David Miliband [2]

David Miliband is a bit of a cunt, isn’t he.

The former Foreign Secretary and all-round failure has called for a second referendum (sigh) on Leaving the odious EU, a mere 14 months after the country democratically voted to say Goodbye to the rot.

Furthermore, this junkie-for-failure, ever greedy to be on the losing side, has called Phillip Hammond (craven, bollockless traitor) “valient” and wants his “vital” support. Come again?

After losing his Government place and subsequently being Macbethly knifed in the back by his equally twatish brother, ‘Miliband The Even Shorter’ went to live in America where he made loads of more money and was continually unaffected by Immigration.

What a noxious, privileged Muppet this chump has turned out to be. Even Steptoe, your leader, when not pretending to be a hybrid of the cash-supplying Tooth Fairy, the Easter bloody Bunny and Father Fucking Christmas has heavily implied we should get the fuck out, quickly.

Everything this berk touches turns to shite. It’s as if he’s got the reverse Midas touch. Remember when he was paid 50 grand to be a non-executive of Sunderland F.C. Well done, Dave, that went well, didn’t it.

Wipe off that ubiquitousshit-eating grin, piss off back to your cushy life in the States, and shut the fuck up about last year’s referendum, you tedious, short-arse cunt-nugget.

Nominated by Captain Magnanimous

82 thoughts on “David Miliband [2]

  1. Miliband is smear of shite… Like that other piece of self serving scum, Andy Burnham, Miliband would get into bed with the most evil cunts in the world just to raise his profile and make himself some money… Bet he’s had a go on the Banana Gob ride too…

    • Do you think he would be that sick to fuck banan……oh!.. Yes, your right Norman!

  2. Wonder what they’re having for breakfast in Virginia this morning?…
    Could it be mashed snowflakes?…..

    Where are all the Clintonite celebricunts like Kunty Perry, Madogga, Chickboy Gaga etc today?… Suddenly they’re not so mouthy?… Doesn’t that snowfake dyke, Kunty Perrry want to ‘take it to the streets’ any more?…. Funny,that….

    • All spineless tuneless cunts Norm They are condemning white nationalists for accidents basically. One road rage accident and the 2 stupid brickheaded yank cops who couldn’t fucking fly a helicopter properly

      Also the policemen didn’t protect the nationalists rally which was their job they had a permit. Instead them isolated them into antifas pit and stood down resigning the nationalists right to freespeech and get attacked. The Mayor and city could get sued for obstructing justice and proper protocol I hope they do the thick cunts

      • Irrespective of the actions of the motorist it is correct that the Policing of the rally was negligent. This is evident in the shifty looks going on during the Governors press conference immediately afterwards. They know they could be in the shit and will be going all out to deflect . The Governor is a right shifty cunt.

    • All this hatred that they despise…Funny that it’s OK to hate The Donald ??! But if someone “hates” them…

      Platinum cunting re Wristyband, Cap’n M !!

  3. I welcome it when mega cunts like this raise their stupid mugs above the parapet in their pathetic and increasingly desperate attempts to hold on by the finger nails to the apron strings of nanny EU. The only effect it has is to boil the piss ever more of normal, rational, straight thinking people who know that the only way to go forward is to show these cunts we are united. Traitors like Millidick should go and fuck of over to Brussless and change their fucking nationality. Hysterical wimps. Fuck you.

  4. Here’s some ChasC songs on the subject of Miliband from what he describes as his “embarrassing period” before he got into “proper” music. I don’t think he liked the Milibands. Just a feeling.

    Bananaman bites the dust (sorry Freddie)

    He’s my brother (The Red Ed Mix)

    Lyin’ Eyes (The Miliband Mix)

    I Feel Lucky (The leadership song)

    You can see why he gave up humour…

  5. I was so happy when I found out this cunt was stabbed in the back, only to be let down when it was only metaphorically. At least he stopped polluting our shores and fucked off to America.
    These remainers make me sick. “We didn’t get the result we wanted in the referendum so let’s have another one.” If you want to remain in the EU then move to fucking Poland.

    • All this hatred that they despise…Funny that it’s OK to hate The Donald ??! But if someone “hates” them…

      Platinum cunting re Wristyband, Cap’n M !!

