Mark Drakeford (2)

A super duper mega two fisted cunting nomination for the chinless gormless dear leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Wales Mark Drakeford. Not only is this spunk bubble a nonce-siring, jizz gargling old senile fart whose got to his position through the back door by sucking as much red cock as humanely possible, content with wasting taxpayers money on nationalising services, even though his party cannot be trusted given their record in Wales with the beloved holier than thou NHS and raising taxes on people’s grog, but has used his powers (which, by the way have not been democratically handed to him by the people) to point score against Boris, doing different just to undermine the prime minister, letting the power turn his pinko brain to slush and getting drunk off the Ego boost from it!

For this hard left authoritarian clown (no one’s laughing though) wants to send Wales back to the dark ages with a punitive lockdown, with no science to back up his thinking, with ridiculous restrictions that curb people’s liberties for ‘the greater good’ (where have we heard this kind of dogma before kids?) And shut down the entire economy bar essential goods – going to the lengths of forcing supermarkets to ban sales of items such as clothes, yet sell fags and booze and scratchcards, in a move that will cost the Welsh economy £500 million pounds (and that’s if it’s not inevitably extended by him and his cabal of power crazed Marxists) and no doubt lead to hundreds, if not thousands of decent hard working people who are working their bollocks off to make ends meet losing their jobs or their businesses and benefits no-one with the punitive rules, apart from the government’s idealogy of envy and greed forcing more people to be reliant on the state and for the state to gain even more power and right to scare-monger, control and bully the people of this nation.

Give it a few years and these bunch of clowns will be demanding independence (no doubt crying the nasty English plundered all its resources, even though England basically funds the entire UK and enforcing that Gobbledy-gook they spout on pobol y Cwm on a population that almost exclusively speaks English, apart from half a dozen druids in Fishguard and some old lady in Rhyl), calling to reopen the mines to fund it (good luck doing that in today’s health and safety world, where it pays to go on the dole, getting Geraint from the Rhondda away from his state funded semi detached, his 42 inch plasma with sky games, his baccy and beers and the food bank feeding him so he can spend his loot on the latest games console and down the mine, and good luck trying to sell that, or what’s left of it in an increasingly post industrial world) and increasingly turning Wales into even more of a third rate backwater state than it actually is!

The worst thing is though…. The Welsh are actually thick enough to buy this anti-english, anti-tory hate rhetoric (even though socialism in Wales has a rich history of success, right? Education, living, health and economic standards are through the roof of course) to vote these jokers back in because ‘we’re not Tory scum, and they’ll pay our benefits!’

Nominated by: The Cuntinuity Candidate 

51 thoughts on “Mark Drakeford (2)

  1. These lefty fuckers want nothing more than every cunt to be dependent on the state. Hey, just do as we say and big government will look after you. Don’t do as we say then you are some kind of “ist” and big government will cart you off for re-education. What’s the Welsh for Dachau?

  2. Sanitary towels were on the original list of “non-essential” items banned from sale. Marxism at its best. Amazon is laughing all the way to the bank.

      • These fuckin Welsh news fellas have all adopted Welsh names now, must be fashionable, Tomos ap Griffiths or Iollo piss Pobol or some shit. All except Von Drakeford who’s gone east and is under the deluded belief that he’s running Marburg or Dresden before the wall came down, he certainly dresses like an East German in his charity shop suits and days Jawol mein Reichsführer you daft old sod.

      • These fuckin Welsh news fellas have all adopted Welsh names now, must be fashionable, Tomos ap Griffiths or Iollo piss Pobol or some shit. All except Von Drakeford who’s gone east and is under the deluded belief that he’s running Magdeburg or Dresden before the wall came down, he certainly dresses like an East German in his charity shop suits and daps Jawol mein Reichsführer you daft old sod.

  3. I hope they do become a separate nation.
    So we don’t have to pay for this Commie shit anymore.
    Or oven.

  4. Can’t really see what him and his “cabal of power crazed Marxists” have done that our Tory P.M. and his own crazy cabal haven’t also done in spades…it’s a supposed Tory Govt. that is endlessly shaking Corbyn’s “magic money tree”, hiding behind a “it’s for the greater good” mantra,condemning millions of people to the dole, closing down businesses,introducing laws at the drop of a hat, etc.

    I’m no Labour or Drakeford fan but this “those lefties are bankrupting the Country” seems to me to be ignoring the fact that all Drakeford did is exactly what the Tories have done…except (if you believe that lockdown’s actually work) he did it in a more timely manner…perhaps hoping to get this mythical “circuit breaker” effect before the number of cases got out of hand.

    Tory vs Labour…I don’t think it makes the slightest bit of difference which collection of idiots,crooks and jelly-fish we have in power,they all seem to have the same aim….

    • That said, these lockdowns are great for supermarket business, who enjoy a marked increase in stock turnaround…

      • Aye,it’s a good job the supermarkets are able to continue supplying the essentials…I can’t imagine the horror if Jacinta couldn’t get her almond-milk or Rufus his avocados.

