Anna Soubry (4)

A right Independent, eye rolling cunting please for this demented old cunt, arch Remainer and the girl who cried wolf once too often.

Not for the first time, this loudmouthed old trollop calls for police assistance, because she is “frightened” during an interview. Like fuck she is, when she is in full ranting domineering mood, laughing at callers on phone-ins, bollicking Michael Gove or her former colleagues, she is never backward in coming forward.

The old cunt loves to draw attention to herself, then when it backfires she behaves like some Victorian virgin trapped on a troopship:

Enough already. If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the fucking kitchen you shitstain on the bloomers of Chukka’s Blairite Boy Band.

Nominated by W.C. Boggs

Apparently Anna Soubry has called the police to report a protestor who called her a traitor.

Well, if you can’t stand the heat darling then I suggest you stay out of the kitchen.

Far be it from me to pass any opinion on this other than to quote the immortal words of Francis Urquhart – you may very well think that but I couldn’t possibly comment.

Nominated by Dioclese

Anna Soubry [3]

Anna Soubry needs to be nominated against because not seeing this deranged self opinionated anti democratic haridon prominently displayed on the Great Wall of Cunt has to be a monumental travesty and an afront to the populist vote.

But not as big a travesty as listening to Soubry defying the wishes of her own parliamentary constituency by banging on about how Brexit will makes us all worse off because we’re only going to have £330m a week more to spend on ourselves instead of Junckers wine bill.

Fuck off to Brussels if you love it that much and fucking stay there!

Nominated by Pedantic Cunt

Anna Soubry [2]

A quick emergency cunting for the poor post menopausal minging remaining cunt that is Anna Soubry.

Every fucking week she’s on the biased news that is BBC moaning and whinging about how to stop Brexit, I swear if she could she’d launch a terrorist attack against leavers, she’s such a world class cunt .

She always looks like she’s in need of commitment to a mental institution. She’s seriously fucked up .

Even today she’s back on the news with Cunty Ummana. Yep on the good old biased BBC again with her plan to stop Brexit .

Fuck off Anna we all hate you . Go live in Belgium or on the fucking asteroid that nearly just hit us .

Nominated by Cunt Care Less

Anna Soubry [2] (I swear it is more than that though!)

On an infinity more interesting topic our old pal Anna soubry has become the first Tory to state she will leave the conservatives if May goes for a hard brexit?? There are many great reasons for a relatively hard brexit but that’s an absolute fucking bonus!!
The worst kind of wonky eyed remaniacs are talking about forming a new political party??,
Under the misguided apprehension that they can repeat the MACRON phenomenon!! , I really hope they manage to get cunt of the ages Blair to be their leader!!, imagine all of the most vilified politicians joining forces in a mega swamp of turds and sitting in the middle on top of a steaming pile of festering shite like king turd of poo mountain that colossal cunt BLAIR!!!!

Nominated by Quislings!

Anna Soubry


Anna Soubry seems menopausal every time she appears in public, although looking at her I would have thought she was well past that shit so probably the brain frazzle is taking its toll.

Nominated by: Dirk Snasgood

Apparently Ann Soubry was ’emotional’ before she spoke to an anti-Brexit rally in Trafalgar Square. Nadine Dorries reckons she was ‘pissed’. I know which version I believe.

If I’d behaved like she did in the referendum campaign, I’d get pissed too!

Silly cow…

Nominated by: Dioclese

“Brave from MP @Anna_Soubry on #bbcqt to say all parties have failed – and should now – make positive case for migration”

Bitch cunt still ain’t listening is she? 10 Million is enough Anna, 10 Million is actually way too fucking many. Case for immigration?

We have way too many empty hospital beds?
We have way too many empty Schools?
We have way too many empty Houses where they are most needed?
We have way too many Jobs and absolutely no unemployed?
We don’t have enough Asian Tax Drivers?
We don’t have enough eastern European Car Washes?
Only 10% of our Prison population is foreign born?
There are not enough foreign women working as forced sex slaves?
There are many empty shops that could be turned into Eastern European food mini markets?

Have I missed any of your key arguments Anna? How about you stop guilt tripping about the Empire or whatever it is that motivates you to cram the country to the brim with unskilled foreign Labour under cutting those of us that live one family in a house so don’t now compete on a level playing field.

But wait hubby is on the board of Morrison’s they don’t benefit from cheap foreign labour do they, fruit pickers, warehouse staff.

There we go Anna immigration benefits you directly doesn’t it?

Nominated by: Sixdog Vomit

There is no bigger cunt in politics right now than Anna Soubry

Nominated by: Toomanycuntstoomanymanycunts

My favourite memory of Anna Soubry comes from many years ago when she and some random newsreader stood in for Richard and Judy on ‘This Morning’. The subject under discussion was whether or not tampons caused Toxic Shock Syndrome. In a moment of sheer jaw-dropping insanity (for which the shoplifting cunt Madeley was usually responsible), Soubry confessed to the nation that she had once “left one in for several weeks by mistake”.

Someone needs to trawl the ITV/Granada archives to see if that footage still exists. If it does, it needs to go on YouTube pretty fucking sharpish.

Nominated by: Fred West