Diane Abbott [6]

I was watching the marr show earlier and although not a big fan I thoroughly enjoyed his skewering of Diane flabbot, for years her and corbyn have voted against a whole raft of anti-terrorist legislation, blocking it every which way but today not only did marr call her out, he hung her out!! , it was beautiful to watch flabbot squirming around, all the 30 years of fuckin bull shit dredged up and served for the viewers delight, at one point he tried to hand her a list of all the terror organisations she had tried to help by voting against action, she refused to take the list so instead he read them out, I laughed so hard I spat my tea out!!, she tried to argue some were dissident, not terrorist groups, TBH by this point it didn’t really matter as she was finished , my wife’s a Labour Party member and she had her head in her hands!!
Absolute gold… Abbotts the gift that just keeps giving…,.

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207 thoughts on “Diane Abbott [6]

  1. I cannot abide this loathsome bitch.

    Terrorist supporting
    British hating
    Corbyn rimming.
    Makes Jabba the Hutt look like Adonis

    Piece of crap she is.

    • i don`t think she could be more of a cunt if she tried.She is a national embarrassment.

      • I’d rather not associate it with the term British quite frankly, not just because of all the aforementioned reasons bit because it despises everything good about this country.

    • PM, this is like my tick-list in the previous Jabba Abbot cunting. She’s like something from Greek mythology, an absolute gorgon. To think this brainless, contemptible cunt-sandwich could be Home Secretary in a fortnight terrifies me.

      A 21st century swamp monster.

  2. Quality cunting of The Flabbott Q, this fat retard cant tie her own shoelaces let alone be Home Secretary.

    • That pitiful remainder of the old West Pier is always a downer to look at.

  3. Labour is a fucking disgrace,Marr demonstrated the real reason no decent human being is going to vote this shower of shite in. There misguided socialist polices are bad enough but the current crop are actively engaged in policy that are destructive of our way of life. Not just our culture but our jobs our homes are all fair play to be redistributed to the trash of the third world.

    Abbott now tries to say she’s changed her views with her hair. Funny that because I grew up with a lot of black kids and dreads or afros or shaved heads none of the cunts thought like Abbott does.

    Many of the older West Indians had more conservative views then than I hold now. Labour wants poor fuckers of any colour to stay in our ghettos and keep voting Labour. Diane Abbott doesn’t give a flying fuck about black people, she just see’s her skin colour as a way to appeal to that demographic and get some votes.

    Abbott, Corbyn and McDonnell lead a Marxist party who want to destroy the UK as we know it and end borders. The results of 5 years of a labour government now would be all to apparent in 10 to 15 years time.

    If the people of this country don’t use this opportunity to wipe out these cunts at the ballot box now I really do fear for this country.

    • It’s like you said Sixdog, Labour don’t want social mobility, they want to drag everyone down the same level as the third world excrement they want to import into the country unfettered en masse.

    • Well said Sixdog Vomit, I am from a mostly Labour voting family as I always thought they were for the average man in the street. There’s no way I’ll be voting for them now, that cunt Corbyn although he sticks to his principles (which I respect) was asked by some cunt interviewer about immigration and he kept avoiding answering the question instead going on about how much immigration helps the NHS. Labour have alienated most of their original core and Dianne Abbot is a hypocritical cunt who is an embarrassment to black people.

      • The funny thing is, if there wasn’t such high, uncontrolled immigration, you wouldn’t need so many immigrants working in the NHS!

        • a lose-lose situation, really…

          Although I defo favour loads of Finns (now THERE’S a damn good tune, listen to Sibelius’ “Finlandia”, written when Finland was under threat from the Russians”) because they piss Flabbott orf mightily…

      • Corbyn, a man of principle?! You have got to be fucking kidding. For years he has assiduously campaigned against the EU but when it came to the referendum he suddenly became a remainer.

        For years the cunt has supported the IRA, yet now refuses to admit he has ever met any IRA members despite being shown in photographs with the murderous Mick cunts.

        Man of principle my arse and not worth an ounce of anyone’s respect.

        I hope he gets a right kicking in the Sky debate tonight.

