Ed Sheeran [3]

Ed Sheeran is a gargantuan cunt…

Now there are so many reasons to detest this tuneless ginger bollocked gargoyle, but now this cry baby gnome has left Twitter…. Because people are sending him nasty tweets and reading them has been ruining his life….

Seriously….The cunt is a millionaire many times over, even though he has the talent and the charisma of a fresh dog turd in a heatwave…Yet nasty comments have been ruining his life?! Is he that much of a fairy princess cunt?!

Some folk have took the piss out of Sheeran’s ‘appearance’ on Game Of Thrones… Quite a few have said what a self important ballbag he is, so diddumspoos has deleted his Twatter account… He really is an oversensitive, emotional dwarf, isn’t he?… The piece of excrement that is ‘Galway Girl’ was panned and he spat his dodie out over that too….

So he wants fame and all its perks and trappings, but can’t take even the slightest bit of criticism or humour at his expense?! Fucking frog faced ginger cunt….

Nominated by Norman

60 thoughts on “Ed Sheeran [3]

  1. Ed Sheeran woke up this morning and realised that he had wet the bed, he wrote a song about it and millions of stupid teenage girls fell in love with him…….

    Ginger Cunt!

    • Thats a shame as Ed had a massive twitter following. Mind you most of them were his team of songwriters.

  2. He is a pathetic cunt with a voice like my arse shitting out a bad curry, but the queue of endless wankers who really think this musical deadbeat has talent will agonise over old Eddies pain and buy his cheapshit records.
    Good, it’s their hard earned money that might profitably be invested in the Trouserbulge Dimcunt Fund for the Terminally Wankstruck, but it’s their choice.

    • All popular music is diarrhoea now Trouserbulge, it’s all instantly forgettable .Its all played on appalling local radio stations that are simply pulling a moronic section of society to tune into their go compare style advertising. Ed Shiton and his ilk are playing music to people who dont really like music . The renaissance era of rock and pop music was during the 60’s 70’s and started dying in the 80’s . since then its just been rehashed performances of music and styles from previous decades. But lately popular music is in the worst shape it has ever been. Silly little boys with quivering voices , tuneless sterile shit, All show and no substance.

    • He’s a boff dropping soft lad. Who Crafts light weight acoustic lyrical content, about entry level Piss ups he’s embarked on. The mind boggles as to how he’s able to corral such droves of Abercrombie and fitch merchants in to enormadomes. Hero worshiping him as performs eye wateringly cuntish tunes. Also that game of thrones stint was Piss weak. HBO producer cunts thought they’d cash in on his star pulling power to enhance their cuntish younger demographic viewership.

  3. Another cunt who likes to “unfriend” reality when it suits!

    “Ooooh. I not like nasty people hurting my wickle feelings so I will delete my twitter or I’ll sthcream and sthcream and sthcream!”

    Ed mate delete your twitter. Delete your Facebook. Delete your WhatsApp. Delete your Snapchat. Delete whatever electronic presence you have.

    Unfortunately Ed just by deleting the things you can no longer see does not magically delete them from people’s minds (even though you quite clearly live in your own Harry Potter-esque version of reality).

    No, we still think your music is shite and we still think you’re a cunt! Thanks for proving it though beyond any reasonable doubt!

    Feel hurt Ed? Go and fucking cry on Adele’s shoulder in Twitter purgatory where ass-hurt millenial cunts like you deserve to be: in the public eye wilderness.

    P.S. I bet Ed’s TwitBook presence is firmly reasserted as soon as the cunt has a new album out! If he does, I may even break the rule of a lifetime and join TwitBook just so I can remind him of how shit he is! The cunt!

  4. Ed who? Shit, I am old had to google to find out what I had not been missing.
    Looks like a cunt, sounds like a cunt he must be a cunt. Must have sold his arse to the Devil or Tony Blair.

  5. A cunt of the highest order. Ginger, his music all sounds the same (shite) and he fucked Glastonbury.

    Actually, I struggle to think of a good word to say about him.

