Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe [2]

Bernard Hogan-Howe

Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe is a giant cunt for saying it is not if but when there is a islamic terror attack in UK. It is on a par with the french prime minister saying the french must get used to terror attacks. What a load of defeatist bollocks. The idea that we cannot do anything about it and when it does happen we must just accept it as part of life, shrug and move on is wrong and if that is how Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe thinks he should resign immediately and go become an imam instead.

We know who is making the attacks and we know why. It is muslims and it is islam. Not radical islam, just islam. 60% of British muslims would not report a suspected terrorist, 100% think homosexuality is wrong and should be punished and 20% think suicide bombings are justified, This is not a looney radical fringe, it is mainstream islam.

And then the daft cunt unveils a string of anti terrorist measures ( A.T. as those in the know say. FFS! ) including stopping and search vans driven by white British with armed officer support, a super duper motorbike mounted armed officer fast response unit dressed in very gay looking Joe 90 “tactical” gear and a bunch of plod wasting fuel bombing up and down the Thames in an inflatable boat. All based in London, all extremely visible and all completely fucking pointless. I don’t care how much Call of Duty they have played, they are going to look a set of cunts when the next religion of peace nutter sets fire to an OAP home in Northallerton.

In other news, MPs are warning that they may not be able to re-settle the 20,000 rag head rape-ugees we plan to import in the next 4 years. Will this make them re-think the whole virtue signaling project? Will it fuck!

We will all just have to get used to being the victims of terrorism and the sight of gay-boy robocop wannabes riding round on motorbikes. It’s like fighting cancer with an aspirin.

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  1. There’ll be another 7/7 at some point, and these cozzers will be fucking useless… All we’ll get is ‘these murderers don’t represent muslims’ Funny that, when every terror attack in the last fifteen years or so (except Breivik in Norway) has been Islam related…. And what will the pet PC Mayor, ‘Citizen’ Khan say when his lot bomb the shit out London? For a ‘religion of peace’ they don’t half kill a lot of people…

    • Spot on. I have been saying for years that the problem is Islam not radical Islam. Look at the Islamic countries – Saudi, Iran, Gulf States etc. All shitholes of inequality and brutality. And backward. And let’s not forget that corruption is the norm. Iran could be a thriving industrial and agricultural force but for the theocracy of ignorance that rules it. This is orthodox Islam and this is what the fuckers want wherever they are.
      There is no ambition but for more repression. Why else do they live and free societies and want Sharia? Jihad? FGM? Honour Killing? Death to apostates?
      There are a billion and a half of these backward morons and because they wont tolerate any discussion whatsoever on their Koran there is no prospect of enlightenment. No prospect of democracy.

      • Moslems can only live in peace if the are repressed. They don’t understand things like democracy and freedom of speech. Under despots like Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein people raised their families, ran their businesses and followed their religion of choice. As long as you didn’t complain too much or poke your nose in where it wasn’t wanted you were pretty much left to carry on with your life.
        Then the west decided set the people free and their countries turned into lawless stone age shitholes and Syria is going the same way.

      • Iraq under Saddam was actually quite secular by the standards of the region that is. Same with Syria. Then we go barging in and cause mayhem which will never end until some other ruthless dictator comes to power. We cannot enforce our own standards on these places. Same as they cannot enforce their standards on us when the come here. Leave them the fuck alone to get on with it, we will still deal with them and buy their oil who ever ends up in charge.

      • Problem is with these cunts (and their welcomers) they want to enforce their ways and standards on us. Problem also is the powers that be allow them to carry on in their own ways.
        I agree we shouldn’t get involved in the first place. Let them sort their own shit out and we can deal with whoever comes out on top.

  2. As long as the bacon hating cunts dont bomb Hull im not arsed,it got bombed to fuck in the war but London got all the attention…..these Isis cunts are like ants,put powder on em to snuff em out and the next day another load appear……you only need one lone wolf to cause carnage,just wish theyd attack Westmonster and not descent honest innocent people……

    • That gives me an idea! You know the wall they are going to build in Calaise? They should make it out of pork pies. The wog cunts would never go near it.

