Diane Abbott [6]

I was watching the marr show earlier and although not a big fan I thoroughly enjoyed his skewering of Diane flabbot, for years her and corbyn have voted against a whole raft of anti-terrorist legislation, blocking it every which way but today not only did marr call her out, he hung her out!! , it was beautiful to watch flabbot squirming around, all the 30 years of fuckin bull shit dredged up and served for the viewers delight, at one point he tried to hand her a list of all the terror organisations she had tried to help by voting against action, she refused to take the list so instead he read them out, I laughed so hard I spat my tea out!!, she tried to argue some were dissident, not terrorist groups, TBH by this point it didn’t really matter as she was finished , my wife’s a Labour Party member and she had her head in her hands!!
Absolute gold… Abbotts the gift that just keeps giving…,.

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  1. I did NOT vote for Brexit on the basis of £350 million for the NHS!

    I voted for Brexit for many reasons.

  2. Ok May, enough!

    We get it on Brexit!

    Next subject please for fucks sake!

  3. Fucking hell, those audience questions were weak with May.

    Not one of them asked about immigration!

    • They weren’t allowed to ask, any inconvenient truth would be cut out. Brexit was on alot of things but mainly immigration and british independence on industry and out sourcing of jobs to immigrants.

      But Make no doubt about it! brexit was the result of Merkel, Schultz and Tusks insane forced unlimited refugee plan for everybody nonsense

  4. Ok Paxo, give it a rest on May’s position on Brexit before the referendum already.

  5. How many more Manchester bombs will May’s ‘strong and stable’ relationship with Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabis facilitate?… Theresa May: so ‘strong and stable’ on Libya she helped foment Islamic extremism… Even Stevie Wonder saw what was happening…Theresa May voted for armed intervention in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria… The result was obvious, even to ‘riff-raff’ like us…. NATO admitted 10000 ground-to-air missiles had gone missing from Libya as long ago as October 11th 2016, as radical Islamist subhuman filth are taking advantage of Libya chaos…. Theresa May is a cunt!

    • And the sandsambo piece of turd who did the Arena bombing was consistently named to May’s government as a suspect… Yet regular trips to Libya were never picked up…. Strong and stable my arse… This government is shit! This country is shit!

      • Read an article on the cunt today. By all accounts at Uni he showed that he was a rude, ignorant and stupid cunt with low intelligence (much like the rest of his ilk!). So how the fuck did he get into University?

        • The same way most of these waddiwogs get in… Everything is handed to these scum on a plate with chips, a bottle of Daddies and a can of Tizer… When I worked at the Manchester College Of Arts & Technology in the 90s it became infested first with Somalian cunts and then Nigerian twats after Blair got in… These cunts got the best of everything and I resigned over how shoddy English students were being treated… Fast forward to now and it’s even worse… Whatever these vermin want, they get: Benefits, cars, council permits, houses, interpreters, lawyers, prescriptions etc… And I dare say university places are there when they want them… Everything else fucking well is… Fucking filth…

          • …….and this is why I would never have been able to do University……

          • There’s an abdab round our way that has an ice cream van… Can’t speak fucking English, can’t count properly, zero rapport with customers (miserable cunt), so why and how did he get the fucking gig?! Oh yeah, he has a council permit hung up in the van…

            Doesn’t do great business, to be honest… Mind you, who’s going to want their kids going up to a muzzie Mr Whippy?….

          • Another thing with the cunts and what rude twats they are; no professional manner.

            I remember having to talk to peaceful cunt from ICICI bank over the phone at work – utter rude piece of crap he was.

  6. wow Paxo giving May a real caning ! just called her a blow hard!. some embarassed laughing from the audience.

    • I think May won it. Much more Professional than Corbyn.
      Paxo rightly dragged up Corbyn’s policys from the past like his friends Hamas and the IRA.

      • She did win it, but Paxman really went to town on her.

        Like another poster said, Thatcher she ain’t!

  7. What part of ”no deal is better than bad deal” does Paxman not get?

    • It wasn’t pretty, but I think she did better than Corbyn.

      Paxman went on at her over Brexit for far too long.

      Heh, they’ve got a repeat of Marr ripping Jabbott the Fatt again. It’s a hoot seeing him make her look even more stupid than she already is.

  8. That new Baywatch looks shite…. The Rock?! He makes Hasselhoff look like Richard Burton…
    That said though, I would smash that Kelly Rohrbach, without a doubt….

  9. Hard for May to sell hard facts dressed in cotton wool and she should stop trying. Corbyn is soft on terrorism, he plays a lot on peace in Ireland was achieved by talking. It wasn’t, it was achieved giving terrorists major concessions and a seat in government.

