The Pope [2]

Pope Francis is a ridiculous Cunt.

God’s Representative on Earth, The Bishop of Rome has warned followers of his Cult not to be influenced by “horoscopes and fortune-tellers”,but to believe implicitly in the Word of God,as reported by his religion. He uses some bizarre tale about Jesus walking on water to prove his point about how true belief is the only Path.

What a detestable,corrupt charlatan the old bastard is. Although I have no belief in horoscopes and the like,I don’t think that they’ll have caused a fraction of the pain and suffering that his religion has perpetrated over the Ages. Urging people to blindly follow the instructions of a discredited book of fairy-tales is no better than any other Cult’s instruction to always “Trust the Leader”.

The evil, duplicitous Magician should be treated with the same contempt as any other “Religious Extremist” who preaches hate and hides their inherent wickedness behind a load of Mumbo-Jumbo that even an opium-ridden, Lewis Carroll would have struggled to imagine.

Hurry up,and meet your Maker. I’d be interested to know the Judgement that his God hands down on him and his acolytes. Poisonous Cunts,the fucking lot of them.

Nominated by Dick Fiddler

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  1. Anyone recall the 1988 song Hang the Pope by Nuclear Assault?

    Utter poetry interleaved with minute of merciless guitar thrashing.😂

  2. Politically correct broadcasting is a cunt.

    Over the last few weeks the ABBC has been in full poofter mode with hour after hour dedicated to the 50 years since the decriminalisation of homosexuality. They have always had a left wing bias despite claims of being ‘fair’ and ‘ balanced’, however while flicking through the TV guide this week, on Thursday they have truly taken the piss with a two and half hour orgy over two channels of right on, white hetro hating liberal wank fest.

    To kick things off on one, there is Don’t Deport Me, I’m British. Young immigrants who came here as kids, and are now adults believe they are now longer welcome, if I was directing it would be about 5 minutes long because no, you are not now fuck off. Followed by Queer Britain we have a buy one get one free, racism in the LGBTQ community. So its no longer enough to be a queer, beanflicker or a transbender if you can team that with being a minority its the holy grail and can expect every limp dicked bollock brained MP scrambling for a photo op.

    Most sinister I think is on BBC 2, No More Boys and Girls: Can Our Kids Go Gender Free?. Some ‘Dr’ is conducting an experiment on a class of primary school children for gender neutral treatment, this cunt is just warping young minds with sick adult social engineering and in any sane society would be considered abuse.

    So in the name of neutrality and balance, next week we can expect programmes on boys being boys kicking a ball about and shoving lego up their nose, queers who can walk down the street with taking a kicking. Immigrants who have settled here and made a successful new life, adopted our culture,values,traditions, integrated and not blown themselves up. Yeah ok, il wait until The Donald wins the Nobel Peace Prize. I’m sure self loathing right on cunts will lap this shit up, St Lineker will have his feet up with a licence fee paid for bottle of red and a family bag of Walker cheese & onion.

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