Pension age in France

Pension age in France set to rise from 62 to ( gasps in horror) 64!

They ought to thank the Lord on their knees, praying, that they don’t live in this cunt of a country.

The UK has one of the highest retirement ages of any European country, the lowest pension rate, the absolute lack of an effective policy to stop illegal immigration, one of the most punitive taxation systems in any European country…

I could go on, but won’t. It’s not good for my blood pressure, never mind Ron Knee.


Nominated by Jeezum Priest.

54 thoughts on “Pension age in France

    • I blame Gordon Fucking Brown, he was chancellor when it was agreed that pension ages for men and women should be the same, and we all expected that it would be averaged out at 62 years and six months. Instead women were brought into line with men at 65 and then this was progressively raised, also under the one-eyed Scottish git, depending on your birthday.
      I was born 4th April and my pension kicked in when I was 67 at the beginning of September, my brother-in-law, born 12 days later, lost another 2 months as his started in November.

    • The French don’t know they’re born, Ive got to work til I’m 68 cos I’m under 54

  1. We’re a nation of apathetic cunts. Hats off to the Frogs, they don’t just moan, they get off their arses and kick off.
    We just whinge, me included.
    What cunts we are .
    Good morning.

    • Before I reach pension age I think I will have either been euthanized Logan’s Run style or replaced by a bot or dinghy maggot.

      Two ton of gravel to shift now.

      Fuck the French!

      Morning Jack.

      • I didn’t get a job till I was 46yrs old.

        Retirement seems a long way off!

      • 52?!!
        You French Ruff?

        I’ll not retire.
        Unless Ill health forces my hand.

      • Retiring at 52 was a no-brainer for me, Miserable.

        I had more money and possessions than I knew what to do with. Lady C had her own career, so not dependent on me.

        Also no kids to worry about.

        Freed me up to do all the things I find meaningful and enjoy doing in life.

      • Like what?

        You should adopt me.
        I soak up loads of money.

        You can even rename me if you want.

    • Exactly Jack. The French don’t put up with it. Government does something they don’tl like they put on a yellow vest and burn down Paris.

      Just because our government make people work into their dotage, fill their towns up with criminals, grooms their kids via the education system and punishes them for saying offensive things doesn’t mean other governments should.

  2. Demographics in full effect..

    As usual politicians haven’t the guts to spell out how they will plan to increase the wealth and prosperity of the working population and it’s retirees…I don’t consider the useless rubbish from abroad or the benefits as lifestyle mob in this..they are just a fucking big anchor dragging along behind us all.

    It’s not a French problem,it’s a first world ageing population and how to pay for it.

    Not many people want to work into their sixties,certainly not full time anyway and definitely not our European neighbours who’ve enjoyed early retirement as a right for decades…hence the rioting,there will be plenty more of that in due course.

    Of course our great masters couldn’t give a flying fuck about our quality of life and would be delighted to see all of us work ourselves into an early seeing droves of people retire or stop working in their fifties has started alarm bells ringing..

    Fuck em,they’ve had decades to put policies in place to provide better pensions and instead decided to run the country into the they reap what they sow.

    Shower of cunts for oven.

  3. Me and the missus are currently engaged in aggressive planning for our retirement and by that I mean we’ve been buying a shit load of lottery tickets….

  4. Allez Les Bleus

    They love kicking off, national sport, fuck the cunts.

    We will have the usual suspects coming out now the weather is getting warmer.

    We need a world war, thin out the population, the Chinese super virus failed miserably, typical Chinese shit, never works right.

    • Well if they had been tinkering with it in Wuhan, they really did fuck up, as it is deadlier in Chinese people than caucasians now..

      Back in 2020 it was about equal, but since out vaccination programs and improved drug treatments, survivability in the west is much greater.

      What will really upset them is just well the Japs have shrugged it off.

  5. Well done, Johnny Crapaud! What do we do? Whine like fuck about anyone standing up for themselves about pensions and pay, calling them ‘Greedy’, whine like fuck on social media about anything, or bend over and take it like the cunts the majority of us are. Excellent behaviour from Les Blues’ and a shining example set.

    (Shame they weren’t so fucking stalwart in 1940…)

    • Some very good points DCI.

      Regarding 1940 (much as it makes my skin crawl to say it) the French initially fought quite well but their command structure was thirty years out of date so they fell to bits..

      Plus without the English Channel we would likely have been overrun ourselves,such was the might of the Blitzkrieg at the time.

      Strange isn’t it the Channel has saved our bacon many times in history and now it’s being used to fuck us.

      • Indeed Herman.

        We really wouldn’t have stood much of a chance.

        Now here we are rolling the dice again..and we don’t have a Nazi menace to concentrate our minds..death by a thousand cunts more like.

        A lovely spring day,time for a stroll in the countryside before a housing estate is put on it for “migrants”.

      • @Unkle.

        The Nazi menace is the UK government and the persecuted Jewish folk are now young mainly Albanian men.

        As bizarre, false and utterly nonsensical as it is – that is a view that is pretty much condoned by the BBC.

  6. Weird country France.

    They’ve been out on the streets there, in their hundreds of thousands protesting against one thing or another, just about every weekend since the Micropenis election victory back in 2017.

    That’s approximately 6 years of rampant protesting against their government, save for a few months due to the Covid shenanigans.

    Yet when the elections came around again recently – they voted the cunt back in again.