    • Looking at youtube a day or so ago, I think the Poles are now extremely pissed off with Brussels truckles of odious knobcheese…

  6. Anyone who loses a contest to that unbelievable cunt Ed Milliband has to be a cunt. We need to make this cunt swim back to America in his pyjamas with no help. The cunt.

  7. What is it with these Politicians, this cunt almost looks as smug as that cunt Chuka. I suppose if I was getting their kind of wages plus expenses and ‘money on the side’ I would look even more smug than they do. Fuck ALL politicians, although the undisputed king of smugness goes to Gideon Osbourne, he is a triple distilled cunt of the highest purity. The cunts.

    • Gideon pisses pure smug cunt juice, a face one could never tire of drilling holes into with an old fashioned auga and brace.

  8. And for a queen B&WC, I would suggest fat cunt Emily Thornberry. The Milibellends shouldn’t be photographed anywhere near food, this one looks like some Planet of the Apes fucker and Ed made eating a bacon butty look the gastronomy equivalent of quantum physics.

  9. Him and his dumb brother Ed have a touch of the tar about them, are they of Paki or Romany decent or is it just old fashioned in breeding ?

    • Jewish.
      Their father was Jewish and that bacon butty, wasnt bacon at all, it was a “breakfast meat” butty.

      • I found it funny when Ed was in charge of the labour party, he said he relished the thought of being the UK’s first Jewish prime minister……. Completely forgetting about Benjamin Disraeli….. Derp!

      • Neither of them are genuine lefties, are they? Scrotum-licking Blairites who never strayed far from Primrose Hill. I doubt either has done a proper day’s graft in their well-oiled life.

  10. Jonjo Shelvey is a dumb cunt,
    At 25 he cannot control his temper and stamps on Dele Alli’s foot even when it was nothing to do with him.
    This cunt was liability at Liverpool and now he’s shown himself for the cunt he is.
    Cunt gives us baldies a bad name.
    Anyone called Jonjo must be a cunt by default.

    • When i first heard the name “jonjo”, i thought he was a black and white cunt.
      You know how they are with names. 🙂

      He is a stupid cunt but i do love some cunt hurting some cunt in football.
      Every team needs a Souness, Hurlock, Jordan, Keane etc.

      • I don’t know what your on about with Black and White cunt names? My name is Du’shane Ivory Tarquin White, What’s wrong with that? Jonjo the cunt looks like he might have a Black and White cunt Dad or Grandfather. I agree with what your saying about hard players like Souness etc, but this twat does it right in front of the Referee. The cunt.

      • John Fashanu was dirty cunt in his day, all elbows and legs in a team of dirty cunts but would be cool to see them play any big side today with 1980’s refereeing. Medic!

      • I have a black and white cousin and his name is ………….Duwayne.

        He thinks he’s “gangsta” and “urban”, yet his father is ex Met and his mother is German of Jamaican descent.
        Cunt of a guy.

      • Sounds like he’s a bit confused Birdman, maybe you need to give him a slap.
        You would never know a real gangster, all these fools are who try and talk themselves up make me laugh. Probably haven’t got £20 to their name.

      • Haven’t spoken to him or his brother and sister in years.
        Nor my uncle and aunty.

        They live in Essex and picked up Essex-itis not long after moving there.

  11. Fantastic example of champagne socialism at its best. Whether getting paid millions for charity work (spending other people money), being in government (spending other people’s money) or pissing the time away in one of his brothers kitchens (not the one where the ‘help’ eats) this slimey, self serving anal discharge of a human constantly whiles away the wee hours thinking about how more gimmigrants can come and live next door to me, or how to prevent my child going to a grammar school, or making sure my lazy neighbours don’t starve in their second decade of unemployment… all the time thinking up a batch of new ‘isms and phobia words that he can label me with if I dare to question the cunts true aims or motives. He’s proof positive that a lot of Labour voters can be really naive. His breed of cunt are only good for stabbing you in the back. At least with the Torys they would gladly stab the working classes straight in the gut, plenty of eye contact.

    • Anyone think Jacob Rees Mogg will be the next Tory Leader ?
      I find him very amusing, he’s a typical old Etonian toff ,he reminds me of the Politicians that were around during the Suez Crisis, a throw back to the 40’s or 50’s straight out of Anthony Eden’s Government. But because he’s a Brexiteer they won’t let him anywhere near No 10.

