Guy Verhofstadt

Guy Verhofstadt is a slimy Belgian, who sits in the European Parliament thinking he is the dogs bollocks…except for one thing, he isnt, he is a cunt.

…also he looks like Ken from Citizen Smith, I liked Ken though, not that bastard. He also looks like every other Belgian on the planet, which means your children arent safe as he’d lock them in a cellar.

Then kill them.

Nominated by danidiot

4 thoughts on “Guy Verhofstadt

  1. He does look like a kiddy fiddler mind, gapped toothed speccy Belgian Cunt. Resembles a spasticated John Denver.

  2. I would like to nominate the person or persons ( Tony Blair ) who murdered DR DAVID KELLY as the biggest cowardly CUNTS on the planet !! they (HE) must be shittin’ themselves now that we might and I pray that we do have another inquest !!!! what are they waiting for ?, every sane person knows without a doubt that MR KELLY was murdered…..why can’t we just get the ball rolling ?? But again maybe I’m expecting to much

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