    His charity work? Self aggrandising toss. A day or two in Africa for an extra 1m album sales? Bring it on!

    Cunt. No super cunt.

  6. I hated the cunt before he was famous. He’s the musical equivalent of finding a pube in your ice cream. His rise to sleb status is almost as big of a mystery to me as how Liverpool are still in the prem or how Blair got that third term (although I’ve never found a single human being that will admit to voting him in a third time…never).Tin foil on standby 🙂

    • Sheeran is part of the Holy Trinity of ‘How the fuck did these cunts rise to such prominance in the music business ‘cunts. The other two being Sam Fucking Smith and Emeli Sande.

  7. I will fuckin shoot the next cunt to describe this terminal defective cunt a musician! He aint no fucking musician! He twangs shite, speaks shite, sings shite and is shite.
    As for his universal lets all be friends brothers and sisters, let the world come together,. Well yes, you can say shite like that with 20million in the fucking bank you useless spunk bubble.

    • Easy to have a social conscience when you’re minted!

      Just ask Gordon Sumner, or Sting as he likes to call himself.

      Flying the flag for the environment whilst flying in a private jet…

      • Quite right Rebel. Sting is a massive cunt too. I’d love to shove a rain forest right up his arse!

      • Sting, now theirs a self important cunt of huge magnitude. The prick loves to tell everyone how him and that skanky bitch have tantrum sex or whatever its called for 14 hours, well fuck that give me the 5 minute version anytime. And the Cunt invited all his right on friends to his gaff in Tuscany and on the invite it said you are all invited for a weekend of intellectual conversation. WHAT A POMPOUS FUCKING CUNT.
        Mind you i would let his Mrs rim my arse for 14 hours and make sure she removes every last dingle berry morsel .

  8. Great cunting. He does have a shit singing voice. The ONLY song of his I like is I See Fire, and that’s only because I actually picture him on fire every time I hear it. What makes him an ever cunt is the fact he’s a fan of Cuntface Corbyn.

  9. Speaking of which, I want to nominate, Jeremy “I Suck IRA Cock” Corbyn for a cunting. May’s farce back at the start of June has emboldened this traitorous cunt, and arse licking followers. He’s been running about ever since under the delusion the result was in favour of his new Marxist Party (not calling them Labour anymore, since it’s been found that the vast majority of members are rich cunts). Now this shit eating knob gobbler is demanding that May hold another general election. Worse still Abbotapotomus and fellow IRA cum dump, McDonnell, have been openly provoking their braindead minions into causing trouble in order to bring down the government. In my book, that’s sedition, and they should be in jail for it.

    Corbyn, this is real simple. You got FEWER votes at the election than the Tories, who got just ENOUGH votes to give them the right to form a government. That means YOU FUCKING LOST YOU CUNT! Get over it.

  10. I want to get a nice hotel room through Trivago and take that brunette from the adverts with me. I’d buy her breakfast the next morning if she was a bit of a slag.

  11. There are so many cunts in music.

    Paul McCunty
    Any cRap singer.

    And every time they release something a million Spotify subscribers listen. And Spotify subscribers themselves are either deaf cunts or their digital streamers are made by fucking Amstrad. Subscribe to Tidal you tight wankers and listen to Greta Van Fleet. Best band in yonks

  12. While I’m on a roll, the BBC’s presenting team at the Athletics are in desperate need of a cunting. Especially Welsh faggot, Colin Jackson, Gabby Logan, Michael Jordan, Denise Lewis and the fat blonde dyke, Balding. Now, we all know that the BBC is infested with twats, but there have been a few times when this bunch have managed to out twat the biggest twats, like Lineker, Chris Evans (who recently allowed his five year old son to wear a dress to a movie premiere) and Jeremy Vine.

    One example is their disgraceful behaviour when interrogating the medical chief of the IAAF. Fuck me, if you’re going to ask someone a question, have the basic fucking decency to allow them to answer it, and FINISH answering it, before you start squawking again. That athlete was treated pretty shabbily treated by the IAAF, but the amateurish behaviour of this crew ensured that nobody gave a fuck, because we were all busy tearing THEM a new one.