        • Oh, he’s a man of principles, that is, if the principles are; a strict adherence to a failed ideology, support for various terrorist cunts, being a hypocrite in the sense of never toeing the party and/or Government line and then demanding that, when leader, others toe his line and enabling every other no talent, insidious, communist cunt in your party.

  4. Does nobody else think it’s slightly perverted or unacceptable that David Walliams drop his trousers in front of children on Britain’s got talent (I fucking hate the show and hate Ant in Dik but my strange brother watches it)

    If I’d dropped my trousers at my neices talent show, I’d be arrested. With the likes of Rolf harris been put in front of courts, how does attention seeking Wanker Walliams not get arrested???? With celebritys like Jim Davison and Dave lee Travis getting hauled over the coals, why is this act of dropping his trousers get brushed off as ‘funny’

    • I do wonder about that…..

      Does watershed not matter anymore?

    • … I hate the Cunt Walliams, and can’t reach for the TV remote quick enough if he appears on screen, and certainly wouldn’t watch anything whatsoever if he had a role in it.
      Generally he’s crept up in chat shows or radio shows, and regardless of which other celebrities are on the same programme or show, he’s got to be the centre of attention. If an interviewer, or host, has asked any other guest a question … the Cunt tries to take over and spin it all on to him.
      And his schoolboy trouser dropping and inuendos … I have the Cunt given the birch.

      • I find him desperately unfunny. Can’t say I cared for half the Little Britain stuff him and Matt Lucas used to do either.

      • If he’d dropped his trousers in front of my relatives aged under 16, I’d have him nicked!

    • Walliams is always acting like a degenerate cunt for laughs,this might have been funny if there hadn’t been so many pervs in the TV industry as we now know. Maybe I’m a boring old cunt but I’ve no time to keep people guessing about my sexuality,I have just got too much to do!.Someone should tell the cunt that stuff got boring back in the 1980’s.

    • he’s come out as a poofter, so he’s “untouchable”…in more ways than one !!

  5. I can’t understand how he’s allowed to get away with it, if you have a kid watching the show who has been a victim of a perv exposing themselves, they’d be horrified watching Walliams dropping his trousers and seeing that it’s acceptable. I have seen it happen in a pub on a stag do but not on a family show! I can’t stand Walliams!!!

  6. OH FOR FUCK SAKE!!!!!!!!!

    I haven’t read any posts yet.
    Just scrolled done to give my reaction to the pic in the header.

    Hahahahah. 🙂

      • Harambe was a proud handsome gorilla, 25 stones of pure muscle and strength. Flabbot is an ugly, fat, 35 stone piece of shit. I also reckon Harambe’s IQ was higher than the fat flabbot’s.

      • The outcry against the keepers/wardens for shooting Harambe by generation snowflake was extreme.

        The outcry against the murdering “peaceful” scum for blowing up 22 kids/parents and maiming dozens more by generation snowflake was…non-existent!

        They had plenty to fucking say about not calling out “peacefuls” for being the cunts they are though. Well than you Tristan and Poppy, please add that to your “What a cunt I was!” scrapbook for 20yrs time when you’re busy voting tory!

        Yes ladies and gentlemen, this is the society we live in where their huge public outcry over a zoo animal and not a whimper when it comes to kids at a concert.

        What an odious bunch of cunts generation snowflake is!

  7. I’m surprised the fucking fat lard-arsed ugly fucking cunt hasn’t been harpooned yet. She is totally devoid of common sense and as many cunters on here have said, she is a fucking nasty racist cunt. Everytime she opens her mouth the air is full of bullshit, she can’t remember facts or figures so that looks really good if she was to actually become this countries Home Secretary. How to dumb down in this country , it beggars belief. Then again, May has disappointed me immensely and I still can’t fathom out ifshe wants to be PM. She calls a General Election at a time when she is previously engaged on other duties, leaving us with that other useless cunt, Amber Ruddless.

    • Not to mention that fuck up of a manifesto. Christ, what an own goal that was!

      And putting Amber Dudd on TV is not a vote winner in my opinion, never did like the woman.