      • I actually like Moggy. Toff? yes., but sharp and on the ball. He has the verbal eloquence of a ballet dancer, and the diction and intellect that enables him to tell a member that they are in fact a ludicrous self serving toss pot with designs on the Chancellors arsehole and they haven’t a clue that he has twatted them.He’s clever! Thats unusual for a politician.

      • Yes, i totally agree, i have seen Jacob Rees Mogg run circles round the lefty Liberal cunts on Question Time .
        I like him. But for some reason the rest of the Tories distance themselves from him ?

      • Once I got past his accent, I really liked the guy. Always gives a straight forward answer to questions, polite and respectful and knows his stuff.

        Isn’t afraid or ashamed to act like a Tory, rather than the watered down, backbone less wet fucks currently infesting the conservative party.

        The last question time I watched, he put other panelists in the shade. Somebody else to watch is Kemi Badenoch.


      • I had to look her up Jack. She has worked in software, has a degree in engineering, and has actually worked for a fucking living.

        She has a degree in law also…Hmmmm. dont like lawyers…never did.

      • Rees-Moggy is a class act, eloquent, articulate, full of dry humour and, despite his gangly appearance, steely and made of mustard. I worry that his 19th century accent might put off too many.

        Nonetheless, head and shoulders above any of the Tory bastards.

    • An obnoxious amount of money for anyone to earn but, for someone earnestly arguing for equality, it’s disgusting. No wonder he’s always grinning, smug as a cunt.

  12. Pope Francis is a ridiculous Cunt.

    God’s Representative on Earth, The Bishop of Rome has warned followers of his Cult not to be influenced by “horoscopes and fortune-tellers”,but to believe implicitly in the Word of God,as reported by his religion. He uses some bizarre tale about Jesus walking on water to prove his point about how true belief is the only Path.

    What a detestable,corrupt charlatan the old bastard is. Although I have no belief in horoscopes and the like,I don’t think that they’ll have caused a fraction of the pain and suffering that his religion has perpetrated over the Ages. Urging people to blindly follow the instructions of a discredited book of fairy-tales is no better than any other Cult’s instruction to always “Trust the Leader”.

    The evil, duplicitous Magician should be treated with the same contempt as any other “Religious Extremist” who preaches hate and hides their inherent wickedness behind a load of Mumbo-Jumbo that even an opium-ridden, Lewis Carroll would have struggled to imagine.

    Hurry up,and meet your Maker. I’d be interested to know the Judgement that his God hands down on him and his acolytes. Poisonous Cunts,the fucking lot of them.

    • Well said Dick. Anyone who believes in a God is delusional. Christians don’t believe in Allah, Muslims don’t believe in Jesus, fuck knows what Buddhists believe in. Now either all but one of them are wrang or all of em are wrong. Why the fuck should anyone believe in a God that you have to fear yet love unconditionally at the same time. Have a fucking word with yourselves for fucks sake. Dopes.

      • Kendo, the Buddhists have their own whacky beliefs. They believe in reincarnation based on our behaviour (sounds a bit bribe-and-reward to me, and a lot like conventional religions/cults).

        They also believe in an inherited Dalai Lama chosen by Heaven and Nature (although actually picked with political precision by a committee of clever monks).

        It’s not clear why you have to give up shagging, wear saffron robes and have an onion head, perhaps ‘Desire is the problem.

        Good food though.

    • Man in gold hat, who lives modestly in a gold house lectures on the folly of believing in any old made up crap, other than his made up old crap. Cunt. At least you could possibly limit the population with horoscopes, by saying ‘it’s your lucky night, don’t leave home without a condom’ ….

      • …whilst turning a blind eye to corruption, mass hypocrisy and an avalanche of paedophilic cases and consequently (and tacitly) shuffling copious amounts of priests to ‘other parishes.’

    • It amazese how cunts that work, marry, pay a mortgage/rent, have kids, pay for kids, get taxed, live under laws, face desolation if shite goes tits up, and have to live next door and walk the same streets as undesirables, would listen to anything that came out of the mouth of a shirker who has never done and has no experience any of these .things.

  13. Excellent cunting CM.
    I’m sick of shitheads deserting GB only to think that they can meddle with our politics from a cushy place far away.
    Mind you, I’m sick of the Milibands full stop.

    • Duke, I’ve got a bad feeling we haven’t seen the last of these privileged Blair hussies. They both seem thirsty for money/power/fame, the dirty whores.

