Anna Soubry [2] (I swear it is more than that though!)

On an infinity more interesting topic our old pal Anna soubry has become the first Tory to state she will leave the conservatives if May goes for a hard brexit?? There are many great reasons for a relatively hard brexit but that’s an absolute fucking bonus!!
The worst kind of wonky eyed remaniacs are talking about forming a new political party??,
Under the misguided apprehension that they can repeat the MACRON phenomenon!! , I really hope they manage to get cunt of the ages Blair to be their leader!!, imagine all of the most vilified politicians joining forces in a mega swamp of turds and sitting in the middle on top of a steaming pile of festering shite like king turd of poo mountain that colossal cunt BLAIR!!!!

Nominated by Quislings!

22 thoughts on “Anna Soubry [2] (I swear it is more than that though!)

  1. Well she’s free to fuck off to any EU country of her liking…while she can!

    May I recommend the delights of Sophia and Bucharest Anna. You go there and enjoy those benefits you EU gravy craving cunt!

    Any MP who wants to remain part of the morally bankrupt and economically corrupt EU is only thinking of one thing, and that’s themselves being pissed off at their unofficial pension fund disappearing before their eyes after their meaningless, failed tenure comes to an end in Westminster.

    If it wasn’t for all of Europe’s failed MPs and their cronies (a’la the Kinnock cunts) felching gravy off the arse of Juncker it’d only cost us Β£50 a year to be a member.

    Oh and Anna while you’re on please explain how an EU open door policy has benefited this country one iota?

    It’s benefited Poland, Romania and Bulgaria as the burden on their services and infrastructure eases to the very real detriment to our own.

    Oh I hear you cry – in your failed role as business minister – that: “They do the jobs no one else will do?”

    Well that’s bollocks because if you stopped the handouts to the indigenous workshy layabout cunts then you could fill those jobs fourfold!

    Oh but that’s right, you might have to do some work to bring that about whereas allowing every Tom, Dick and Stanislaz into the country means you have to do fuck all, still live in your Westminster bubble and clamour for some of that EU gravy!

    I hope we do get a hard Brexit you cunt, and can you put your promise to leave the Tories in writing please? They’re better off without a backstabbing, fifty-faced cunt like you!

    • Ah La Soubry. The scent orf properly starched knickers. Oh yes. Have been on medication for a few years, the side effects orf which include a massive stiffy 24/7. Can make popping doine to the shops rather tiresome, Old Bill ect ect.
      The ice cunted maiden has come to me rescue orn many an occasion. I lie back and think orf shagging it and hey preso me old horseprong retracts like magic.
      On to business. A cunting which has thus far been missed or overlooked:

      Leo Veradka

      The new Irish Teashop is a woofta, likes to shag the little people ta be shure, ta be shure and is the oh so multi-cultural son orf an Indian immigrant, rabidly pro-EU, in its late thirties and hates Blighty. A painfully perfect PC match then for the EU now dedicated to making life as difficult for Great Britain as possible in the Brexit negotiations. Been here before with the Irish Republicans dedicated to backstabbing us during the First and the Second World Wars.

      Only bright side is he now has to deal with the DUP and the likes orf Arlene Foster so every chance orf a re-booted Armed Struggle which we can leave to the new European Army to sort oit for a few decades. Whichever way it goes we can rely on our Irish friends to hoover in obscene amounts orf cash from the Yanks, the EU and alas poor Blighty.

      Just a thought. Leo would be an excellent representative for Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest doncha think?

  2. I’ve known for years that certain cunts in Great Britain find our Union Jack abhorrent and some drop the “jack” for “flag”
    I’ve also been reading about cunts who want it brought down from public buildings and other cunts boycotting businesses that fly our flag proudly.
    Bunch of cuckold, self hating cunts.
    Anyway, i just wanted you all to know that out here in (S)pain the Union Jack is seen as cool as fuck.
    They cant get enough of t-shirts, jumpers, bags, electrical goods with it emblazoned all over and i even saw a Mini Cooper with a Union Jack covering the whole roof like the Duke boys done with the Confederate flag the other day.
    So, the next time you hear that our beautiful Union Jack is offensive to foreigners, tell ’em they’re talking shite.

