The Northern Powerhouse


About 8-10yrs ago the “Blown” Labour govt gave us Northeners a vote on if we wanted a “Northern Assembly”. They were so cock sure that us “thick as pig shit folk” would go for it they had fatty two-jags swanning around up here, not so much drumming up support for it, as doing a victory lap like it was a done deal.

It was resoundingly rejected, it wasn’t even close, something like 70% of the folk who voted, voted “no, fuck off you cunts!”

Now we have the current incumbents banging on about a “Northern Powerhouse”, except this time we don’t get the right to say “no, fuck off you cunts!”

And to add insult to injury it is being championed by slimey Gideon Osborne who cares about as much about the North as I do about “peaceful” cunts drowning in the Med!

You think us Northern folk would be “mad forrit” but no, and here’s why:

1. Well it have any bearing on any law making? No.
2. Will it have any bearing on decisions made in Westminster? No.
3. Will it make it easier to collect and appropriate taxes as we see fit? No.

In that case what is it then? I’ll tell you what it is. It’s yet another layer of meaningless and pointless bureaucracy which will need new infrastructure (i.e. buildings cos the existing council ones won’t be good enough), and new personnel (cos the existing councillors won’t be good enough).

And who will pay for this pointless exercise, why us Northern twats, and hence why we didn’t want it in the first place you cunts!

Nominated by: Rebel without a Cunt!

News this week that the Northern Powerhouse Trust has been set up – and guess who’ll be running it? George fucking Osborne.

A shit idea thought up by a shit politician and now to be run by said shit politician.

George Osborne and the Northern Powerhouse : two cunts for the price of one!

Nominated by: Dioclese

24 thoughts on “The Northern Powerhouse

  1. I know that she sacked Osborne, but May needs to crush this self serving little cunt’s political career permanently… Isn’t it time his antics with dominatrix and hookers became front page news?… Especially the dog collar and barking bit….

  2. Saw this wheeled out in front of the media the other day…a few cunts feigning interest over something that’s clearly a non starter.

    The name is dreadful.. sounds like a wrestling convention….

    • Well it’s to be sure that the whole notion of it stinks like Giant Haystacks armpit after 5 rounds with Big Daddy!

      More money pissed up the wall on even more bureaucracy, manned by even more wannabe MPs who think they’re on their way to Westminster.

      It’ll be shit like this that the cunts will be instigating now that their EU gravy has run dry…but wait, here’s Gideon “Geordie” Osborne to the rescue with a couple of oxo cubes and a kettle!

      We want less fucking bureaucracy, not more you cunt! Why do you think we fucked those EU tossers out as soon as we got the chance!

      You can see the smarmy cunt’s mind working: “Hmmm. I’m a useless cunt and I was shit at my job. Crap, there’s fuck all I can do. I know, I could make up a job for myself on some heinous public funded package like that NHS failure bitch. Only thing is I need to pretend I like those cunts from the North when the furthest North I’ve been in my life is St. Albans….hmmm. Way ay my good man! Ah fuck it, close enough.”

      Gideon fuck off! We don’t want you or your Powerhouse you cunt!

  3. I am having a hard time telling the difference between you and the jihadists, You say you are for free speech and freedom of choice but denegerate someone for saying career advisors could suggest being an an escort as a career? This is the 21st century and many women make a living in the sex worker industry, so what is wrong with that. if they want to do it? You are only three steps away from being a muslim. just saying

  4. Im up for it, I can’t afford to live where I was born because of the cunts! A mass migration up your end would be great!

  5. Well if the northern twats picked themselves off the sofa and started making contributions to the economy Osborne etc wouldn’t see the need to give them a shot in the arm ,kick up the arse whatever.
    I suppose if you’ve got used to doing fuck all at someone else’s expense, it’s hard to change.

    just saying like…

    • Like Heseltine did with the Scousers? That fucking worked, didn’t it? It’s still like the Forbidden Zone from The Planet Of The Apes….

  6. It is funny as soon as he is out of power he admits he is a liberal on the radio.He is a slimy cunt.Glad Theresa sacked him.There is no need to ruin his political career.He has done a splendid job of it himself.A sex scandal revelation would be fantastic is he could be forever refered to as the former chancellor of the sexchequer.

  7. The “Midlands Engine” – another of Osborne’s pet projects – needs a cunting too. As part of the package we’ll be getting a new combined authority for the urban West Midlands (basically a return of the old West Midlands county council) but with less democratic accountability and zero popular support. We’ll see more “investment” (money shovelled into the hands of the already rich) and no doubt lots of shiny new quangos to spend the money on new offices and paid holidays to the south of France, ahem, I mean trade embassies.

    Another waste of money and a complete waste of time in other words, fitting for the massive cunt George “Massive Smarmy Git” Osborne.

  8. We don’t need any of these powerhouses. We need governments to stop kissing the arse of London. London gets far money spent on it than anywhere else, it’s not northerners who need to get up and stop relying on handouts it’s fucking Londoners. The most spoilt cunts on the planet. This country needs a cunt load of decentralisation.

    • London gets 24 times as much money spent on infrastructure per person than the North East does. Scotland has nothing on those pampered cockney cunts.

  9. Guess where they will be sending all the haji and wog rapeugees to live. Would it be Surrey or Hampsire or Berkshire? Or do you think it will be in the mythical “Northern powerhouse”?

  10. Hull City Culture Cunts have 32 million to waste,theyl just spunk it up the wall on diversity shite like gay rainbow flags and william wilberforce statues,got some consultant cunt called Martin Green running it,big lanky cunt and of course camp as John Inmans jock strap to spunk it all…..what a cunt

  11. Bugger me. I am no longer being blocked it seems (hence me rather late comment). We shall see how long that lasts.

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