The General Election


I would like to cunt the Election Campaign. Tories approach it with shameless lies and shameless scaremongering because they can’t defend their record of broken pledges in their 2010 “Contract” (now mysteriously vanished from their website archive), whereas the gormless twat Miliband cowers in the shadows like a useless saucer of diarrhoea, saying nothing, doing nothing, except crossing his fingers.

Cameron and Miliband = pair of useless cunts, just as bad as each other.

Nominated by: Fred West

Much as I have no time for the Tories and their somewhat transparent plan to drag the social system back to a semblance of Victorian days, at least they are open about it. Labour on the other hand ceased to be a party that was representative of working class values when they came out of the political closet disguised as “new labour”.

Both parties lack the balls to actually serve the interests of the country on issues like ending our membership of the EU, closing the door to immigration, getting tough on terrorists and religious radicals and most of all, refraining from involving the UK in foreign wars.

Nominated by: Lez

7 thoughts on “The General Election

  1. With Cameron on one side and Milliband on the other one doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry…. For all their faults at least their was something about Blair and even Maggie at the start. But these two? They are like caricatures from a Harry Enfield sketch show… And Clegg is just a disgrace. He will drop his political pants to anyone to gain a bit of power. Fagin has more integrity…

    And the councils? We have had a Tory council since 2010 and they have done fuck all… In the past few days there have been council wagons cutting down trees, filling holes in the road that have been there for years etc. Could it be that the council wants to get re-elected and keep their cushy number? They must think people are stupid… They’re like a kid who behaves as badly as possible all year, then behaves themselves near Xmas hoping for a gifts bonanza…

    • Three times over the past two years I have written to my council 1. about a missing road sign and 2. overgrown bushes that are in fact causing a potential road hazard because they obscure the view of oncoming traffic. Suffice to say no reply from the cunts and fuck all done about the sign and bushes. Have since wrote to my local councillor about 3 weeks ago, got a reply, still fuck all done. I’m going to withhold paying some of my council tax, bet that gets a fucking response from the money grabbing bastards.

  2. Andreas Lubitz should be cunted…
    If somebody wants to top themselves, then it’s up to them…
    But why take 149 innocent people with you, and so horrifically?

    What a horrible, ruthless, selfish kamikaze cunt….

  3. Lots of twats wearing red rosettes prowling our neighbourhood. Praying for one to knock on the door, havn’t had a good high volume rant in ages. One of our local Liebour councillors is an old schoolteacher of mine and I owe him big time for a bit of humiliation when I was eight years old. Revenge is indeed the dish best served cold but I might just pop mine in the microwave for a bit.

  4. I had our local Labour gobshite bangin on my door yesterday morning at 9am! On a fucking Saturday!!!

    I opened the door and this cunt said “Sorry, did I wake you?” – Yes you fucking did love, some of us do a 50hr week and don’t get to milk expenses and get money for a second home in London.

    I duly told her:
    Fuck you, fuck labour, fuck the tories and fuck the peado government, now fuck off before I ring the police and have you arrested for trespass

    The look on her face was fucking priceless 😀

    • One of the few advantages of living in a safe seat is that the candidates don’t bother to knock on your door and ask for your voter because they all know who’s going to win!

      I remember many years ago when my neighbour over the road was standing for the council. He told me afterwards that he didn’t bother to knock on my door because he knew he could count on my vote. I explained to him that I didn’t vote for him exactly because the arrogant little cunt was too lazy to walk across the road and ask for it, the lazy bastard. He lost – and I was forced to explain to him that that’s precisely why he lost.

      These people are all too far up their own arses for my liking. Wouldn’t is be great to see UKIP knock the fucking stuffing out of them?

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