Steven Gerrard [3]

Q; What is two inches long and goes down the media’s throats?
A: Steven Gerrard’s cock.

Anyone would think it was Jesus Christ himself ‘retiring’ (ie: getting a big load of cash in the USA) from the game, the amount of hero worship arselicking there is going on.

Stevie Me says he regrets never winning the league title. Suck it up, you overrated, unpleasant Scouse cunt!

Nominated by: Norman

Steven Gerrard [2]


Steven Gerrard is a Scouse cunt… The arselicking that ‘Stevie G’ was getting before today’s match was puke inducing… How hilarious it was when the bindippers’ sacred cow got sent offf (and also the fact that United turned them over!)…

Gerrard being sent off gave Liverpool an advantage, he’s been crap for sometime now and with ten men they put in more effort…

Ballotelli is a fucking cunt too….

Nominated by: Norman