The Milibands

Edward and Ralph at Edis Street 1989

Any attempt to portray Miliband Snr as a dangerous Marxist is of course nonsense.

After all you don’t go to the lengths he did to acquire wealth and property and then ensure the tax man doesn’t get his ‘fair share’ of inheritance tax when you pass on the property to your children if you were a Marxist, would you?

What a bunch of hypocritical cunts.

Nominated by: The Grim Reaper

7 thoughts on “The Milibands

  1. Milicunt Sr also hated Britain. It always gets me when the other Milicunts try defend their father by claiming that he fought for Britain by serving in the Navy during WW2. He didn’t fight FOR Britain, he fought AGAINST the Nazis, there’s a difference.

  2. I would like to nominate the entire UK media for a cunting.

    An intelligent visitor from Alpha Centauri would be forgiven for concluding the following when perusing the mainstream media (after probing the anal passages of various American yokels first):

    1/ The SNP are a legitimate and non-racist political party with a detailed economic plan for their country’s future outside the United Kingdom;
    2/ Nigel Farage is a plucky outsider challenging the vested interests of the political elite;
    3/ Jeremy Clarkson is a gifted television presenter hounded from his job by PC-obsessed, lentil-eating BBC executives;
    4/ Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian are beautiful, talented women whose numerous accomplishments mean that they deserve to live in the lap of luxury;
    5/ The Premier League is the best football competition in the world;
    6/ Russell Brand is an important public intellectual, whose ideas should be listened to with respect;
    7/ William Shakespeare and J.R.R. Tolkien are the best writers in the English language, ever;
    8/ Tom Cruise is a hunky, macho movie star, well worth $30million a film;
    9/ Islam is a peaceful, non-sectarian religion, spoiled only by a few bad apples;
    10/ Israel is the worst country in the world, a semi-fascist Apartheid state that gleefully oppresses its Arab citizens with impunity;
    11/ Wayne Rooney is the best striker ever to play for England;
    12/ Angelina Jolie is the most beautiful woman in the world;
    13/ Believing in mythical, supernatural beings who only talk to semi-historical figures in backward desert shitholes is a legitimate philosophical position in the 21st Century, whereas not believing in them is arrogance personified;
    14/ The Daily Mail speaks for the silent majority of the British people;
    15/ The USA is responsible for all the ills in the world and should immediately respond to any problem, anywhere, anytime;
    16/ Silly tarts running off to the Middle East to be sexually abused by tiny-cocked Islamists is the fault of the police, schools, everyone in the UK but not the fault of the person who took them on a sectarian demonstration and burned the flag of the world’s leading democracy in front of them;
    17/ Liverpool supporters are the most knowledgeable football fans in the world;
    18/ Skin-thin models are attractive not repellent;
    19/ England will be a team to beat at the 2016 European Championships;
    20/ Wearing a hijab is a feminist statement and that the entire concept of “Muslim feminism” is not a hilarious oxymoron and a joke played on some of the most vulnerable folks in our community by people who really should know better.

    I could go on, but you get the gist.

    I dispute all the above.

    And the SNP are cunts.

  3. Can’t argue with that…. Jimmy Greaves was the best striker to ever play for England (Bobby Charlton was an inside forward, not a centre forward).
    Angelina Jolie is about as beautiful as a fresh dog turd in a heatwave.
    Liverpool fans are self basting, offended by everything, ‘It woz Chelsea fans at Heysel!’ cunts. Cllarkson is a middle class gobshite who has never done a proper days work in his life. William Shakespeare and J.R.R. Tolkien mostly wrote overbloawn, babbling crap.

    All of them could be done and disputed easily…. Saying Islam is the religion of peace is like saying Hitler could be reasonable… And the SNP are, indeed, cunts… Sturgeon looks like a cross between Ellen De Generes and Jimmy Krankie…

  4. Cunt’s mate cunt………….well said, I enjoyed reading that.

    Top cunt…..well done.

  5. Better dead than red. He’ll be the first non white, non British, non married (with bastard children) non Christian, communist to be prime minister if he wins.

    Don’t get me started..

    What a cunt.

  6. People know within the first 5 seconds of meeting someone if they trust them just by looks and it’s actually a very accurate natural sense. Just look at Him!

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