Gary Lineker [8]

God this cunt can’t miss any opportunity to stroke his gigantic ever increasing ego! This Twittering pontificator from luvvie bubble central will now be presenting the World Cup drawer for Moscow (cunt competition).
“What???!!!” you say! “Not Gary Lineker!? Surely not?!”

Not, Fifa make me feel sick, I’m revolted at the top level corruption, it’s run like a dictatorship Gary Lineker? Surely not?

You mean awful, self parodying in a knowing way, Walkers crisp Gary?
“I’ve got to strip to my underpants “reluctantly” on MotD Gary?
Working for BT whilst being paid by the tv tax Gary?
Smug “National Treasure” a bit like cunt Stephen Fry, Gary?
Loves the sound of his own voice Gary?
Offshore tax Gary?

The same Gary that dumped his wife for a vacuous model and then morphed into an unrecognisable, shiny-faced, trimmed goaty, husk of his former self Gary?
He scored goals for England therefore he must be a good ‘un Gary?
Hypocrite Gary? Him?

Yep that one.

Nominated by Oliver Reed

Gary Lineker [7]

Gary Lineker gets paid around £1.8 million a year by the BBC, that’s a disgrace!
How is he expected to survive on that? He has to take on extra jobs to make ends meet, advertising Walker’s crisps for god’s sake. it’s about time the BBC got their act together and started paying their star presenters what they’re worth, before they’re lured by rival broadcasters.

Nominated by Allan

Gary Lineker (6)

Gary Lineker is a monumental cunt…
He said this about the French Presidential Elections: ‘Huge disappointment, resentment and bitterness amongst some of UK’s fascists this morning. She lost (comfortably). Get over it.’

But when somebody replied to him, ‘So, why can’t you get over Brexit?’ Fanny Lineker responded, ‘Missing such an obvious joke is a blocking offence i’m afraid.’

This snotty cunt can’t even answer a civil question and ‘blocks’ anyone who disagrees with him?… And the smear of shite has the audacity to talk about fascists?!?…. Hope he falls off a fucking big cliff…

Nominated by Norman

I can’t abide that rectum of rectitude, Lineker.

A pious, jug-eared wankspangle sums him up nicely.

His only and modest talent lies with advertising crisps.

No wonder his Mrs ferked off. He was probably up in his private study, spanking himself over the Brexit referendum every night. Leaving her to play solo gusset typing.

Nominated by Paul Maskinback

Hell will freeze over before another Walker’s crisp passes between my lips. I might write to them and tell them that…..but I will relent if they sack the bastard. Does anyone know where I can buy “fascist” crisps?

Nominated by Freddie the Frog

Gary Lineker [5]

Another bandwagon insincere Mega Cunt who keeps his ugly mush shut when it suits.
Why is Gary Lineker silent over 400 Walkers staff facing the sack? Employees say vocal presenter is turning a ‘blind eye’ to the crisp plant’s closure to protect his £1.5m deal.


Nominated by Kendo Nag

Gary Lineker [4]


Gary Lineker needs to be cunted right now…

First of all, his ‘legendary’ (so he says) status as a footballer… Goalhanger who took the glory, but did very little teamwork… Fucked off and left his ‘beloved’ Leicester City for a big money move to Everton (who were champions at the time), then fucked off to Barcelona for another big pay day… Played briefly for Tottingham, but then fucked off again for a load of cash (some Japanese joke club called Grandpa’s Eight or something)… What integrity the man has, eh?…

A goody goody arselick on the pitch and a sanctimonious twat off it… I recall Lineker’s ‘horror’ at Eric Cantona after the Selhurst incident… If that gobshite, Simmons, had verbally abused Lineker, old goody gumdrops would have responded quietly ‘Steady on! There’ no need for that, old chap…’ Lineker openly condemned Cantona, but sang the praises of his ‘mate’ erstwhile pisspot and wifebeater, Gazza… As I said, Lineker is man of standards… Didn’t slag King Eric to his face, mind you…

Such standards also applied to how he treated his wife… Old Mr Nice Guy dropped his rather nice wife, Michelle, for younger underwear model, Danielle Bux (I bet she fucking does!)… Lovely bloke…

Now this paragon of virtue is looking down on all the working class riff-raff of Britain and calling them ‘racis’ for daring to have misgivings over the’child refugees’ from the Calais Shithole… Well, being concerned about potential rape, murder, terrorism, and economic and welfare queue jumping is not racist, Mister Arselick… This cunt also has the breathtaking arrogance to spell out the definition of the word ‘racist’ to (what he sees as) the ignorant peasants… What a complete cunt…

And Lineker will never be as good as Bobby Charlton or Jimmy Greaves as long as I have a hole in my arse…

Nominated by: Norman