13 thoughts on “Andreas Lubitz

  1. There’s nothing like a Kraut with a grudge for settling a score with the melodramatic gesture, is there?

    Seriously though, what a fucking cunt…..

  2. What a cunt. His entire extended family must be so fucking ashamed of him.

    His parents must feel like total cunts for spawning that cunt.

  3. After seeing that photo of him by the Golden gate bridge, I wondered why he did not take advantage of the opportunity to throw himself off.

    • As Cunty said, he was a coward. And a shit. He figured that just killing himself would get him remembered. Crashing an A320 into a mountain and murdering 150 innocent people, that gets him eternal notoriety.

  4. Griff Rhys Jones is a cunt… First of all there’s that horrible fruity voice he puts on… He’s also one of the BBC royalty (along with French, Saunders, Jools Holland, Lenny Henry and al those other early 80s ‘alternative comedy’ wankers!).. Also, any BBC show called the Quizeum and featuring Griff Rhys Jones just screams out the letters C, U,N and T….

    • I’ll second that. He is, without doubt, an ocean going cunt. He always seems to me to be entirely too smug and pleased with himself. Mind you, I’d be pretty smug if I was a talentless twat who the BBC kept throwing money at. Watch for this cunt on the “revamped” Top Gear next year.

  5. Dr. Hook are complete cunts… Saw them on tonight’s TOTP (from 1980) with their ‘Sexy Eyes’ As terrible music goes, it is right up there…

    And how in fuck’s name did the bastards ever get away with the line ‘When you’re in love with a beautiful woman, it’s hard?!”

    • I always thought it was a bit fucking ironic that Dr Hook sung “Sexy Eyes” when one of the cunts in the band has an eye patch.

      • I gag whenever I hear Sylvias Mother.
        Oh fuck! Now I gag when I hear the title.
        Bunch of inconsiderate cunts. That fucking voice makes Bruce Springsteen sound talented. Aaaargh!

  6. A bit premature with the cuntiness on this pilot. Anti-depressant drugs are a known evil that put the fantasy of suicide into the minds of people who previously may never have considered it. I lost a relative to these insane medications being pushed by every money grubbing cunt psychiatrist and drug company. Perhaps a new cunty target?

  7. What a cunt , imagine how horrible that must of felt like to be on a plane with 20 seconds left to live because some cunt didn’t want to face his mental health crisis and be suspended for being a ill depressed cunt. Its the airlines fault for not having some sort
    of key lock mechanism to allow the co-pilot access into the cockpit , well im not going on a plane anytime soon what a depressing world we live in hell i might not even leave the house for awhile, I’m going to go cheer up and watch scat porn and drink some scotch.

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