    Makes even less sense than the American’s voting themselves into poverty with the Creepy Joe administration.

  7. Claude “Mary Antoinette” Macron is such an old woman, he would cave in, but this should be a warning to the equally old nancyish Starmer would COULD happen here, but no doubt British people’s apathy will mean that within a few years we will have 70 year old firemen and paramedics and 75 year old bus drivers.

    That said 64 is younger than the age we have retired in “the golden days” on this side channel and I am sure you can still be a cheese eating surrender monkey at 65 or even 70

  8. The French didn’t see the Bosche coming through the Ardennes in 1940 but they fight like fuck when they try to raise the retirement age. Typical French. We put as much work as they do in a week in a day and we’ll work until we drop. Fucking greasy French bastards.

  9. My missus is one of the “waspi” women who’s state pension age went from 60 to 66 in the stroke of a politicians pen.

    £54,000.00 robbed after 45 years working.

    Nice to know it’s contributing towards the dinghy rats paddling across the channel….💩

  10. I hate the rug munchers but admire their spirit. Men should retire younger than women, fuck all this equality bullshite – women generally live longer than men.

  11. Perhaps if the observers of irregular bathtimes over the channel did more than a 35 hour week, they could still retire incredibly early.

    The lazy cunts.

  12. The French will always find something to demonstrate about. Keeps the CRS boys occupied banging a few heads. Makes for good entertainment.

  13. With due deference to JRC, I’ve just bought a book called ‘How to plan for a wealthy retirement’ by Robin Banks.

    My coat’s in the hall.

  14. ‘How can anyone govern a nation that has two hundred and forty-six different kinds of cheese?’

    Charles de Gaulle

  15. the frogs are up in arms at gaining 2 years to pension age, the reason for this is the garlic breathed cunts are the laziest fuckers in the world.
    Thats the reason they eat so many snails, thats the only thing they can catch, also the reason the whole country pretty much closes for lunch, sundays, even fucking petrol stations, the way i see it the froggy cunts are already semi retired.
    So working an extra 2 years before claiming their pension must have them incandescent with rage, fuck me they are going to have to have a lie down…..

  16. If the French are between the ages of 62 and 64. It means they can be in pocket by retiring again. Deja vu. To coin their phrase.

  17. Let’s arrange to swap with the dinghy riders. All us old gammons wait on the beaches for the scum to offload and we’ll be back on the dinghies to France and a lower pension age.

    • If the French put as much effort into fighting for their country against the Germans as they like to put into protests and industrial action, instead of lying down and leaving it to everyone else, I’d have more sympathy for them. The garlic-smelling cunts.

  18. Talking of the French, look at this naughty strumpet.

    Going by political standards this hussie is absolutely gorgeous and appearing (clothed) on the front cover of Playboy.

    My mind suddenly started to wander at the thought of Naughty Nandy and Rayner having their baps strewn across the centre pages – then despair as the thought of Analease and Flabbot made me go limp very quickly.

  19. 64 is nowt is it?

    Suppose it’s ok if you want to laze about drinking wine and eating stinky cheese?

    Looking at your grandads war medals
    300 metre sprint
    First past the post
    And the Paris half marathon.

    But as a Englishman?
    I’d be bored to tears.
    Still reasonably healthy at 64 aren’t you?

    I’m 53 but just starting to peak.

    • Shame they didn’t show the same kind of spirit when ze Germans were stomping across their country and then had to be rescued by us and the wanky yankies.

      • Exactly Cuntus. I’ve never got on with the anti-Americanism that is widespread across Europe. When the British were fighting the nazis we were fighting for our own survival. We did well to survive as we did until the Americans came into the war following Pearl Harbour. However western Europe is free not only from the nazis but also the Russians courtesy of the Americans. The USA at the time was at no risk from the nazis and more than a quarter of a million young Americans died fighting the nazis, many of them still in their teens and some of whom had never before been outside their home state before let alone the USA. This is before even considering the rebuilding of Europe courtesy of Marshall aid without which the Germans in particular would still be living in holes in the ground.

        I know the States is a long way from being utopia but don’t talk to me in terms of the USA being the “Evil Empire”, I’ve no fucking time for it. Go speak to David Blunkett; he’ll lap it up.

      • Top comment Arfur, though I would add it’s not just anti American, but anti western democracy too.
        You can be critical of your country, but to actually support those that wish us harm, as many do with Putin?
        Makes me want to say ‘oven’…..

      • Hopefully, if/when the balloon goes up, these deluded twats will find themselves safely under lock and key.

  20. Most people whom I have seen retire end up doing nothing with their new freedom or they just sit in the pub and become the pub bore. And those types of pubs are dying out. I have only known a few people who retired and made a new, exciting life for themselves.

    The concept of, “retiring” is brand new in the long, bloody human saga from the plains of Africa to the iPhone 14 queues at the Apple stores. Since time immemorial, we have toiled, grafted, mended, bended, befriended, whored, scored and bored ourselves to death from the womb to the tomb and the Devil makes work for idle hands.

  21. Bunch of fucking moaning twats. Who gives a fuck, I’ve never worked in the public sector (Except as a reservist). I don’t want a state pension I want to invest myself. The only people who should get state pension is the Military and NHS, Police and Armed Forces. Politicians/Councillors should have their pensions linked to national and local proformance based GDP.

    • I’ve seen cunts who work for a fucking public gallery on some madness 27.5% contribution.

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