The Pope [3]

An angry cunting, if I may, for Pope Francis.

This disgusting apologist for paedophiles is now blaming ‘the Devil’ for thousands of his priests preying on children, calling on people to believe that the ‘malign one’, as he puts it, is responsible for decades of the most horrific abuse, actions that ruin not only the child’s young life, but carries over into their adult life too, causing serious mental health issues, self-harm, self-loathing and suicide.

Let’s not beat about the bush; in the year (of our Lord!) 2018, he’s actually using a childish, cartoon-like representation of Lucifer as scapegoat for thousands of child rapists, warning believers not to dismiss Satan as merely a ‘myth, a representation, a symbol, a figure of speech or an idea’.

And, of course, as only self-important tossers and pathetic halfwits continue to believe in any sort of organised religion, Catholics in general will seek to indulge the continuation of the abuse by dissociative rationalisation, believing their false narrative that once a priest has confessed his guilt to god, he is therefore absolved and will ascend into heaven, leaving a trail of broken lives behind him, his legacy protected by the corrupt cunts at the top.

Bollocks to Catholics and all religions.

Nominated by Thomas the Cunt Engine

The Pope [2]

Pope Francis is a ridiculous Cunt.

God’s Representative on Earth, The Bishop of Rome has warned followers of his Cult not to be influenced by “horoscopes and fortune-tellers”,but to believe implicitly in the Word of God,as reported by his religion. He uses some bizarre tale about Jesus walking on water to prove his point about how true belief is the only Path.

What a detestable,corrupt charlatan the old bastard is. Although I have no belief in horoscopes and the like,I don’t think that they’ll have caused a fraction of the pain and suffering that his religion has perpetrated over the Ages. Urging people to blindly follow the instructions of a discredited book of fairy-tales is no better than any other Cult’s instruction to always “Trust the Leader”.

The evil, duplicitous Magician should be treated with the same contempt as any other “Religious Extremist” who preaches hate and hides their inherent wickedness behind a load of Mumbo-Jumbo that even an opium-ridden, Lewis Carroll would have struggled to imagine.

Hurry up,and meet your Maker. I’d be interested to know the Judgement that his God hands down on him and his acolytes. Poisonous Cunts,the fucking lot of them.

Nominated by Dick Fiddler

The Pope


That shit for brains Pope said 4 million migrants isn’t enough. We “need 450,000 more” The reason is because migrants pay your pensions(don’t ask it’s a stupid liberal mong answer) and..
and because the holocaust happened! What a fucking load of shite!

We need them because Jesus says so – but don’t convert them they are fine as they are as wife beating child marrying bellends!

Nominated by: Titslapper

The Pope lives in the Vatican City.

The same Vatican city that has the fucking massive walls around it.

Those same fucking massive walls that were built to keep Muslim shitbags out.

If the gobshite dago cunt wants some extra migrants, he is more than welcome to keep all of them. And when I say keep all of them, I mean keep all of them locked in.

Preferably giving Catholic priests, Bishops and Cardinals a taste of their own rogering…
(Sorry. Meant medicine!)

Nominated by : Odin’s Balls