Hinkley Point C


What the fuck is all this new Nuclear Power Station about? We are asking the Chinese to pay part of it, it’s being built by EDF (a French company) and most jobs will go to France apparently.

I bet the cunt station will cost twice the amount predicted and guess who the cunts are who will pay for it all by way off way overpriced energy. Yes me and you.

Nominated by: Black and White cunt

EDF have not actually managed to build one of these power stations yet and this will be their 4th attempt. Doesn’t inspire confidence. But never mind, eh?

It’s not as though it might blow up and render a large chunk of the UK uninhabitable for 100,000 years or anything serious like that.

Nominated by: Skidmark Eggfart

32 thoughts on “Hinkley Point C

  1. If it might blow up why not put it in Glasgow just in case? It could be a city centre improvement programme with a downside that the sales of cheap scotch would dip.
    Once we know it’s ready to blow there is a handy list of people on the right side of this blog that we could round up and invite to the show.

  2. Call me a regresive luddite cunt if you want but I would sooner read a good book by candle light than sit infront of a 60″ monstrosity watching mind numbing shite while fucking about on cuntbook or twater on my “smart” phone.

    And if we didn’t have net migration of 300,000 a year we might not need to build the cunting thing in the first place. You might even be able to see a doctor while you are actually ill instead of 6 months time when you are either better or fucking dead.

    No doubt cunts will say immigration is good because it boosts GDP as if it was a given that ever increasing GDP was a good thing. It isn’t. Poison a river so people can no longer drink from it and have to buy bottled water thus increasing GDP. Is that a good thing?

  3. And while I’m at it doctors need a cunting. I’m not talking about surgeons or consultants, those cunts know their shit. I’m talking about GPs, the failures, the dregs of the medical schools. No body enters the medical profession wanting to become a GP. They just end up there as they are not good enough to be a real doctor.

    So they spend their days seeing sick people they despise handing out one of 3 smarties, anti-imflamatory, antibiotic or antidepresent and if they don’t work they send you off to some one who knows what they are doing. In 6 months time. Unless you can pay yourself in which case how would 3:30 this afternoon suit you? A cunt in a white coat is still a cunt.

    • Well cunted Skiddy. One at my practice told a friend of mine “you think we are here to treat patients but it’s a business we’re running.” I put in a repeat prescription in good time and three days later, when I’d run out, he deigned to give it to me after scrutinising each item for cost and, asking me to come in for a “review” which will be more like an interrogation to see what I can manage without. Still I suppose with Jeremy Cunt at the top of the tree all GPs are gonna be cuntish too if not downright cunts.

      • Maybe some are cunts some of the time but not all are cunts all of the time. Just the odd one in my experience.

      • Alex Salmond,Sturgeon,Milliband, Greg Wallace etc ad infinitum. Sorry Mr D. but there are some born with no other gene but pure uncut cuntishness.

      • After much research, i can tell you James cordon, Elton john, David Williams,Robbie Williams,David Beckham, all the Beckham’s,simon cowbell,Chris smartin,Danny mills and a few others are cunts all the time…

      • Kanye West was born a cunt, he lives as a cunt, and he’ll die as a cunt…

        See also Bob Geldof, Madonna, David Cameron, Spike Lee, Steven Moffatt, Beyonce, Ladyboy Gaga, Hilary Clinton, David Baddiel, Jonathan Woss, the late Wacko Jacko… As The great Kinks might say, ‘All day and all of the night cunts…’

      • Was going to add wacko jacko to my list but i thought he was a bit old hat,but as he’s not can i say he was a cunt, his corpse was a cunt ,his remains is a cunt and his legacy is a cunt..there that feels better. Ain’t it strange all these parents encouraging their kids to worship that cunt?everyone has their own taste in music , but i my opinion the cunt never had one half decent song and nowadays they sound dated as fuck,in fact they sounded dated when they came out. It’s amazing that even after the cunt died my hatred has never gone away, maybe something to do with the fact his shit “music” is everywhere… And his fucking money grabbing family…ah fuck I’ll stop there.

      • Overpaid is rich coming from a surgeon! My mate is a surgeon and his wife is a GP.
        The depth of knowledge required to become a GP and the extra training is considerable.
        As for underachieving have you looked at the waiting list for operations?

        Blame the system not the doctors.

  4. And as an aside too, although we are all deeply distressed by the Brangelina split, none is more so than that munter Adele, the jumped up, lard arsed, deluded cunt. She’s dedicated her most recent concert to the couple. All say: “Aahhh! Ain’t that nice!”

    • The tone deaf land whale will use any excuse for a bit of free publicity. Though I don’t recall her being so sympathetic when I kicked my ex out.

      • Typical of the thick as fuck, Big Mac hoovering, fat chav, lardarsed, tuneless cunt… I bet Adele is also on the soundtrack to Bridget Jones’ Baby too… Zellwegger is also a fucking cunt…

  5. Just burn Coal: cheap effective and simple. And it will really annoy the ponce middle class home counties faux-Londoners cycling climate change cunts.

  6. If May don’t bottle oit the published private earnings by NHS quacks should make interesting reading. Also recall a couple years back big scandal re NHS quacks using NHS facilities for their own private enrichment.

  7. KT Tunstall is a cunt… Apart from her music being crap and appearing with that Jools Holland cunt on every Cuntenanny show on New Year’s Eve, she’s a proper pretentious tart… Apparently her real name (Kate) wasn’t ‘rock star’ enough so she adopted the stupid KT tag… Don’t see what the daft mare is on about… It was good enough for Kate Bush..
    ‘KT’ said the following on the matter: “Kate just makes me think of a buxom lass baking bread for her man working in the fields…. I have no problem with that, but it’s just not really how I pictured being a rock star….” Talk about pretentious and up your own arse.. And as for ‘rock star’? That’s a fucking laugh… Daft deluded cunt..

    • And anyone who calls their albums ‘KT Tunstall’s Acoustic Extravaganza’
      and ‘Drastic Fantastic’ has to be a total cunt…

  8. Are you telling me the cunt Kate cuntstall still has a record contract? The cunts not only scotch but i think she’s from Aberdeen .i wouldn’t want to offend a fellow counter but if you’re from Aberdeen then you my friend are most definitely a cunt.

    • Denis Law is from Aberdeen and so is Martin Buchan… So it can’t be that bad…

      KT Cunstall dumped her husband (not ‘rock star’ enough I dare say), acted the ‘big rock star’ cunt, developed a massive booze and charlie habit and fucked off to LA to make ‘movie soundtracks…’ She is almost as staggeringly pretentious and twatty as Alanis Morrisette… I say almost because Alanis is still queen of the pretentious squawking cunts…

  9. Aberdonians became cunts way after the law-nmower man moved away. It was that champagne socialist cunt from govan ,fergie who turned the cunts against the rest of the Scotch cunts by telling them that the rest of jockland hated them.it was probably true but from now until forever the cunts from Aberdeen have a massive deep fried chip on their weak shoulders.

  10. On the cunt binge we seem to be having, the warbling Welsh slag Charlotte Church and her ex Gavin Henson come to mind and that dead cunt Steve Strange. Kerry Katona, lard on legs, is another pointless munter cunt who could be used for oil fire heating.

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