    The next wave of terrorists are still there in Ireland and they will sooner or later return to full activity in the push for more concessions. The IRA never wanted a peace process they had to engage in one. Their ultimate aim is a united Ireland. Whether or not you agree with a united Ireland if you think terrorism is a legitimate way to go about getting it you’re a cunt.

    McDonnell believes and I think Corbyn is of the same mindset that an IRA terrorist is the equivalent of a British Soldier, no difference in their eyes, just soldiers fighting in a war.

    The pair of cunts refuse to differentiate between highly paid professional soldiers and gangsters. How many civilians are still missing in N.I? How many innocents lived in fear of the IRA, not just unionists but Catholics as well.

    That’s what I don’t get Paxman may of asked a couple of questions trying to look tough but he totally failed as do the rest of the media to paint a picture and give some real context to the questions.

    Fluffy lefty voters have no fucking idea what the reality of the IRA, Hamas or any other terrorist organisation is. These cunts who romanticise Che Guevara need to go and learn what a nasty brutal cunt he was. I believe people like Corbyn and McDonnell already know and would have no problem with killing opponents given the right circumstance.

    May is the least worst option, far superior to the insidious shower of shite currently called the Labour party.

    • Che Guevara was a nasty little commie cunt who tried his ”revolutionary” shit one time too many and paid the ultimate price for it.

      Can someone cunt the overrated cunt please?

      • Guevara was a mass murdering little turd… Yet these student knobends, snowflake libmongs, and numerous celebrity cunts wear his ape-like mug on T-Shirts because he is the radical chic poster boy… The deifying of Che once again shows how selective and hypocritical all this lefty shite really is… Bet you any money those slags. Kunty Perry and Lily Mong have ‘Che’ posters on their mansion walls, without actually knowing who he really was (ie: a cunt)…

        • Give it 10 or 15 years and the little fuckers will be wearing t-shirts with McGuinness (may he rot in hell), Gerry Adams, Bin Laden and Jihadi John.

      • He’s dead.
        But his followers can still be cunted though.

        There’s a strange breed of Spaniard that is a piss head, coke head, thieving, skiving , toothless scally cunt that worship Guevara and even have Guevara tattoos.

        The exact type of cunt that Guevara and his Cunty pals wanted dead or sent to Miami.

  10. Paxman is shit.

    He just shouts aggressively like that cunt kay burley. He gives them 2 seconds to answer the question and then yells the question again.
    He’s lucky that politicians are such welps.
    Anyone else would’ve jumped over the table and smacked him in the mouth!

    Nick ferrari would’ve been my choice.

    • Paxman is a cunt. His style of interviewing is childish. Butting in every few fucking seconds is annoying as fuck. May should’ve said ‘is andrew neil on holiday’. He sounds like a school master trying to ridicule a kid in front of the school at assembly. Pathetic cunt.

      • Like I said before what part of ”no deal is better than a bad deal” did he not understand?!

  11. Unless there’s a tsunami of morning remain voters heading to the ballot box, I can not see Corbyn win, May will win unless there’s another twist in this past 12 months of politics!

    • A tsunami of moaning Remainiacs is entirely possible, Mr. Balls.

  12. Just been on the sky news app. It’s pretty obvious who’s side those cunts are on.

    Just goes on about may getting heckled and how Corbyn promises to be tough on terror.

    Were they watching the same debate? (If you can call it that).

    Typical biast cunts.

    • Corbyn tough on terror?! What show were these people watching?!

      The man who supports the IRA, Hamas, Hezbollah and the like, tough on terror?!

      Fuck, that’s a bloody sick joke!

  13. I thought the whole thing was a complete waste of fucking time. Nothing new was learned, no cunt came out better or worse. A better way would be to have a couple of representatives fight it out in the ring. Say David Davies v Die Anne Fatbutt. I think providing she didn’t eat him he’d knock her out. Or maybe Philip Hammond v Barry up hill Gardener. Handbags provided of course.

  14. Have to agree, Paxman is a rude, arrogant cunt. If these politicians were decent respectable people who believed in something they could make him look like a complete knobend. Lucky for Paxo they are all thieves, liars and criminals so they can’t afford to push it too far. All I learned from tonight is…..say hello to the new boss, same as the old boss. Now where did I put those petrol bombs?

  15. Its beyond a parody PMS, Trotsky Corbyn and Flabba the Hut are just utter cunts, devoid of reality in their North London bubble of hashtags and candles.

  16. If Labour were elected Shami Chakrabarti would likely be the Attorney General…..eeek

    The deeper you dig the more shit you turn up.

    • Comrade Corbyn
      John McCuntell
      Jabbott the Fatt
      Lady Nugee
      Shitty Chuckyerbalti
      Angela ‘dumb as fuck’ Rayner

      Aided and abetted by that Whore Burnham and Suckdick Khan.

