Steven Gerrard [2]


Steven Gerrard is a Scouse cunt… The arselicking that ‘Stevie G’ was getting before today’s match was puke inducing… How hilarious it was when the bindippers’ sacred cow got sent offf (and also the fact that United turned them over!)…

Gerrard being sent off gave Liverpool an advantage, he’s been crap for sometime now and with ten men they put in more effort…

Ballotelli is a fucking cunt too….

Nominated by: Norman

10 thoughts on “Steven Gerrard [2]

  1. Been playing with the minds of fuckwits over at the Guardian website. Said that if Farage was racist to say the health service shouldn’t be open to foreigners then the SNP was racist to deny free university education to people from the other three nations. Guess what? I got called a racist! Is SNP now a race? Fuck me sideways.

    Is there any more overused word than “racist”? Perhaps “Islamophobe”?

    And the SNP are cunts.

    • Yes they are cunts. I have no problem with them wanting independence. In fact, I was praying that the Scots would vote in favour last September. Not for the money thing though, but because I wanted to see what excuse the government and the EU would have come with for our NOT leaving the EU.

      Y’see, all the treaties that have been signed over the years were signed in the name of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. If Scotland had voted for independence, then the UK would no longer have existed and all treaties would have been null and void. So we would have had to leave the EU. I was certain though, that both Westminster and the EU would have conceived some kind of stitch up to ensure we stayed in.

      Thanks to the fucking majority of Scots though, there was no independence. Still, once Labour take on the SNP as their senior partners in a coalition, I’m confident that Scotland will go it alone before 2020. So I still might find out what excuse would be used.

  2. That sending off in the United/Liverpool match will haunt that cunt for the rest of his days. He despises United, and would have loved nothing more than to have beaten them in his last ever match against them. Now he’ll always know that he didn’t, because he was too much of a thick cunt to play fair.

    • Not to mention him falling on his arse against Chelsea and gifting Man City the title… Even after his snide antics during the United game, the press still kiss Gerrard’s Scouse arse… When Diego Costa did some stamping it was all indignation and ‘Dirty Diego’ etc…. Gerrard, however, gets praise for apologising for his dirties during the United match… The fact that the bindipppers’ golden calf apologised doesn’t change the fact that he is a dirty little cunt, and is no better than Costa… I wonder if Gerrard also apologised to the DJ him and his ‘bezzie mates’ roughed up in that nightclub? Nah….

      That useless fat cunt, Anderson (now thankfully miles away in Brazil after LVG kicked his vast arse out of Old Trafford!) bagged four title medals at United… Steven Gerrard has none… I think that’s all we need to say about Stevie G: someone who was merely the best player in a perpetually underachieving side for many years…

      • He apologised to Liverpool fans. He still hasn’t apologised to the person who actually deserves one though, the player he stamped on. Which means he’s also a graceless cunt.

  3. Mr Dioclese, can I suggest an FA Cup of cunts? We could draw up a list of, say, 64 utter cunts (it wouldn’t be hard) and then draw them together in pairs eg: ISIS v FIFA or Elton John v Morrissey. People could then vote on who was the bigger cunt. In the end, we’d know who was the biggest cunt of all!

    I strongly suspect the final would be Russell Brand v Alex Salmond. I wouldn’t want to call that one.

    Any thoughts?

  4. Cracking idea, Cunt’s Mate Cunt… Katie Hopkins vs Katie Price? Noel Gallagher vs Ed Sheeran? Nicola Sturgeon vs Angela Merkel? The possibilities are endless… The magic of the cup, as they say….

  5. Could Ladies Day at Aintree possibly be the biggest gathering of slags on British soil this year?

  6. Not just slags, but the dirtiest, smelliest slags, scouse slags.
    They are all fake tanned to Cuporinol standards, all wear cheap knock off Loboutins (just cause the sole is red does not mean people think they are real) and enough make-up to keep Loreal in business for the next 40 years.
    Nasty, just fucking nasty. You could almost smell the slags through the TV (or that may have been my Missus) 😀

  7. So it’s Aston Villa vs Arsenal…. A proper FA Cup Final then… As opposed to the Steven Gerrard appreciation society and Liverpool FC media wankfest it would have been had Villa lost…. Phil Neville is still a cunt… Because of Nev The Younger’s inept cuntery I am even starting to miss Alan Hansen on MOTD…. And I can’t believe I just said that…

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