    Rule Britannia, cunters.

    PS, apologies for highjacking the beginning of a cunting, but i don’t know who she is.
    Beetlejuice was shite though.
    Utter shite.

    • The ‘jack’ is what the flag is hung on on a ship. Thats why its ‘dropped’. Dear fucking me.

      • Its always a Union Jack.
        Dear fuckin me, you sevco fans.

        How goes it, Vermin Cunt Spotter, cheery as ever? πŸ™‚

  3. I reckon Beetlejuice smells a whole lot fresher than Soubry.

    I simply can’t stomach the old hag every time her ugly dial pitches up on the idiot lantern.

    I would love to see her to fook right off to some far flung ex-iron curtain socialist shithole where she can reminisce on her days as a unintentionally conspicuous Labour plant within the Tory party.

  4. I hate this bitch. I remember her being interviewed the day after the referendum with a face like she had just lost her last photo of Jean Claude Drunker. She said that this was the worst day of her life and said that her daughters had cried and that her old girl who was 84 wept at the result. After flushing my puke away having listened to that pile of donkey shite I sent her an email. I said that I was sorry to hear the distress it had caused her family, especially her old mum as it must have been a great shock to cause her to weep. But I then wondered if her mum had cried as hard as say the parents of Alice Gross murdered by a convicted Latvian or maybe the children of Guiseppe and Caterina Massaro, killed as they slept by a Polish convicted thug. Just a couple of examples of people who have been free to enter this country unchallenged. I never got a reply funnily enough. Ugly hag.

    • Her mother was more likely to be weeping as a result of giving birth to this treacherous fucking hag. Occams razor and all that.

  5. A shame that Soubry never met Maggie in her prime… The Iron Lady would have bit her head clean off, spat it out, and Tebbit and the boys would have played football with it… I’d have actually paid to see that…

    Any fucker who opposes the referendum result: anyone who demands a second vote, anyone who wants to subvert democracy, anyone who wants to go against the will of the British people and what they voted for should be arrested and charged with high treason… And that includes Soubry, Banana Gob, Branson, Lineker, Lily Mong, Milliband, Cuntberbatch, Fanny Izzard, Kinnock, Blair, the fucking lot of them…. Cunts…

    • Absolutely right Norman!! If these assorted arse wipes love the EU and want to be governed by them so desperately why don’t they simply put their money where their mouth is and fucking move to EUROLAND!!
      Treacherous Cunts!!!

    • Ah, yes…the smell of Beardy Branson, as he no doubt stuffs more wads of cash into his pockets, courtesy of commuters with no real choice.
      Unspeakable beardy cunt

    • 100% correct Norman. Trouble with these cunts they won’t fuck off but will continue to bang on about how thick we are/were, old people in church halls, little Englanders etc,etc. Didn’t know what we were doing or voting for and all the rest of the tired and incorrect shit.
      For me lining them up against a wall would be too quick.
      For supposed democrats they are making a good job of looking like the treacherous cunts they truly are and we therefore back to Normans request for them to be charged.

  6. Soubry looks just like the sort of old slag that Wighead Rooney would go for…. He’s probably had worse….

    • She looks a bit young for Rooney but by the looks of her and the no doubt sour heat emanating from her dried gash, she’d be cheaper.

  7. I wouldn’t trust this old bag as far as i could throw her. I looked up her voting record…supports Gay marriage and banning smoking. That’s all I needed to see to know that her and I are unlikely to get along,indeed,she’d be lucky to escape a boot up the chuff if she ever came within my range.

    • Get yourself some steel-toecapped wellies, to be on the safe side, DF.
      Her pissflaps must be like month-old game giblets, JC only knows what would happen if that lot got stuck under the toenails…

  8. Might be prudent for us all to chip in to hire a drone in case they decide to hold a meeting somewhere.

  9. The funniest thing about this wretched harridan is her total lack of self awareness.In an interview after the teferendum with Owen uber cunt Jones she whined about the loss of free speech since the referendum.Despite being part of a concerted effort to should down anyone who opposed mass immigration or the EUSSR for decades.The cunt hates that the shoe was placed on the other foot.

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