Gary Lineker [4]


Gary Lineker needs to be cunted right now…

First of all, his ‘legendary’ (so he says) status as a footballer… Goalhanger who took the glory, but did very little teamwork… Fucked off and left his ‘beloved’ Leicester City for a big money move to Everton (who were champions at the time), then fucked off to Barcelona for another big pay day… Played briefly for Tottingham, but then fucked off again for a load of cash (some Japanese joke club called Grandpa’s Eight or something)… What integrity the man has, eh?…

A goody goody arselick on the pitch and a sanctimonious twat off it… I recall Lineker’s ‘horror’ at Eric Cantona after the Selhurst incident… If that gobshite, Simmons, had verbally abused Lineker, old goody gumdrops would have responded quietly ‘Steady on! There’ no need for that, old chap…’ Lineker openly condemned Cantona, but sang the praises of his ‘mate’ erstwhile pisspot and wifebeater, Gazza… As I said, Lineker is man of standards… Didn’t slag King Eric to his face, mind you…

Such standards also applied to how he treated his wife… Old Mr Nice Guy dropped his rather nice wife, Michelle, for younger underwear model, Danielle Bux (I bet she fucking does!)… Lovely bloke…

Now this paragon of virtue is looking down on all the working class riff-raff of Britain and calling them ‘racis’ for daring to have misgivings over the’child refugees’ from the Calais Shithole… Well, being concerned about potential rape, murder, terrorism, and economic and welfare queue jumping is not racist, Mister Arselick… This cunt also has the breathtaking arrogance to spell out the definition of the word ‘racist’ to (what he sees as) the ignorant peasants… What a complete cunt…

And Lineker will never be as good as Bobby Charlton or Jimmy Greaves as long as I have a hole in my arse…

Nominated by: Norman

The BBC’s FA Cup Final coverage


Once done with dedication, humour and style (actually, ITV were always better at it though), the Cup Final is now yet another victim of BBC cuntitude…

Some mong who call himself DJ Yoda (fucking sad bastard!) doing ‘loops’ of David De Gea muttering or LVG falling on his arse (someone should tell this nu-footie twat that ITV’s ‘The Big Match’ were doing comedy loops of footage in the early 70s)…

And right now there is someone on, who can only be described as some sort of ‘theatrical’ golliwog on crack, mincing through the highlights of this season’s cup ties… A quite good tribute to Jimmy Hill was on before all this crap came on, and seeing all this celeb infested, PC, let’s have an OTT black presenter shite almost makes me miss old Chinny…

Things ain’t what they used to be…

Nominated by : Norman

That Gary Lineker is a right cunt too. Knows about as much about football as he does about fucking Walker’s crisps…

As for the cup final, I’d rather sit here and write up “…is a cunt” which gives you a rough idea how much I love BBC Sport and the Cup Final in particular.

Nominated by : Dioclese

The Linekers


Harry Lineker – Son of a Cunt : Was blissfully ignorant of the existence of this little tosser until I found this item all over the news. Apparently the little cunt was pulled up by old bill and is up before the beak for driving while incapable and only 6mg over the limit! Pathetic little wanker. Not had a job for two years, twenty year old ex-public school boy, son of crisp crunching old fuck Gary, and sponges orf the mater. She gives little Harrypoos pocket money donchaknow.

“And how do you intend to support yourself in the future Mr Lineker?” asks the beak.
“Might get a job on the telly like me pater Your Honour”.
“And how will you pay the fine Mr Lineker”
“Mumsy will settle everything”

Understand a fellow sponging orf the ladies, been doing it all me life, but one has an estate to support. Try tapping the pater you little cunt.

And the useless wanking degenerate cannot even hold a few pints orf piss poor beer.

Pleasure to have little Harrypoos back in me old regiment. Sarn’t Majah would have had him blowing orf all the NCOs for reveille. That pouty mouth made for it. Spot orf jankers. Soon set the lad straight.

Now that mouth on him has got me thinking. His ancient old man has made a tidy little earner by tonguing, sucking and swallowing those fucking crisps. He must have practised that mouth action somewhere….

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

Gary Lineker was a goalhanging cunt, and not in the same class as Bobby Charlton, Geoff Hurst and Jimmy Greaves…

I remember Saint Gary’s sanctimonious bullshit when Eric Cantona decked that gobshite in 95… I can imagine the scenario if it had been Lineker at Selhurst that night:

Simmons: ‘Fuck off back to England, and fuck your mother, you English bastard!”

Lineker: ‘Steady on, old fruit… There’s no need for that…”

Both Linekers (father and son) are cunts….

Nominated by: Norman Whiteside

Gary Lineker [3]

Gary Lineker – what a total self-loving, arrogant, self-centred, goody-two-shoe bastard.

Not content on selling shitty crisps, he now ruins our beloved Saturday night football fest with his usual bullshit approach of “I know fuck all about fuck all” attitude.

When talking about Ruud Van Nistelrooy he said bla bla bla ”What`s with the long face?” Well Gary news for you : Ruud was the more complete striker/player than you ever were you fucking gormless cunt, and he`s got the medals to prove it… what did you win you cunt??

Stick to selling crisps `cos as a football analyst/presenter I can`t take you seriously without thinking about you and the stupid fucking annoying/irritating adverts.

Nominated by: Tony