    Then there’s the whingeing about the crowd booing Justin Gatlin. “Other athletes have been banned for drug taking” they all cried in horror and disgust. “Why are they picking on Gatlin”? Well its simple. MOST athletes who were caught cheating, were caught ONCE. And MOST of them apologised. Even if they didn’t actually mean it. Gatling has been caught cheating twice, making everyone suspicious over how much of his speed is chemically induced. And he has NEVER apologised for being a cheat. In other words, he’s a cunt.

    The British will forgive a lot of things. Cheating and lacking contrition are two things that we have difficulty forgiving. What’s really pissed me off with the whingeing of presenters though, is the hypocrisy of Colin Jackson and Denise Lewis. When Dwayne Chambers tested positive, ONCE, THEY were loudest in their condemnation, and even after Chambers apologised and served his ban, they were again quick to condemn him, even going as far as to demand he be banned for life. But when the crowd continually booed TWO TIME, UNAPOLOGETIC drug cheat, Gatlin, the crowd were the bad guys, and these two were falling over themselves to see who could climb the furthest up Gatlin’s arse. I’m surprised they didn’t accuse the crowd of racism. Cunts.

    • Yes the BBC athletics team are a cosy little club arent they. I bet you they know each others secrets and will never tell .

    • Clare Balding is terrifying. Imagine meeting that in a dark alleyway after she’d drunk copious pints of Stella. Even more terrifying if you’re a woman. She always looks angrily horny, the ugly, chunky bulldyke.

    • I saw about 5 minutes of the whole WC and unfortunately for me it was just those dull as fuck presenters blithering on incessantly!, I’ve seen more animation in a funeral parlour!!, and Welsh windbag Logan wants to turn down the fake Bon Ami !!! Irritating Cunt !!, last and by no means least is Micheal Johnson , undoubtedly a giant of the track but about as interesting to listen to as my vacuum cleaner!! ……..

  13. Well hopefully good old Eddy will take Adelle with him to hell, they have both been ear tucking me for a couple of years now…. total tucking brain damage of what was left of my brain after Lilly the musical mong……… top yourself please and I will stick a £10er in the first charity box I see…. turn the gun on the other two first and then yourself and it will be £30…..hoorah next the government

  14. If, in an alternative universe, Austin Powers and American Dad’s Steve Smith fucked and one (Austin) had a baby, it would be this cunt Sheeran.

    Wash, shave, get a haircut, and fuck off ya cunt.

  15. Apparently, being a ginger, Sheeran is so suseptable to sunburn, that he has to use high factor sunblock…..even during a full moon….

    • Remember when Sheeran had Rooney singing with him? Fuck me, those two cunts must’ve fallen out of the same Ugly tree. Someone should’ve told Rooney to shut up and stick to doing what he does best.

      Shagging old whores.

  16. He looks like the love child of Garfield and a furbee, and also wears those black rimmed geek glasses as a fashion accessory but that goes for multiple cunts. Also hope they left Mo Farah on top of the London Eye this afternoon for his send off.

    • You mean that Somali quorn munching Seattle based self aggrandising faux Briton? I suppose the faux Briton tag could mean any afflete / tennis player / sportsperson draped in a Union Jack. Multiculturalism has so much to answer for – that in itself could do with a cunting – and rightly so. Mohammed (lets not kid ourselves on his real moniker) has now decided he wanted to be known as Mohamed rather than Mo in future, he added: “My road name is Mohamed and I just feel like Mo is done. I need to forget about what I’ve achieved and what I’ve done.” Arise Sir Mohammed – cunt.

      • OK Mo I will try really hard to forget your achievements whatever the fuck they were.

      • Yeah, he didn’t want to appear too “peaceful” while he was receiving millions from British Athletics and getting the support of the British fans.

        As soon as he calls it a day (minted – courtesy of blighty) then his true “peaceful” allegiances shine through.

