7 thoughts on “Asim Qureshi

  1. I hate the piss weak place that England has become… People are now making excuses for those little cunts in Dewsbury…. Apparently the ‘community’ has ‘failed’ these lovable little urchins… There will be a police apology next (just like the one for those silly bitches who fucked off to Syria). Since when did we become a nation of arse wipers and apologists?!
    An ugly precedent has been set: these barbarians/religious nutters/cunts will be able to get away with anything and give it the ‘Society is to blame’ bullshit because they know there will be do-gooding pricks ready to apologise to them and make excuses…. I’ll say one thing for the Yanks: they wouldn’t tolerate or mollycoddle these bastards…

  2. Just another twisted Muslim cunt.

    Like the rest of them that Islam is great and murder, oppression, sexual exploitation is OK should just be shipped back to the fucking dust bowl they fucking came from.

    Would certainly solve a lot of our problems with housing, NHS costs, school places, employment.

  3. I don’t think the majority of people in the UK have woken up to the fact that Islam, or to be more precise, Fundamentalist Islam, represents the biggest threat to the Western democracy, freedom of speech, of belief, of expression and just about anything that does not involve getting back to the dark ages.
    I find it incredible that in the face of overt hate mongering by their radical preachers, the radicalisation of younger Muslims and the ever present threat from Islamic fueled terrorism, the government of this country do nothing to deal with what is a growing and very real danger.
    The more we pander to them, the more they will use every opportunity to exploit what they see as weaknesses in our social system.

    • I agree, Lez. When I was younger there seemed to be a huge hatred for the IRA in the 70s and 80s, and even a hatred for Argentina during the Falklands Conflict and right up to the 1986 World Cup… It wasn’t just about a dislike because of conflict with them it was also about an attitude and a defiance…’You have a go at us, we have go at you and fuck off!’
      Now it seems there is apathy and even misplaced contempt… Instead of these fanatics and radicalised nutcases, British people appear to dislike people like the unemployed or the homeless more than these Muslims… That is partly down to cunts like Dacre and Duncan Smith. But it’s also down to peoples’ complacency and stupidity… Britain has become an ‘I’m alright, Jack!’ country… Most aren’t arsed about the Muslim threat or anything else unless it affects them (or their pocket) directly…

  4. Too many in power who are useless liberal backstabbing cunts so far they have let them rape UK and most parts of the world , and more rape happens when these goat fucking kiddy fiddlers immagrate to other countries , I believe Clapton was right get these arabs back from the gutter country they were found in. There was a good reason hindus use to beat the shit out of them because muslims were constantly stealing their children, converting and changing their culture good enough reason for me get them out. If your finding this hard to believe go read the quran and tell me if its a good book to base your beliefs on.

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