      • With you on that PMS, how the fuck have the Cons got themselves in a position like this after being so far ahead. What the fuck are the Tories up to. Yes I know it can swing at times from party to party, but with the likes of Corbyn, McDonnell and the Flabbott at the helm. Reminds me when Blair was just about to named PM, or am I reading too much into it. Good job I have some Jack Daniels in the house, might as well numb the mind.

        • What happened Ballsac, is that the Tories got cocky and arrogant and thought they could put stupid shit in their manifesto and get away with it due to Labour being a steaming pile of shite. Only it backfired horribly.

          It’s not the same as 20 years ago though, by then that cunt Major had fucked his own party into the dirt and rendered them unelectable. This is not the same in that regard.

    • Home for Flabbott is presumably a U-bend somewhere, if indeed there is one big enough…

  8. Labour could push Abbott into the background until the election is over and give more air time to that bastion of working class values Emily “call me John” Thorncunty.

    There’s a new estate round my way where part of the contract you sign when buying a house forbids you parking any vans outside your house. Just the sort of place these Marxist cunts would want to live.

    • Ah yes, Lady Nugee.

      A few months back, she was being interviewed on Sky News. Now keep in mind this bitch is Shadow Foreign Secretary, she couldn’t name any other country’s Foreign Secretary despite this being part of her remit. When she was called out on it, she played the sexism card.

      Thornberry is another Islington MP, to me, she’s a white Jabbott the Fatt. Just as foul and offensive.

      As for Mao’s no.1 fan MacDonnell, he is a legitimately evil piece of shit.

    • I do not like Nuttall at all.

      It seems that even though he’s UKIP leader, he still has the Scouse (no offense to any sane ones!) anti Tory, pro Labour mindset with some of the things he says, like wanting Labour to win certain seats off of the Tories, which could, in the long run, completely bugger up Brexit.

      UKIP is going nowhere but down the pan with him at the helm.

      Moral of the story? Never make a Mouser leader of a political party!

      • Yea I hated him but just saw him on Andrew O’Neil and he spoke more sense that the other cunts put together.

        He is a stupid cunt and there’s no way that I’d want him as pm but I like his views on waterboarding and internment camps for muslims though.

  9. Regarding the Flabbots hairstyle, she used to have an afro but has changed it to a straight, eh, straight hairdo/bowlcut.
    I don’t get offended by much really, not even “retarded” or “druggie” as I’ve been called lately, but i am offended at the Flabbot appropriating white culture with her straight locks.

    Calm down on the Frizzeaz Flabbot and go back to the wirey pube like hair yer proud race are born with.

    And yer accent an’ all.
    Very white and truthfully, you don’t pull it off, so sort it the fuck out sista.

    • Saw a picture of Jabbott in the papers from 1984.

      Fucking hell, it was ugly as sin back then!

    • Gods Sir Limply, are you trying to make people ill?!

      Planting that thought in people’s mind is evil! EVIL!

    • You’ve got to take your hat off to the man. If I’d been stuck up Diane I don’t think that I’d ever be able to go anywhere near a woman again.

  10. Looking, again, at the hilarious picture in the header reminds of that old nugget of truth,
    black folk shouldn’t wear leather jackets.

    I’ve seen some black guys even wearing jackets the exact same colour as their faces.
    Its as if they skinned some poor cunt from another tribe before throwing him in the pot.

    For any cunts pointing the finger of race at me, well i feel the same about white girls wearing soft pink bikinis.
    They look naked to a guy with blurry vision.

  11. Corbyn answers the first question and manages to make sure we all know Islam is a wonderful faith and bigged multicultural society.


    • The cunt is getting called out on going to an IRA memorial.

  12. Now shitstain is caliming he will end large classroom sizes and hospital waiting lists.

    Can’t do that without reducing immigration. Fucking idiot.

  13. Claims leadership is as much using your brain as using your mouth.

    He’s already screwed on that front.

    Getting asked about immigration, giving a spiel about the EU.

    Talks about ”future controls” but s saying nothing about how he would control it.

  14. Where’s Paxton?

    Amagine if Corbyn wins….. Compulsory Sandles wearing, baked beans and lentils shops will replace chip shops and we all will have to have beards, even women!

