rapefugees welcome’ cunts pick up every penny of the tab for their pet rapists, jihadis and kiddy fiddlers is going to be most welcome I can tell you. Christmas is just around the corner y’know.

    Oh, hang on a minute. None of those useless cunts will ever put their money where their mouth is and they’re all a bunch of leftard fuckwits with no idea of forward planning.

    Oh, how they disappoint.

    What a bunch of cunts.

  7. I notice that far left gobshite, Carey Mulligan has expressed her shame at being British because most of us aren’t demanding that the government take in the entire middle east. Well don’t do worry about it love, because NOBODY who goes against what’s best for the UK and the British people, can honestly consider themselves to be British. So there you go, you conscience is hereby absolved of all blame, because YOU ARE NOT FUCKING BRITISH. Try living in Saudi Arabia or Pakistan for a couple of years. Let’s see how quick to call for the importation of MORE muslims then. CUNT!

    • Somebody should point out to this Carey Mulligan cunt that she isn’t British… Carey Mulligan is fucking Irish, the arrogant bogtrotting slag… And as for Mulligan’s love of rapeugees: To quote Gene Hunt, ‘They’d have you as a sex slave and use your knickers as a rabbit trap…..’

      And Vanessa Redgrave is a silver spoonfed sanctimonious old snatch…

      • What is it with these Oirish cunts who think they can leave the bogs, come over here and start banging on about how we should run the country. Latest cunt in a list including Bonio, Cuntdof etc.

  8. Maybe the refugees welcome cunts will wake up when 100 million parasite cunts take them literally and arrive in the country

  9. I am not surprised when the “family” of these unaccompanied rapefugees surface. Of course, being a good, God fearing Englishman I think we should expedite their reunion by taking them home at once to whatever part of Bongo-Bongo Land or Rapistan their alleged “family” reside in. For the “Africans” a convenient ship with secure accommodation in the hold, with chains to ensure they don’t fall overboard should do the trick…

  10. Where do I even start on this issue? With all the above mentioned concerns there is still so many unanswered questions for the cunts who want this so badly. 1st Why do misinformed Cunts want a foreign nationality that is openly hostile and hateful towards its new home county that it also refuses to embrace! (not to mention we get cunts in the huffington post and guardian telling refugees that they don’t have to assimilate into the countries culture.)

    2 Another issue is why should I care? They can’t fight either because various countries are holding it hostage by Yankland and her allies! To make matters worse various terrorist groups have been raping syria for the last 10-15 years which bloody america and Blair funded!

    3 Are the gullible fuckheads worried about rape and violence statistics among cuntugees did that even once occur to these dense cunts? Future is fucked the average brit is going be a arab! thank you labour republicans and cuckservatives may you all spontaneously combust

  11. So in 50yrs time when we have the Shariah Dictatorship in power everything will be happy, happy providing everyone sticks to Shariah Law?

    I mean all the Sunni, Shi’ah and Ba’athist “peaceful” ones will all co-exist happily – just as they do currently in the Middle East. Won’t they?

  12. Whenever I hear there has been a protest of this nature I can always tell that Juliet Stevenson or Vanessa “Trotskyite cunt” Redgrave are going to preach to us.Is it me or are these two old bags about as fucking infuriating as is humanly possible?

  13. ….. and David Miliband is bumping his gums to the rest of the world that the UK should be taking in 25,000 Syrian refugees, the same as Canada. Now I wouldn’t claim to be all that great at geography or populations, but you don’t have to be Alan-Fucking-Whicker to know that Canada is just a tad bigger than the UK with almost half the population. Canada 3,800,000 square miles, 35 million people … the UK, 93,638 square miles… 66 million people. Ok, so much of Canada is yet to be developed, but so was the UK once upon a time.
    Miliband , fuck off … the UK is full. Cunt.

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