  14. A cunting please. A cunting for the intelligencia that approves “Counter Demonstrations”

    It has been known to man that throughout the course of history, if you put black powder and a naked light together, then somethings gonna happen.

    You dont have to be a genius to realise that this lesson has perhaps failed to register with the numbskulls who approve “Counter Demonstrations”.

    If an application comes in for a march on….say “We like bananas”….and 2 days later, a request to march in opposition as “We fuckin hate Bananas” Then surely it is obvious that when the two meet, there is gonna be trouble.

    This shit in the US of A is a classic example. White Supremists wish to march to voice disapproval of the immigrant and black. And Left Wing and Liberal Cunts wish to march on the same day on the same route at the same time to “Out the Whitey’s”

    Now forgive me for being a trifle slow here. Does that seem a common sense decision? Nah…me neither. ( Some Cunt WANTS trouble )

    Now think of all the demos that are to be held in Londonistan. The initiators, ( those who wish to air a grievance ) Will be allocated a date time and place.

    Sure enough, a day or so later, ( when the word has got round ) A counter demo of the unwashed will be approved. It will be held at the same time and the same place as the “opposition”.

    I have noticed that “Counter Demos” are always in opposition to something that sensible reasonable people would want. That just cannot be allowed.

    In Londonistan, our beloved leader has the power to approve or disapprove a march. It would be reasonable to expect that the decision to allow a “Counter Demo” would be based upon common sense, the desire to preserve peace, and the avoidance of unnecessary death and destruction upon the streets.

    Suque Khan ( Dadee was a buz driver ) seems to not have the ability to exercise much in the way of common sense. He seems only too keen to allow chums and apprentice anarchists to take to the streets with his blessing.

    Surely in this day and age, it would not be too difficult to have a rationale that takes the lunacy out of political decision making of this nature.

    Look overseas to see that this IS entirely possible. Kim Yong Un seems to have no problems with any ” Counter Demonstrations” he simply shoots the fuckers.

    SK is a Khunt, and all libmong cock sucking left wing LGBT politician whore mongering rabid scum bags and itinerant scrotes are likewise.

    Long live the Indigenous.!

    • Good point, squire. I’ve got no problem with marches/marching to protest but to combine them with contrary opinion on the same day is asking for a bit of barney rubble.

      Furthermore, isn’t it odd that the ‘Antifa’ (ridiculous, desperate name) keep saying, “Actually, it’s acceptable to punch a Naxi!”, though when they’re hit back, they whine like a hungry baby or, even worse, complain about growing violence!

      • What Donald should have said to the whingey winey pooftahs is that every cunt has a RIGHT to protest about anything PEACEFULLY and condemn all violence on all sides. Even if you want to protest your right to fuck pigs that’s ok……. Probably. I think… is it?

  15. Miliband did not call for a re-run of the referendum – he called for the final deal to be put to a vote. And frankly I see nothing wrong with that at all. Like most cunters here, I voted Leave, but May and her Special Needs cabinet give me no confidence at all that they have any kind of idea about what they’re trying to achieve. Escaping from the tyranny of the EU is undoubtedly a good thing – provided there is something advantageous in place when we leave. However, Johnson, Fox and Davis have proved time and time again that they are either barefaced liars or utterly clueless (sometimes both). Since there was no credible discussion during the referendum campaign of what the terms of Brexit would look like, and since we have heard nothing but meaningless slogans ever since, I’d have thought it would be a pretty good idea to put the final negotiated deal to a vote. We quite rightly hear a lot about protecting the “democratic will of the people” in relation to respecting the referendum result – so what’s wrong with allowing the people to have a vote on the terms of the deal? How is that undemocratic? We voted on the principle of leaving the EU, not on any terms and conditions. I mean, we’d all instinctively vote for Gary Glitter to face a firing squad – but what if the small print said he was allowed to rape 100 kids before doing so…?

    • A final deal will give remainiacs a chance to help throw as many spanners in the works and keep us wedded to the bastard EU forever.As Cameron said it was a referendum not a neverendum! The Blairs Mandelsons and Milibands of the political establishment would ensure we stayedin if we gave the slippery cunts the chance.