    • Nowt wrong with beans and lentils.
      Good source of protein and fibre and they don’t need slaughtering.

      And they’re far tastier than any fuckin kebab.

      Tough guys eat pulse too. 🙂

  15. A remain voter asking why she should vote Labour instead of LimpDumbs.

    A remoaner, leftie and she has horrid teeth.

  16. The mong says he wouldn’t threaten the EU with undercutting them on taxes.

    Now he’s getting ripped by a mancunian businessman for his (Corbyn’s) anti business stance.

  17. Now Paxo is on.

    The roasting has commenced.

    Paxo is ripping him on not being able to get his ideals in the Labour manifesto.

    Comrade Corbyn talks about a nuclear free world.

    Heh, it will be a cold day in hell before that happens.

    America, Russia, China, N.Korea, India, Pakistan and Israel are laughing at this cretin.

      • ……shows what planet Corbyn is on.

        Because all those other fuckers are going to just get rid of their nukes just like that…… dear God, the man is a delusional shit.

  18. And the cunt wants to increase benefits year on year. Wonderful.

    Now Paxo is ripping on him about McCuntface about MI5.

  19. Corbyn loves his diatribes.

    Paxo keeps cutting him off at the legs.

    This is too easy for Paxman.

  20. Cunt Corbyn claims there will be a deal with the EU. Paxo is calling him out on this.

    We all know Corbyn would take it up the arse from the EU in negotiations.

    He would roll over on any divorce bill. Utter cunt.

  21. Corbyn talks about any ”legal requirement” to pay a divorce bill.

    There is no legal requirement you fucking shit slinging imbecile.

    Corbyn, to no one’s surprise, can’t give a straight answer on immigration.

    • Any eu cunt demanding ludicrous, made-up sums à la Flabbott should just face the wrath of the RAF…

      • Next time the sour krauts decide to invade another European cuntry, let’s not save them this time, eh?

  22. Now, he’s getting it on National Security and the Falklands War.

    What a feeble, loathsome prick.

    Talks about how there should have been a UN Resolution. Like that would have worked.

    Cunt, cunt, cunt!

  23. Dick lick reckons Bin Laden should have been put on trial instead of being killed. Cunt.

    Now onto Hamas and Israel……

    • Actually the one thing I agree with him on. That’s the rule of law. He could of course of been executed when found guilty. Mind you if you never actually caught the cunt you couldn’t put him on trial.

      It was a nice touch giving him a burial at sea which Islamic scholars kindly pointed out was in breach of Sharia law. But Obama insisted was pukka Islamic like brown sauce on your pork sausage and bacon sarnie.

      Maybe the Navy Seals that carried out the capture of Bin Dipper could tells us the real story.

      If they hadn’t died in a mysterious helicopter crash that is. Hard as he fucking tries even Corbyn can’t be wrong all the time.

    • Is bin laden actually dead though?

      I suspect that he may be in a concrete box somewhere, up to his ancles in his own shit and having his testicles wired into the mains a couple of times a day.

      …hope so anyway!

      • The inner cynic in me thought, for a time at least, that he’d actually kicked the bucket before 2011 and that the yanks had him on ice to be wheeled out when needed, in this case to give Obummer’s popularity, which I do believe was tanking at the time, a boost.

        In any case, they ay they did was best. I best if they gave Pakistan the heads up beforehand, Bin Laden would have escaped, if you catch my drift.

        • You can fact check the below:

          Bin Laden was a CIA asset
          Bin Laden was in an american Hospital one month before 9/11 and was met by CIA handlers
          Bin Ladens family were in a meeting with Bush senior on 9/11 and were on the only civilian flight to leave the US until civilian flights were resumed

          Bin Laden escaped from Tora Bora before they dropped the bunker busters on it, almost like he knew they were coming

          The CIA did fake video of Bin Laden admitting to 9/11

          The FBI had Bin Laden on it’s 10 most wanted list well before 9/11, never did they add 9/11 to the list of crimes he was wanted for

          Bin Laden was a Saudi, the majority of the 9/11 Hijackers were Saudis, even the ones that were embarrassingly enough found to be alive and well after the fact.