        Well Sir Mohamed Muktar Jama Farah, enjoy the United States and stay there! If you want a more “peaceful” lifestyle MOHAMED then may I suggest that on your way back to blighty (when you’re PAID to attend that cuntfest called “Sports lack-of Personality of the Year”) that you fly straight past the UK and Europe, and destinate back home in Mogadishu.

        Please take your brood with you and then they can enjoy the noble Somali career path of a pirate. Let’s face it, no copper is going to catch them with those genes are they!

        Have a bag of Quorn pork scratchings on me you ungrateful “refugee” (i.e. economic migrant) cunt!

    • Sheeran is an Irish surname, the dumb cunt sings about an Irish girl falls in love with an Englishman (himself I guess).

  17. This is what happens when those in high places try to socially engineer the populous into admiring the un admirable. They’ve got away with Ant n sick, the Spice girls next door and other so called celebs that started off on Big Brother and similar benign excuses for entertainment, but sadly for them and those who constantly fall for their contemptible indoctrination time and time again this time they’ve pushed this “Ginger people are cool fetish thing” far too far this time.

    • So pleased, Ive been able to contribute to a sensible blog at long last. I do so hope he appreciates my interest.

  18. The most useless, untalented,cover all bases, piece of ginger scrag that was ever shat into civilisation. Won’t go away like a whore that hasn’t been paid ,has a song for everything cunt. Apart from fun. What a fucking cunt this guy is. I can’t believe he has an ounce of career, let alone millions in the bank. He quit Twatter because of trolls? Well get this ginge, you are fucking shit, your songs make me cringe and I can see through you, and your record company whoring.(oooo, it’s st pats day lets put a song out, oooo, it’s hip hop day) You don’t speak for anyone, but the old washed up cunts who love anything any so called ‘nice cunt ‘is selling.I’ve been to showcases better than your number one song. You’re a fake, a phoney, not a real phoney, just a boring, dicky, Mumford and ginger uncle. Paint your little grey house and fuck off. My budgie sings better. Fuck off

    • Do i have budgies???

      Is this a set up??? 🙂

      I have SEVEN budgies. Been keeping and breeding them most of my life.

      Sad fact, budgies get lonely and need a pal. Same sex couples seem to work better than mixed sex as the female gets pissed off with the male and picks on the poor wee feather.

      Get him/her a wee pal. 🙂

  19. No wind up. My budge is 10 years old and happy as hell. He talks and has the free run of my house. I thought about getting him a pal, but decided against it. They fight to the death. I imagine my budge would get fucked. He is such a kind soul.

  20. This episode of Is…A…Cunt has been brought to you by Trill Breakfast Bars: For the budgie on the go!

    • Whinge whinge whinge.

      This just in, Captain Magnanimous is having a whinge about content. Again.

  21. Apparently the ‘Mr Nice Guy’ bollocks Ed puts on is just that… He ‘s supposed to be the biggest tantruming, toy throwing, dummy spitting, always wants his own way cunt in the business today… Wants to be No. 1 at everything, and even sees his chart success as some sort of school competition… A bit like a cross between Fast Show’s Competitive Dad, Rick from The Young Ones, Peter Kay’s Marc Park character, and Violet Elizabeth from Just William..

      • Noel is a bitter blue and a total fanny…. Being the ‘support act’ on U2’s ‘Cash in on a 30 year old album’ tour, crawling around and dancing with Bonio’s horrendous ‘Don’t you know who I am?! I’m married to megastar Bono!’ wife, and licking U2 arse and also being the ‘celebrity Man City fan/bullshitter/cunt’ on Sky Sports, MOTD etc prove beyond doubt that Noel is a supercunt….

        Not to mention his awful ‘High Flying (another stolen name) Birds’ shite… Piss poor McCartney and Paul Simon impressions… A step up from the horrendous Sheeran’s crap, but not by much…

  22. Dicky doubledick needs sedating and a tucking rubber room…. get help you count….. or get a you sad fuck

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