        Morning Paul
        Morning All.

      • “I can’t imagine the horror if Jacinta couldn’t get her almond-milk or Rufus his avocados.”
        It would be fuckin’ nice if you could get basics like milk, bread or toilet rolls. Here we go again and the supermarkets are doing the same thing all over again.
        You’d think lessons would have been learned and they would strictly limit items they know which need it from their past experience. Fuck off from a tired, hungry, thirsty and shit covered despairing shopper.
        Afternoon Dick

      • Are the Cunts on panic-buying again? Absolute Fuckwits…selfish,greedy and stupid.


      • Because everywhere else is closed. People are, generally, social creatures and can’t resist the urge to mix. I am, of course, referring to ‘other people’ and not us posters who are, generally, reclusive and misanthropic.

    • It’s fucking lucky that Corbyn isn’t in power…billions of Pounds wasted,laws introduced without consultation,businesses destroyed…. “…is a Cunt” members would be dropping like flies as they composted furious posts while super-heated piss vented from every orifice.

      • The only difference would be £500 billion spent under Corbyn on top of what the present bunch of imbeciles have spaffed up the wall in the name of Covid. Plus Corbyn would have locked down the economy permanently from the beginning.

      • I’m not saying that Corbyn would have done any better…my whole point is that the “yer,but what if that Corbyn had got in” argument is redundant.
        The whole bunch of them…whatever political hue….seem to all be singing from the same hymn-sheet.

        Frankly,I can’t imagine just what Corbyn could have achieved in the way of finishing off the Country that the present Conservative Govt. haven’t managed in record time.

      • I have to agree, this is a real op for someone to change the hymn sheet, to bring things back to reality but they all seem hell bent with grabbing power and lording it over the plebs.

        That Keir guy is really missing an open goal here but I guess he has different motives at heart.

  5. We’re heading for one hell of a shitfest recession. A recession that will make the Great Depression from almost a century ago seem like a minor profit & loss error.

    Drakeford and Jimmie are loving and smelling the Chaos, while Boris’ only backbenchers are stirring some heavy-duty shit over the latest lockdown statements.

    This country (the UK as a whole) is being slowly fucked in the arse from different directions and for different reasons; and to be quite honest you’d be better off dead because there’s no money left, and the People are restless.

    The Global Reset approaches, and twats like Drakeford are just humble little minions pushing the appropriate buttons towards a New World Woke Order

  6. I run a small business oop north.
    Our diary was organised up until Christmas and beyond.

    Today is going to be fun.

    I have said before and I will repeat without a hint of tongue in cheek – the bastards responsible and complicit in this scam (nothing to do with any fucking virus and never was) are strung up from lamp posts the length and breadth of our once great nation.


    Good Morning

      • Well, saying as we will be forced to close this week and with Monday being the start of the week.
        It’s going to be chaotic with our clients, our stock and the supply chain, the disruption to our schedules etc etc.

        Yeah of course it’s out of our hands and all about keeping safe.

      • I gather the lockdown doesn’t start until Thursday (why?) but I see what you mean. I suspect 1000’s of businesses won’t suffer any of the disruption you mention as they’ll simply go out of business and their ex-workers will have no reason to leave the house so they can stay safe. Job hunting will be a thing of the past as there won’t be any. People working from home will be thrilled when they discover they will no longer be required to do any work, although they will be less thrilled to learn that, since that work is now being done by Abduls and Mohameds at a tenth of the cost in any of 100 shit holes, they won’t be getting paid either. Happy Christmas to all that manage to survive that long.

    • A Good pre-relockdown Morning to all Cunters,

      I have relatives in in a similar situation Herr Jelmet. Thousands of quid’s worth of Christmas stock about to rot on the shelves.

      No compensation money from that Sanak cunt for them.

      Evisceration with a rusty wire coat hanger would be too good for them – vicious, pitiless, fuckers.

  7. All politicians regardless of party, who follow “the science” (fucking awful illiterate expression) are cunts to a man and woman, and the men are all wimmin, which explains why there are so many fucking poofters involved in political life – limp wristed, lily livered cunts.

  8. I heard him on Today this a.m. He sounded a lot saner than Boris. He locked Wales down for 17 days, of which 4 are left to run. Boris is proposing a month, after a slow and ponderous reverse reverse reverse ferret to arrive at the same conclusion. It’s fuck-all to do with ideology, and everything to do with restricting the spread to give the health service a sporting chance. Yes, businesses will be badly affected, and some will close; notably the service sector; and I can only applaud the demise of aromatherapy outlets, crystal healers and extortionate coffee joints. OTOH as far as retail goes, I am constantly surprising myself with the ease of ordering almost anything online. Bring it on!