          Know full well that the attack was planned and financed by Saudis Bush done just what anyone would of done and attacked Afghanistan and Libya.

          The Teletubbies erm Taliban were willing to hand Bin Laden over to the US if they presented evidence he was involved.

          Bib Laden denied involvement in 9/11 however he said it was justified by US military presence in Muslim lands.

          The afghan invasion was planned pre 9/11 around the time the teletubbies decided they didnt want a filthy american oil pipleine running though Afghanistan spoiling the cough environment.

          Saudi to this day is sponsoring terrorists around the world and a blind eye is turned. Trump will likely turn his guns on Iran and the Saudis will consolidate their power whilst continuing to spread wahhabism among the worlds Muslims.

          We are being fucked by those we elect, no matter which mainstream party we vote for.

          The conditions we are currently living under are exactly the conditions that allowed the Nazi’s into power.Germans didn’t elect Hitler because they hated Jews or wanted to dominate Europe.

          They simply wanted someone who represented them, echoed their concerns.

          In 1933 if I were a German I would of voted for Hitler. That’s the failure of Corbyn and May and mega cunt Farron. None of them give a flying fuck how i feel or what matters to me.None of them have any passion for the Brit working class. They despise us.

          They worry about marginalising the immigrant minorities and only accomplish the marginalisation of the white Anglo-Saxon majority.

          When Europe eventually lurches towards extremist politics they wont have a fucking clue why the people were seduced.

          Fuck Corbyn, Fuck May, if I do vote on the 8th it will be a protest vote.

  24. Sorry i actually spat out tea when i saw the picture up top that has made my day who ever edited that its fucking class and im having it to shit post with 😁

    I said it before here , everything you do or say on camera,in public online is stored now forever on the webs.
    For her all those years of working against the white native Brits has come back to haunt her and this spectre is going nowhere soon.

    she should really just resign as shes a complete fucking disgrace to this country,her party and the ppl she is meant to represent.

    But no she love s the gravy train and the cushy lifestyle the sloppy fat wig wearing face like a melted bar of lard on a dogs arse cunt !

    • Is that a wig!?!?!?!?!?

      If it is, hasn’t she realised that there’s a myriad of wig styles to choose from.
      I know it’s not a fashion show, but come on to fuck!!!

        • She looks like a bloated version of James Earl Jones when he was in the original Conan in 1982….. hair and all.

  25. Annnndddd it’s over.

    I think Paxman went too easy on him.

    Not enough questions.
    Should have made him answer what he did ask.
    Didn’t roast him nearly as much as I hoped he would.

  26. Now May is on……

    A Rozzer asks hers on Police recruitment….

  27. Now a pensioner is calling her out on that social care fuck up.

    Fair play to him, it was stupid of the Tories to pull that one!

  28. I’ll give May this, that was a sneaky little fuck you aimed at the SNP over Winter Fuel Allowment.

    She’s still getting clobbered over the social care.

  29. Sack police community support officers, they are a total waste of time and money.

  30. Oh God, an idiot in the audience asking about the whole £350 million on the NHS Brexit thing.

  31. I did NOT vote for Brexit on the basis of £350 million for the NHS!

    I voted for Brexit for many reasons.

  32. Ok May, enough!

    We get it on Brexit!

    Next subject please for fucks sake!

  33. Fucking hell, those audience questions were weak with May.

    Not one of them asked about immigration!

    • They weren’t allowed to ask, any inconvenient truth would be cut out. Brexit was on alot of things but mainly immigration and british independence on industry and out sourcing of jobs to immigrants.

      But Make no doubt about it! brexit was the result of Merkel, Schultz and Tusks insane forced unlimited refugee plan for everybody nonsense

  34. Ok Paxo, give it a rest on May’s position on Brexit before the referendum already.

  35. How many more Manchester bombs will May’s ‘strong and stable’ relationship with Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabis facilitate?… Theresa May: so ‘strong and stable’ on Libya she helped foment Islamic extremism… Even Stevie Wonder saw what was happening…Theresa May voted for armed intervention in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria… The result was obvious, even to ‘riff-raff’ like us…. NATO admitted 10000 ground-to-air missiles had gone missing from Libya as long ago as October 11th 2016, as radical Islamist subhuman filth are taking advantage of Libya chaos…. Theresa May is a cunt!

