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  1. Daily Mail complains about teenage promsicuity and teenage pregnancy rates. Politician announces new sex education initiative for schools, Dail Mail complains that politicians are trying to “rob our children of their childhood”.

    Personally I blame the Mail’s uber cunt of an editor:


  2. Newspapers thrive on conversant and scandal. It is what make them sell. Cunts like Dacre and Morgan thrive on inciting public opinion.
    The root problem of gobshite parents and aggresive anti-social chavs, together with the rise in violent crime, lack of respect and most of the other issues in society today is down to (A) The spread of liberalism, which destroyed the “rite of passage” where kids became recognised adults at a certain age and (B) The lack of respect that any of the political parties since the 1960’s has engendered.
    Add to this (C) The swiftness of the advertising and manufacturing industries to encourage parents to buy into the latest fads to placate their brats and you have a younger generation with little respect for authority, a conviction that the world owes them a living and an almost total contempt for a court system that, more often than not hands out soft sentences to up and coming young thugs.
    Hard trying to convince a younger generation that there is value in a work ethic, when there are so few jobs, even more difficult trying to bring them up to respect law and order, when the police have been seen to be powerless against ( an an example) paedo gangs and impossible to establish morals when the Government takes little or no action against corporate tax evasion.
    All of this is of course the bread an butter of the more reactionary newspapers, who can and will continue to play off factions in society, because it makes money.

  3. It’s not so much the Daily Mail but the people who read it. They actually believe the BS.

  4. Absolute cunts!! Make a story out of someone’s death just because the mothers wishes was to see their son as he was!! What a tragic waste of time and money!! Hope the reporter dies horrible death and reflects on it in the afterlife :/

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