Nicola Sturgeon [4]

Sturgeon naked

Nicola Sturgeon is (in common with the entire SNP) a proper cunt.

This woman has no interest in a united UK, save to use political clout to exploit the promises made by Cameron to give a better deal to Scotland in the shameless bribe made to keep the union intact.

Politically this woman is a veritable snake with tits, having publicly announced she will support Labour, whilst (purportedly) being reported as preferring Cameron to be the next PM.

In some respects and thanks to the spinelessness of Cameron and his bribes to Scotland to stay in the union, she now has both political parties by the balls. A win by the Tories will ensure she hold them to the promises made, whilst a coalition with Labour would see profligate spending on an unprecedented scale.

More immigration and the chance of a referendum on Europe gone for the foreseeable future.

Nominated by: Lez

17 thoughts on “Nicola Sturgeon [4]

  1. Totally agree! A total shit cunt! Her and that arse wipe Miliband make the perfect couple.

  2. I think it’s time for Mrs Dioclese to withdraw your Photoshop privileges.

    Wee Jimmy has proved herself to be a lying hypocrite again by refusing to rule out another bloody independence referendum after the 2016 Scottish elections. The SNP should pay the fucking bill for that – about 13million quid last time. Still, when the Irish, Danes and French chose the “wrong” option in recent votes, they were forced back to the polls so they could vote the “correct” way the second time. Why should Scotland be any fucking different?

    The SNP are the worst sort of monomaniacs. Like micrococked Islamists, they only have space in their brains for one idea. Wee Jimmy was booed by the audience for her stance on the never-fucking-endum, more proof that these racist twats don’t represent the views of the people of Scotland. Is leaving the UK really the most pressing problem in Scotland? Or do Wee Jimmy and Fat Alex just want to promote their fiefdom to full nation status in order to get their hands on even more public money via such paragons of financial probity as the EU and UN? President Fat Alex and EU Commissioner Krankie anyone?

    I actually agree with the SNP that university education should be free and I’m open to a discussion about Trident but they are such arrogant, racist, thick-as-shit twats that the mere sight of them makes me hope that someone shoves a heroin-laced, deep-fried Mars Bar up their collective arse. Cunts.

    I think this and I also think that Carthage should be destroyed.

  3. I’d like to nominate the people who make tv commercials as a bunch of irritating condescending lying cunts. They aim to appeal to those with the least intelligence because they’re the easiest to manipulate. Either they’re using someone’s voice that I can’t stand, like Brian Blessed, or they choose to play some pop song that I find particularly annoying. For some peculiar reason they’re obsessed with showing close-ups of bare feet, as though this would persuade you to go out and buy whatever it is that they’re advertising. The only thing it makes me want to buy is socks and shoes to cover them up. They have no scruples about telling you about how healthy some food product is, although it tastes like shite and will probably set you on the road to diabetes.
    The Advertising Standards Authority proudly proclaims that it is a self-regulatory and non-statutory organisation and cannot interpret or enforce legislation. So what fucking use is it ? Cunts.

      • Modern advertising is like some kind of dystopian Pearl & Dean…
        Allan is spot on when he says that most ads are aimed at thickos…

        They won’t mind being treated like lepers if they smoke (a ban on tobacco ads and cigs hidden behind plain cupboards like they are xxx porn from Hamburg!). Yet they’ll be encouraged by the same people who ban ads for fags to gamble all their dosh away, and they’ll have no problem with that either… As Howard Devoto said ‘Shot by both sides.’ and they are too stupid or lazy to care…

        The deal done between the ever despicable FIFA (die, Blatter, die!), our own FA (cuntwipes!) with McDonald’s is a piss take… They make out it helps the grassroots of football and kids to develop their skills… More like it encourages kids to eat that crap. Too much of that and any potential football career is fucked…

  4. Sturgeon is like Clegg was in 2010…. She is claiming that she will form a government with Milliband if there is another hung parliament… But I bet she’s saying that just to see what Cameron will offer her and if it will be more than what Milliband puts on the table… She’s basically putting her arse in the air and seeing which of the big two sniffs it first…

    How the fuck do we have a system where cunts who would never come to power in a thousand years (like Clegg or Sturgeon) can dictate who does or doesn’t run this country?! Napoleon said Blighty was a nation of shopkeepers (historical accuacy police on red alert!)… Now it’s (mostly) a nation of wankers… I mean, who else would put up with this shit?!

  5. Katie Hopkins is a bigger cunt than I thought (and they said it couldn’t be done!)…
    I know she is a twat the size of the Grand Caynon, but taking the piss out of dementia is low even by her stinking standards….

    I hope someone takes her fucking smug head off….

    • Pop a ball gag in her chops and I’d give he a good seeing to though…

      Oh yeah…and the SNP are cunts.

      • You Sir are fucking sick, both mentally and physically.
        I would rather suck Jimmy Savile’s rancid cheese stinking cock than even look at Katie Hopkins.
        I hope she gets aids from a blood transfusion at BUPA, that’ll learn her, the sour faced cunt of a whore

  6. Sturgeon is a massive cunt. I hope so much the conservatives win the election just to say F U to this cunt.

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