    • And the sandsambo piece of turd who did the Arena bombing was consistently named to May’s government as a suspect… Yet regular trips to Libya were never picked up…. Strong and stable my arse… This government is shit! This country is shit!

      • Read an article on the cunt today. By all accounts at Uni he showed that he was a rude, ignorant and stupid cunt with low intelligence (much like the rest of his ilk!). So how the fuck did he get into University?

        • The same way most of these waddiwogs get in… Everything is handed to these scum on a plate with chips, a bottle of Daddies and a can of Tizer… When I worked at the Manchester College Of Arts & Technology in the 90s it became infested first with Somalian cunts and then Nigerian twats after Blair got in… These cunts got the best of everything and I resigned over how shoddy English students were being treated… Fast forward to now and it’s even worse… Whatever these vermin want, they get: Benefits, cars, council permits, houses, interpreters, lawyers, prescriptions etc… And I dare say university places are there when they want them… Everything else fucking well is… Fucking filth…

          • …….and this is why I would never have been able to do University……

          • There’s an abdab round our way that has an ice cream van… Can’t speak fucking English, can’t count properly, zero rapport with customers (miserable cunt), so why and how did he get the fucking gig?! Oh yeah, he has a council permit hung up in the van…

            Doesn’t do great business, to be honest… Mind you, who’s going to want their kids going up to a muzzie Mr Whippy?….

          • Another thing with the cunts and what rude twats they are; no professional manner.

            I remember having to talk to peaceful cunt from ICICI bank over the phone at work – utter rude piece of crap he was.

  36. wow Paxo giving May a real caning ! just called her a blow hard!. some embarassed laughing from the audience.

    • I think May won it. Much more Professional than Corbyn.
      Paxo rightly dragged up Corbyn’s policys from the past like his friends Hamas and the IRA.

      • She did win it, but Paxman really went to town on her.

        Like another poster said, Thatcher she ain’t!

  37. What part of ”no deal is better than bad deal” does Paxman not get?

    • It wasn’t pretty, but I think she did better than Corbyn.

      Paxman went on at her over Brexit for far too long.

      Heh, they’ve got a repeat of Marr ripping Jabbott the Fatt again. It’s a hoot seeing him make her look even more stupid than she already is.

  38. That new Baywatch looks shite…. The Rock?! He makes Hasselhoff look like Richard Burton…
    That said though, I would smash that Kelly Rohrbach, without a doubt….

  39. Hard for May to sell hard facts dressed in cotton wool and she should stop trying. Corbyn is soft on terrorism, he plays a lot on peace in Ireland was achieved by talking. It wasn’t, it was achieved giving terrorists major concessions and a seat in government.

    The next wave of terrorists are still there in Ireland and they will sooner or later return to full activity in the push for more concessions. The IRA never wanted a peace process they had to engage in one. Their ultimate aim is a united Ireland. Whether or not you agree with a united Ireland if you think terrorism is a legitimate way to go about getting it you’re a cunt.

    McDonnell believes and I think Corbyn is of the same mindset that an IRA terrorist is the equivalent of a British Soldier, no difference in their eyes, just soldiers fighting in a war.

    The pair of cunts refuse to differentiate between highly paid professional soldiers and gangsters. How many civilians are still missing in N.I? How many innocents lived in fear of the IRA, not just unionists but Catholics as well.

    That’s what I don’t get Paxman may of asked a couple of questions trying to look tough but he totally failed as do the rest of the media to paint a picture and give some real context to the questions.

    Fluffy lefty voters have no fucking idea what the reality of the IRA, Hamas or any other terrorist organisation is. These cunts who romanticise Che Guevara need to go and learn what a nasty brutal cunt he was. I believe people like Corbyn and McDonnell already know and would have no problem with killing opponents given the right circumstance.

    May is the least worst option, far superior to the insidious shower of shite currently called the Labour party.

    • Che Guevara was a nasty little commie cunt who tried his ”revolutionary” shit one time too many and paid the ultimate price for it.