      Fucking hell, we’d all be begging for a miltiary coup or the dark forces to take these cunts out!

  17. Aye, a few weeks in the depths of the Kremlin for ‘interrogation’ or a stint in a Siberian gulag, Flabbott might even lose a few pounds.

  18. It’s about time Obersturmbanfuhrer Merkel got a good cunting. Now she is saying that NATO can no longer rely on the UK and the US for defence because :
    (1) The Tangoman has the cheek to insist that the Krauts and their hangers on pay their fair share.
    (2) The Brits have the bare faced front to want to be out of the EU.
    Ok Herr Oberst, have it your way. Us and the Yanks saved your brainwashed arses from the Russian bear last time, if you want to go on your own be our guest. See how useful your hardworking, taxpaying immigrants are when Ivan’s tanks roll into Berlin and Dimitri’s missiles are smashing up your cities. Fucking mouthy arrogant bitch. As Basil Fawlty, quite rightly, said…..”Who won the bleedin’ war anyway?”

    • That’s the thing about the Krauts, Frogs, Spics and the like. They talk big, but when it some to NATO, they come up short. Too busy pouring their money into their welfare states.

      To hell with Merkel.

    • Murky’s solution to the problem will be full political integration of the EU into one nation, greater Germany. The EU has been downgrading national fighting forces for years, no one nation can muster a decent military response on its own now, only as aprt of a unified EU army. Germany needs to make France feel important as the French provide a nuclear option.

      Sadly for us our governments ran our forces down to the point that we are going to need to up the budget and rebuild our military over decades.

      Unless we vote Labour, in which case we can dismantle our military and hond over our nukes to the Caliphate that will be created in Bradford and surrounding areas.

      I’m still waiting for one of the cunts, any of them I am not fussed who to explain why allowing parts of our country to become outposts of Pakistan, Somalia and other shit holes. I hear them defend diversity and multiculturalism but not one of them has stood there and admitted that they are responsible for it. Which they blatantly are.

      May has failed to lower net immigration and Corncob doesn’t see the problem.to start with. On reflection I don’t want LabCon in power, it is one party with two faces. I almost forgot the ugly truth that between them they have continued the policies that have left us where we are now over the last 6 decades.

      UKIP have too many cranks in their ranks.

      We need a real right wing (which doesn’t mean conservative) alternative. Some fucking hope.

      • They say multiculturalism, only it isn’t because most of them seem to be fucking peaceful cunts infesting areas and making themselves feel at home by turning parts of our country into third world cesspits.

  19. I am frankly appalled at the level of disrespect that is being displayed for our next Home Secretary

    Next you’ll be telling me that our next Chancellor is a Marxist, or that our next Prime Minister appeases terrorist organisations.

    You should all be ashamed of yourselves…

    • Should I be ashamed to say that our next Foreign secretary has no clue about their remit, has an actual title despite being a leftie who apparently hates that sort of thing and has complete contempt for regular voter?

        • Which one is that again?

          Is that the arsehole who just talks over everyone and drones on with the Labour rhetoric all the time?
          Because that just hearing that grating voice ramble on pisses me off!

  20. To top it all Channel 4 now have a programme about naturism on. Lots of people on naked who need to be fully clothed in the company of others at ALL TIMES.

    At least they cant conceal a suicide vest………………..

    Saying that if i came across one of the ugly fat old fuckers i might just wish they were.

    • Yesterday’s attention seekers. Haven’t they heard of non-binary gender neutrals? The world moves on……if you can’t keep up shut the fuck up you losers.

  21. Don’t have TV anymore but I’m guessing that Paxo held off giving Corbyn both barrels?
    It is the BBC after all…

  22. The kid on the Fairy Liquid ads needs cunting, seriously !!

    “I weely, weely want the empty bottw to make a wocket”

    No doubt he is HairyTwatFace Branson’s Chief Engineer for Virgin flights to the moon.

    Half-price to peacefuls. Load the trolley up with Unsworth’s pork pies (“give you droopy tits.” Remember that one??!), and Flabbott dingleberries.

    Can’t imagine that there’s a cat in hell’s chance of getting there in one piece with brantub, let alone back to earth…

  23. My old farmer great uncle always reckoned she should have a cart behind her cos that’s about the only fucking thing she’s good for.

  24. The current UK population at latest count is 65.5 million (plus all the illegals of course) and it’s actually really quite frightening to think, that of all those 65.5 million people, Corbyn et al deem the most suitable of them to be Home Sec is this stupid fucking porker.
    The fact that she managed to hold her seat after recent events is even more worrying.

    Mind you, the upside to all of this of course, is that she’s living proof that even a severe retard can gain entry to Oxbridge, and then go on to high office..

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