    • We hear no more about the “No deal is better than a bad deal.” It seems pretty much inevitable that we’re going to get some watered-down non-event that bears no relation to what most of us believed that Brexit was going to deliver. Brexiteers are going to feel betrayed,as are Remainers. I think that we’re going to end up with the worst of both worlds. The result of another vote,whichever way it went,would be unacceptable to half the population.

      Suppose there’s always the hope that the Europeans might not even want us back.

      • Also a 2nd ref would all bt guarantee a Corbyn government as the decent eurosceptic tories would split from the elitist remainiacs.

      • Although aTory civil war is probably inevitable anyway.Labour will probably have one too.

      • A new “Middle Ground” party seems inevitable….. Another bunch of self-serving liars hiding behind a “New kind of Politics” promise.

      • I agree S of the D, no more referendums. The very fact it’s been mentioned since 24th June 2016 is crass and insulting to anyone who respects Democracy. Why not have 10 more, or 20? It would give the gangsters at the EU a massive advantage. Alas, these whining, sanctimonious weasels (this week Miliband, next week a different wealthy cunt) will continue bleating. So will we.

      • The questionis why do so many remoaners want a second referendum?Opportunistic slimeballs.Reminds me of when I was about 5 or 6 and I would make the family vote at family events at ours Birthdays Christmas Easter etci n a secret ballot in a hat as to which film we were watching after lunch.Suffice tosay no one ever voted for the one I wanted so I sulked until they gave in.That is the level of the remoaners behaviour.Ill disguised temper tantrums.

  16. one bloke who most definately is NOT a cunt is Ben Parkinson. google him. just seen him on the news. if you’re ever feeling a bit sorry for yourself just think of this man . well done mate.

    • Shows what a real Brit is made of, at least he earned those medals and wore them with pride unlike the jug eared peacock Charlie Boy at the WW1 ceremony the other week.

    • I was about to post a confession, so may as well put it here as its happened again.

      Confession: i am a coward.

      I’d class myself as tasty in a scrap, look after myself and can never walk away from the challenge of a fight or the threats of a so called hard cunt, but I’ve now changed.

      A few weeks ago i was at the beach, and in the town behind, some cunt was setting off flares.
      Boom, fuck was that?
      Boom, again!
      Boom, could it be?
      Boom, should i fuck off and run?

      Yesterday i was at the local beach but not in the water coz of sharks, and it was quite empty due to the wind. There was three Muslim wimmin in full head to toe garb and a Muslim male, all sitting on the loungers.
      Weird, eh?
      I couldn’t take my eyes off them and started imagining the wimmin pulling machine guns out from underneath their garb and killing us all.
      I stayed, but i admit i was weary and maybe shiteing it a bit.

      Just now I’ve came back from a cycle and was approaching some skips when i saw a Muslim cunt put something down beside one and sprint away just as i was passing them.
      Fuck was i gripping on tight to my handlebars, as if that would help.

      I’ve never been a coward and this is new to me, but, and i may be paranoid, I’m a bit scared.

      • Nothing cowardly about it, Birdman. Anybody who doesn’t recognize that any one of them could be a terrorist is naive. It would be foolish not to be wary.

      • True, Dick Fiddler.
        I can honestly say I’ve never felt scared of any cunt before, and now I’ve got neck ache from looking over my shoulder.

        Kick em out……..now.

      • Entirely understood. City Road in Cardiff is a hell-hole, all the pillar-box outfit shops, couture suicide belts made-to-measure, Turkish Barbers…
        I HATE (oooh, wot a nasty word !!!!) what a Turkish Cut is – FGM, throat-slitting.
        I’m not wacist re Turks, I knew some decent SECULAR ones in Vienna.
        I despise the slime ones, that’s all…

  17. The only Charidee I’d consider squeezing something into the box for is La Dingle, of Emmerdale !

  18. Paul Joseph Watson has posted a good piece on the differences between a male driving a car into soldiers/the public and a white supremist driving a car into the public.
    If someone could put up the link, that would be great.

    I cant blame Islam for murderous acts but somehow I’m to blame when a white cunt does it?

  19. Has no one said to David Milliband: “David, you couldn’t even beat your half-wit brother Ed, so your utterances carry about as much water as the broken colander M’Tembe uses in the begging adverts!”

    Another anti-democratic treacherous cunt!

    • I’m amazed the Ethiopians and Kenyans are so good at the steeplechase.

      You’d think when they go over the water jump they’d stop with a bucket.

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