      Can someone cunt the overrated cunt please?

      • Guevara was a mass murdering little turd… Yet these student knobends, snowflake libmongs, and numerous celebrity cunts wear his ape-like mug on T-Shirts because he is the radical chic poster boy… The deifying of Che once again shows how selective and hypocritical all this lefty shite really is… Bet you any money those slags. Kunty Perry and Lily Mong have ‘Che’ posters on their mansion walls, without actually knowing who he really was (ie: a cunt)…

        • Give it 10 or 15 years and the little fuckers will be wearing t-shirts with McGuinness (may he rot in hell), Gerry Adams, Bin Laden and Jihadi John.

      • He’s dead.
        But his followers can still be cunted though.

        There’s a strange breed of Spaniard that is a piss head, coke head, thieving, skiving , toothless scally cunt that worship Guevara and even have Guevara tattoos.

        The exact type of cunt that Guevara and his Cunty pals wanted dead or sent to Miami.

  40. Paxman is shit.

    He just shouts aggressively like that cunt kay burley. He gives them 2 seconds to answer the question and then yells the question again.
    He’s lucky that politicians are such welps.
    Anyone else would’ve jumped over the table and smacked him in the mouth!

    Nick ferrari would’ve been my choice.

    • Paxman is a cunt. His style of interviewing is childish. Butting in every few fucking seconds is annoying as fuck. May should’ve said ‘is andrew neil on holiday’. He sounds like a school master trying to ridicule a kid in front of the school at assembly. Pathetic cunt.

      • Like I said before what part of ”no deal is better than a bad deal” did he not understand?!

  41. Unless there’s a tsunami of morning remain voters heading to the ballot box, I can not see Corbyn win, May will win unless there’s another twist in this past 12 months of politics!

    • A tsunami of moaning Remainiacs is entirely possible, Mr. Balls.

  42. Just been on the sky news app. It’s pretty obvious who’s side those cunts are on.

    Just goes on about may getting heckled and how Corbyn promises to be tough on terror.

    Were they watching the same debate? (If you can call it that).

    Typical biast cunts.

    • Corbyn tough on terror?! What show were these people watching?!

      The man who supports the IRA, Hamas, Hezbollah and the like, tough on terror?!

      Fuck, that’s a bloody sick joke!

  43. I thought the whole thing was a complete waste of fucking time. Nothing new was learned, no cunt came out better or worse. A better way would be to have a couple of representatives fight it out in the ring. Say David Davies v Die Anne Fatbutt. I think providing she didn’t eat him he’d knock her out. Or maybe Philip Hammond v Barry up hill Gardener. Handbags provided of course.

  44. Have to agree, Paxman is a rude, arrogant cunt. If these politicians were decent respectable people who believed in something they could make him look like a complete knobend. Lucky for Paxo they are all thieves, liars and criminals so they can’t afford to push it too far. All I learned from tonight is…..say hello to the new boss, same as the old boss. Now where did I put those petrol bombs?

  45. Its beyond a parody PMS, Trotsky Corbyn and Flabba the Hut are just utter cunts, devoid of reality in their North London bubble of hashtags and candles.

  46. If Labour were elected Shami Chakrabarti would likely be the Attorney General…..eeek

    The deeper you dig the more shit you turn up.

    • Comrade Corbyn
      John McCuntell
      Jabbott the Fatt
      Lady Nugee
      Shitty Chuckyerbalti
      Angela ‘dumb as fuck’ Rayner

      Aided and abetted by that Whore Burnham and Suckdick Khan.

      Fucking hell, we’d all be begging for a miltiary coup or the dark forces to take these cunts out!

  47. Aye, a few weeks in the depths of the Kremlin for ‘interrogation’ or a stint in a Siberian gulag, Flabbott might even lose a few pounds.