    Drakeford acted earlier in the progression of the current peak: Boris has consistently left corrective measures too late. Drakeford is saying that unless the public take this seriously, it hasn’t a hope: there are good grounds for thinking that public noncompliance has accelerated the current surge in cases, and will continue to do so. That’s you, cunt who will not wear a mask because someone on Twitter said it infringes his human rights (but is happy to help deny the right to life to others)

    To those who still believe we are standing on the precipice overlooking a descent into Stalinism, you’re fucking crazy. Though food shortages due to the FreeWest’s ™ population panicking and fighting each other for tinned salmon have parallels with the severe shortages of essentials in Communist Russia, the Soviets controlled that kind of thing with wholly appropriate savagery…we probably have something to learn there.

    Yes, this is a monumental fuck-up all round. It transcends national boundaries and political allegiance. FFS get a grip. humans.

    • yes, I heard him as well. Makes me laugh, they all profess to “follow the science”, yet we have three “countries”, or 4 if you count Norn Iron, all following different strategies. So, which one is it?

  9. Apparently ALL over 60s are at risk, or “clinically vulnerable”, and should stay out of sight, out of mind, according to the latest announcements.

    But of course how the fuck does that work if you’re still working, as millions of over 60s are having to do so in order to keep their state pension topped up?

    But then again all those old cunts in the House of Lords will no doubt love the idea of “working from home” because no doubt they will still claim their daily £300 attendance fee for NOT turning up at the Palace of Westminster

    • Thanks for the heads-up, Technocunt. Awaiting instructions from my management on this. They furloughed me last time (five fucking months), but they’re keeping the place open this time, and my job is hands-on. I am assuming the cunts have already pissed my pension against the wall/on management consultants, so am gearing up for a deferred but chilly retirement very soon.

      • Amazing – if you are over 60, and have to stay at home – from the very bastards who insist of raising the retirement age incrementaly – and of course both Labour and Conservative think the same.

      • What about ‘ambulance drivers’ that are over sixty (cunts want us to work until we’re sixty fucking seven)? Or nurses, doctors,or other healthcare staff? Cunts haven’t thought that one through, have they?

      • You will be ‘invited’ to return in your 90’s, to help with a future pandemic, DCI. Gawd bless yer!

      • Being the caring, altruistic soul that I am, I’ll be delighted! (Altruistic means the same as misanthropic, right?).

  10. Must be getting serious. Ground Control to Major Tom again on BBC Breakfast TV right now. The daft old cunt drooling on about the Battle of Britain
    “A wonderful message from this great man”, according to the super-extra-anodyne young BBC presenter chap with the funny nose (sitting next to Lpiuse Minger-Minchin) who is leading this grotesquely sycophantic “interview” with that daft old Yorkshire Pudding.

    Hold on to your hats! Joseph Goebbels – and his club foot – would be immensely proud to see these refinements.

  11. I have a mate in Cardiff. Right wing, proud patriot, loves his country (the UK). He said that this cock-sucker is only in because he gave 16 year olds the vote, which itself was pushed through on some dubious way with the Tories abstaining.

  12. I got to ‘Wales back to the dark ages’ reading the nom and now I have stopped laughing…. when did Wales ever come out of the dark ages.

    Mark Drakeford would be a hoot on the end of Samaritans help line, about as much charisma as a cod fillet

  13. As a thick Welsh cunt living in the Dark Ages I think some of you cunts should have a shufti round Yorkshire, Lancashire, Merseyside, London, Brm etc ad infinitum.
    That’s where the shitholes are.

    Drakeford is pretty much despised in Wales as is the Welsh parish council. Labour is only clinging on because Plaid are fucking laughable and it is not easy for someone from the Tory induced industrial wasteland of S Wales to vote Tory.

    • Spot on. I didn’t know what backward grasping scum I was until I joined IsaC. Ah well, can’t win them all.

  14. Speaking as one who has to suffer the TV appearances of Mark Drakeford on a regular basis, I must say he is off the scale horrendous. Not only does he have decidedly creepy looks, he is also in possession of an equally creepy voice. When he put himself forward for the post of First Minister some time ago, I rather hoped one of his rivals (Vaughan Gething, now Health Minister) would win, just so we wouldn’t be subjected to Drakeford’s less than inspiring monologues; as things turned out, Gething couldn’t wait to get out the race card as soon as it became fashionable and claim to have been thus abused, so I am at least thankful for small mercies. Imagine (oh, no! it is too horrible!) our very own MalcolmX lookalike* leading the country, spouting his BAME lectures and other such venomous tripe, riding the wave of political correctness forever more.

    As to the pandemic … I think the Welsh cabinet should wear masks all the time for TV appearances, preferably full-face Man in the Iron Mask type jobs.

    (*same hideous 50s style glasses)

    • A Corbyn-cocksucking, ex-social worker with a convicted rapist and pee dough for a son, is hardly a model leader.

  15. This fucker is a power hungry coal munching CUNT of the highest order. The jizz guzzling incompetent socialist cock sucker wants fucking with a frosty mop although rumours are his nonce son already did this to him and the sad sack of shit enjoyed it. If he’s not spouting complete shit he is noshing off that arrogant bell end Gethin whilst ramming a oversized leek up the fuckwit Kirsty Williams arse. She does offer free knee trembles but with those fucking teeth in her head nobody wants to take the risk.

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