    • Agree smasher,re would be easy as fuck to attack something/someone high profile, even just shooting a “celebrity” with a shitty ww2 handgun. That’s my problem in believing some of the attacks,before you all start I’m not a Chriss spiveyish dumb cunt.I’m just saying ,if i was a dirty smelly Islam loving cunt willing to die for having fucked up beliefs, I’d try and become the most famous one. Who remembers the name of the random shitbag bomber/gunman?, but the cunt who blew up westmonster or shot the cast of the great British bake off..

  3. Hogan – Howe was given a one year extension to his term as commisioner earlier this year but even before he was elected Sadiq Khan said he would decide who the next commisioner would be. So it’s on the cards that a member of an ethnic minority will be shoehorned into the position. So we’ll end up with a wog mayor and a wog commisioner. The takeover begins!

  4. We”re all doomed with cunts like him running the show;and talking about smarmy cunts,how about a good cunting for Clive Anderson…..cunt…..Baaaaaaaaaaaah

  5. Hogan Howe has forgotten that his job is to protect the law abiding citizens, not spend his time kissing the arses of every vocal minority that believes it is a special case.
    That means protecting OAP,, terrified of feral gangs, woman terrified of rapists,shop-keepers preyed upon by shop-lifting gangs,homeowners burgled by junkie scum, children abused by paedos,… in fact everybody.
    But no,not this P.C.dickhead,he’s far too worried about the rights of perverts,junkies,immigrants,and of course our own home-grown scum. London is like an open sewer running with the shit of every colour and creed. Most of the decent people have gone,apart from the poor bastards who can’t afford to leave the wonderfully diverse melting-pot which was once one of the Great cities.
    Hogan Howe lets the corrupt set the agenda,all in the name of “diversity, community-relations, sensitivity..etc.”
    Just let the coppers do their job and actually nick people,not roll-over while some piece of shit laughs at them.

  6. Our government will do fuck all to repell these cunts. Past and present governments are a spineless bunch of short term thinking arseholes, to scared to upset the minority, blinded by thier own ignorance and unrealistic ideals. We now also have the security forces bleating like little lambs saying and accepting that Muslim terrorism is a part of normal life and something we have to accept. You have Muslims saying that the atrocities committed in the name of this religion are not representative of the majority of them. Well sorry your all tarred with the same brush, we can’t distinguish between good and evil, you in the Muslim community aren’t doing anything to stop this cancer. Unless they ban Islam in the UK, make it a criminal offence, close and demolish mosques and outlaw this primeval so called religion there will at some point be civil war in the UK. Anyone who,wants to practice this religion can fuck off to a country where it is accepted as the norm. The consequences of continued acceptance (which has been the case so far ) will be the eventual demise of the U.K, its traditions and history, leading to it becoming a third world shit hole. I really do fear for the future of both my children and grandchildren.

  7. As it stands there is currently more chance of dying in police custody than in a terror attack in the UK. Maybe that’s a credit to the security services in a perverse kind of way.

  8. Dunno why we operate a policy of appeasement like the dead cunt Neville Chamberlain. There might have been some very nice reasonable Jerries here during the war, they still got interned though. Same for muzzers. Where I live they’re all pharmacists, doctors and dentists. You can count em on one hand. My last dentist had a broad Dublin accent, a Muslim Paddy, a lovely guy. I wish them no harm but we’re dealing with the enemy within. We’ve imported a fascist religion into a free country and the only just war could be the one fought to overcome a greater evil and this is an evil religion, blinkered and singular. It won’t tolerate a pluralist society, i.e. the rest of us. We’re now reaping the consequences of what Enoch Powell spoke of 50 years ago. It’s a cunt and it ain’t an attractive one.

  9. Due the effect of 50+ years of pc crap these attacks are becoming the norm. Half a century of betrayal by our fuckwit rulers coupled with their programs to turn the majority of persons in our once great isle into apathetic sheep have delivered us this utopia of cuntishness. If this is the path mapped out for us then hey, I can live with that on the condition that I can legally carry means of defending myself and my own if I get the chance to. Not much to ask really if my family and friends are deemed targets then I want the legal right to be an “active” target and be able to slot the bastards if I get the chance. Stay safe readers.

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