  48. It’s about time Obersturmbanfuhrer Merkel got a good cunting. Now she is saying that NATO can no longer rely on the UK and the US for defence because :
    (1) The Tangoman has the cheek to insist that the Krauts and their hangers on pay their fair share.
    (2) The Brits have the bare faced front to want to be out of the EU.
    Ok Herr Oberst, have it your way. Us and the Yanks saved your brainwashed arses from the Russian bear last time, if you want to go on your own be our guest. See how useful your hardworking, taxpaying immigrants are when Ivan’s tanks roll into Berlin and Dimitri’s missiles are smashing up your cities. Fucking mouthy arrogant bitch. As Basil Fawlty, quite rightly, said…..”Who won the bleedin’ war anyway?”

    • That’s the thing about the Krauts, Frogs, Spics and the like. They talk big, but when it some to NATO, they come up short. Too busy pouring their money into their welfare states.

      To hell with Merkel.

    • Murky’s solution to the problem will be full political integration of the EU into one nation, greater Germany. The EU has been downgrading national fighting forces for years, no one nation can muster a decent military response on its own now, only as aprt of a unified EU army. Germany needs to make France feel important as the French provide a nuclear option.

      Sadly for us our governments ran our forces down to the point that we are going to need to up the budget and rebuild our military over decades.

      Unless we vote Labour, in which case we can dismantle our military and hond over our nukes to the Caliphate that will be created in Bradford and surrounding areas.

      I’m still waiting for one of the cunts, any of them I am not fussed who to explain why allowing parts of our country to become outposts of Pakistan, Somalia and other shit holes. I hear them defend diversity and multiculturalism but not one of them has stood there and admitted that they are responsible for it. Which they blatantly are.

      May has failed to lower net immigration and Corncob doesn’t see the problem.to start with. On reflection I don’t want LabCon in power, it is one party with two faces. I almost forgot the ugly truth that between them they have continued the policies that have left us where we are now over the last 6 decades.

      UKIP have too many cranks in their ranks.

      We need a real right wing (which doesn’t mean conservative) alternative. Some fucking hope.

      • They say multiculturalism, only it isn’t because most of them seem to be fucking peaceful cunts infesting areas and making themselves feel at home by turning parts of our country into third world cesspits.

  49. I am frankly appalled at the level of disrespect that is being displayed for our next Home Secretary

    Next you’ll be telling me that our next Chancellor is a Marxist, or that our next Prime Minister appeases terrorist organisations.

    You should all be ashamed of yourselves…

    • Should I be ashamed to say that our next Foreign secretary has no clue about their remit, has an actual title despite being a leftie who apparently hates that sort of thing and has complete contempt for regular voter?

        • Which one is that again?

          Is that the arsehole who just talks over everyone and drones on with the Labour rhetoric all the time?
          Because that just hearing that grating voice ramble on pisses me off!

  50. To top it all Channel 4 now have a programme about naturism on. Lots of people on naked who need to be fully clothed in the company of others at ALL TIMES.

    At least they cant conceal a suicide vest………………..

    Saying that if i came across one of the ugly fat old fuckers i might just wish they were.

    • Yesterday’s attention seekers. Haven’t they heard of non-binary gender neutrals? The world moves on……if you can’t keep up shut the fuck up you losers.

  51. Don’t have TV anymore but I’m guessing that Paxo held off giving Corbyn both barrels?
    It is the BBC after all…

  52. The kid on the Fairy Liquid ads needs cunting, seriously !!

    “I weely, weely want the empty bottw to make a wocket”

    No doubt he is HairyTwatFace Branson’s Chief Engineer for Virgin flights to the moon.

    Half-price to peacefuls. Load the trolley up with Unsworth’s pork pies (“give you droopy tits.” Remember that one??!), and Flabbott dingleberries.

    Can’t imagine that there’s a cat in hell’s chance of getting there in one piece with brantub, let alone back to earth…

  53. My old farmer great uncle always reckoned she should have a cart behind her cos that’s about the only fucking thing she’s good for.

  54. The current UK population at latest count is 65.5 million (plus all the illegals of course) and it’s actually really quite frightening to think, that of all those 65.5 million people, Corbyn et al deem the most suitable of them to be Home Sec is this stupid fucking porker.
    The fact that she managed to hold her seat after recent events is even more worrying.

    Mind you, the upside to all of this of course, is that she’s living proof that even a severe retard can gain entry to Oxbridge, and then go on to high office..

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