David Miliband [10]

A cunting please for Miliband Major, sanctimonious poser for International Rescue, who always looks as if he has just accidently sat on one of Mandleson’s larger buttplugs.

The self-important little motherfucker gave an audience to Wireless 4s Today programme yesterday (27th November) and blamed the government for the fact that 27 people drowned themselves attempting to cross from France to the RNLI Kentish taxi rank earlier in the week. He sided with Macron (I reckon he fancies him) and, of course, blames Brexit:

Link to story.

I am sure this was a pitch to ingratiate himself with Kweer Starmer as his beak senses a smell of a Starmer government and he fancies talking down to the people of South Shields. That little arsewipe would do anything for money.

Nominated by: W. C. Boggs

Abbott and Miliband

A quick and concise cunting for David Miliband.
On the radio this morning blaming the Home Secretary for the death of a Jihadi sprog he also mentioned that his charity needed ‘5000 tents’ for the displaced. Well David, you earn £450 pa. as a ‘Charidee Worker’. That is not even 1 weeks salary so why aren’t you buying the fuckers?

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

Diane Abbott, yet again. This time joined by a host of other cunts.

Why? Once again the chorus of cuntitude is singing.

The baby of ISIS bride dies. I’m not going to name her, I’ve read her name way too much recently.

You see according to Abbott and a host of other cunts we have let a baby die. A baby born in a refugee camp because it’s mother made a choice to run off and become a member of the vile failed caliphate.

The mother that saw the actions of IS as righteous, a mother who was part of and gave material support to the terrorist that inflicted rape, murder and brutality to to millions in the Middle East and inspired and enabled terror acts all across Europe and the US.

She killed her own children with her own decisions, she is part of a belief system that blew children to pieces at a pop concert.

Last but not least she should be accepting her current situation as the will of Allah, the same way she accepted the deaths of innocents caused by the actions of IS.

These cunts are at war with us, yet constantly Labour and snowflake liberals are more concerned about those that hate us than they are with the UK or it’s citizens.

That’s the reality of Labour, for the many not the few.

The many being those in the world who would attack us and despise us, the few being UK citizens.

PS : Diane, why do you lose your shit when someone calls you coloured but you’re OK with murdering lunatics?

Nominated by Sixdog Vomit

David Miliband (5, 6 and 7)

It’s shit – but we couldn’t resist it!

This freeloading *charity* worker, who gets paid more than the Prime Minster, the original Blair arse-licker who thankfully fucked off to America four years ago *to ‘earn’ his charity wages seems to be returning to Britain again to push his anti-Brexit views on us

No doubt Mandy and Chuka will be having wet dreams at the thought of this Poundland Blair taking over *their* party again, but the little cunt is as welcome as a wet fart in a wedding dress to most of us who don’t give a fuck what he thinks about anything

Nominated by W.C. Boggs

And then again!

Is there no end to the fuckwittery of this brainless cunt, who lives in a word of delusion and self-entitlement?

This political ponce has made a fortune by *working* in charity for years and he sends vacuous tweets demanding we stay in the EU to safeguard rice pudding (honestly) and now, while poncing another free trip to hold forth about poverty he has made an arsehole of himself again:

When they circumcised him they threw the wrong end away

Nominated by W.C. Boggs

and there’s more!

After doing a pram-chuck when his Wallace lookalike brother beat him and Ed Balls-up in a leadership race, and slinking off as some quango in the States, this cunt is now back to further put the boot in on democracy and further interfere with Brexit.

This unwanted guttersnipe is back to bolster his own face in UK politics. We know what you’re doing David and – to use a May-ism – let me be clear, no cunt wants you anywhere near Westminster, let alone parliament!

So please feel free to fuck off and take you co-conspirator traitors Nick Clegg and Nikki Morgan with you!

What’s the plan Dave, reboot Noo-Liebour and fetch back untrustworthy cunts like Harriden Harmon, et. al., to further hand over democracy to the 4th Reich and import even more “peaceful” votes no matter the cost to the British public?

No chance! We were well rid off you back then. We don’t need you now. So please feel free to find the next plane to your hole in the States and fuck off! Cunt!

Nominated by Rebel without a Cunt!

Could he be on a fast track to the wall!?!

David Miliband [2]

David Miliband is a bit of a cunt, isn’t he.

The former Foreign Secretary and all-round failure has called for a second referendum (sigh) on Leaving the odious EU, a mere 14 months after the country democratically voted to say Goodbye to the rot.

Furthermore, this junkie-for-failure, ever greedy to be on the losing side, has called Phillip Hammond (craven, bollockless traitor) “valient” and wants his “vital” support. Come again?

After losing his Government place and subsequently being Macbethly knifed in the back by his equally twatish brother, ‘Miliband The Even Shorter’ went to live in America where he made loads of more money and was continually unaffected by Immigration.

What a noxious, privileged Muppet this chump has turned out to be. Even Steptoe, your leader, when not pretending to be a hybrid of the cash-supplying Tooth Fairy, the Easter bloody Bunny and Father Fucking Christmas has heavily implied we should get the fuck out, quickly.

Everything this berk touches turns to shite. It’s as if he’s got the reverse Midas touch. Remember when he was paid 50 grand to be a non-executive of Sunderland F.C. Well done, Dave, that went well, didn’t it.

Wipe off that ubiquitousshit-eating grin, piss off back to your cushy life in the States, and shut the fuck up about last year’s referendum, you tedious, short-arse cunt-nugget.

Nominated by Captain Magnanimous

The Milibands

Edward and Ralph at Edis Street 1989

Any attempt to portray Miliband Snr as a dangerous Marxist is of course nonsense.

After all you don’t go to the lengths he did to acquire wealth and property and then ensure the tax man doesn’t get his ‘fair share’ of inheritance tax when you pass on the property to your children if you were a Marxist, would you?

What a bunch of hypocritical cunts.

Nominated by: The Grim Reaper