The World Athletics Championships

Emergency cunting.
The World Athletic Championship and the British Team.

The British team have won nothing, all that tax payer funded training, the event being held in their own back yard, well the Islamic republic of Londonistan. Wall to wall coverage on the Beebistan broadcasting corporation and if lucky some beta male with a hipster beard manages to get a ‘pb’

As for the fuckers in the crowd cheering the Somalian who lives in the states last Friday but running under a flag of convenience, eat quorn you cunts.

Nominated by Leonardo di Cunty

128 thoughts on “The World Athletics Championships

    • I agree with many of her policies,but if she is elected as UKIP leader,it is finished. Pretty much is anyhow,if truth be told.

      • It seems the wrong angle for them (the anti-towel head slant). I’ve never been a fan myself but have harboured a secret urge to vote for them if our EU exit is diluted.

        Nonetheless, they still have the whiff of “oddballs” about them. More pleasant than the odour of hypocrisy and denial, like some of the other political parties, but not attractive.

      • In fairness it’s THE only angle!

        This country has a serious “peaceful” problem and any ordinary person (outside of the libbo media and their snowflake appeasers) can see that it is a problem.

        Alas, as the majority, we have no say and the existing bunch of “no marks” in Westminster would rather do an ostrich impression than tackle the “peaceful” issue head-on for fear of reprisal from the TwitBook loving, libbo, hipster, fuckwit, LGBTQABCDEFXYZ minority.

        Only this week yet another bunch of the cunts grooming, abusing and raping young and underage UK white girls – and yet that wasn’t even a big story. Slavery of illegals (who shouldn’t fucking be here – nor their pikey scum captors) was the big story.

        Had the grooming ring been middle-aged white men then every channel would be carrying it from dawn til dusk but as it’s yet another “peaceful” atrocity the cunts from the media to Westminster keep schtum!

        As I walk about Lutonistan, every peaceful cunt aged between 15-30 give you a knowing look of: “…won’t be long now before this is our country you infidel scum!”

        So far from being the “wrong” angle it’s the “only” angle, and a far greater threat to this nation than the EU or any shit kicking off South East Asia.

        O’course being concerned about the indigenous and imported “peaceful” cunts is just common sense and there’s no place for that in our absurd “minority rule” society!

        Society is a cunt!

    • You can’t risk the wrath of the liberal MSM, they are still too influential and average joe is still too thick, and getting thicker by the hour. You need to do what every other politician does unfortunately, and that is say one thing and do the other, like Dear Leader Corbyn in some respects. He says he’s pro EU, but we all know he really isn’t. Unfortunately for Comarade Catweasel, most of us know exactly what he is. Wouldn’t be surprised if she’s simply a useful idiot herself, sent to finish off UKIP while they are vulnerable (… reaches for the tin foil)

      • Even if you argue that the UK cannot control its own borders due to EU red tape, you then have to ask, “So why is the government doing everything it can to stop Brexit?”

        ExMI5 Lord Evans said we are going to be living with terrorism forever. Lord Evans might not have aided the Kalergi plan during his stint as MI5 chief, but his statement about the UK “persevering” through open borders is Orwellian to the core How exactly do native Britons “persevere” through infinity Moslems and MSM’s pampering of jihadi terrorism?!

    • I like Anne Marie.She is growing on me.The more I see and hear of her the less extreme she seemsI dont actually think she will finish UKIP if she gets in.She will lose a lot of support initially but will build it back up in a few months.A lot of people out there who agree with her but daren’t say so through fear of their jobs.The problems with Islam are only going to get worse.Suspicious that she is ex Labour though.If sghe is a plant though she is a bloody good actress.

  1. Newsflash ! Not many people know this but Theresa May is ‘played’ by Mark Thatcher and Winston Churchill is the father of the Queen. It says a lot that I probably don’t have to tell you the source of those 2 gems. Of course anyone not believing them are obviously brain dead morons. Naturally.

    • The cunt is even fleecing the retarded sheep that ‘read’ his pathetic website. How anyone can sift through that collection of shit is beyond me. I suppose they have to do something in between Jeremy Kyle shows.

    • Ha ha ha!!
      I saw that a few weeks ago on that idiots site, I particularly liked his pathetic attempt at the morphing photograph of May turning into mark thatcher!, utterly ridiculous shite!! , he also claims that George Osborne and MP dt David Monaghan are the same person?? , but the real eye opener was Michelle obumma has a penis!! And is obviously a man!, interesting?? No! Informative?? Not on your nelly!!
      Funny?? Fuckin hilarious……..

    • For a minute, I thought you we’re ttp about my tin foil hat quip but then I read between the lines and googled something I can never un-google… I’m quite new to this site so am slightly unfamiliar with this spively fella but what the cotton picking fuck is he/she smoking… Send me 2 ounces but keep me away from a keyboard for a day or two. I could giggle myself bent at that cunt all night long. Does he know that princess di wasn’t actually real? She was actually a genetically modified guinea pig, painted up to look like diana, sent to rid the world of spearmint toothpaste, which is the worlds only defence against the latest NWO plot to make us all into Mr Belvedere type slaves and give us all arse cancer. Tragic but true…

  2. David Miliband is a bit of a cunt, isn’t he.

    The former Foreign Secretary and all-round failure has called for a second referendum (sigh) on Leaving the odious EU, a mere 14 months after the country democratically voted to say Goodbye to the rot.

    Furthermore, this junkie-for-failure, ever greedy to be on the losing side, has called Phillip Hammond (craven, bollockless traitor) “valient” and wants his “vital” support. Come again?

    After losing his Government place and subsequently being Macbethly knifed in the back by his equally twatish brother, ‘Miliband The Even Shorter’ went to live in America where he made loads of more money and was continually unaffected by Immigration.

    What a noxious, privileged Muppet this chump has turned out to be. Even Steptoe, your leader, when not pretending to be a hybrid of the cash-supplying Tooth Fairy, the Easter bloody Bunny and Father Fucking Christmas has heavily implied we should get the fuck out, quickly.

    Everything this berk touches turns to shite. It’s as if he’s got the reverse Midas touch. Remember when he was paid 50 grand to be a non-executive of Sunderland F.C. Well done, Dave, that went well, didn’t it.

    Wipe off that ubiquitousshit-eating grin, piss off back to your cushy life in the States, and shut the fuck up about last year’s referendum, you tedious, short-arse cunt-nugget.

    • Be fair. He does a lot of work for charity. Only gets a few hundred thousand a year for it. From gullible cunts.

  3. On an infinity more interesting topic our old pal Anna soubry has become the first Tory to state she will leave the conservatives if May goes for a hard brexit?? There are many great reasons for a relatively hard brexit but that’s an absolute fucking bonus!!
    The worst kind of wonky eyed remaniacs are talking about forming a new political party??,
    Under the misguided apprehension that they can repeat the MACRON phenomenon!! , I really hope they manage to get cunt of the ages Blair to be their leader!!, imagine all of the most vilified politicians joining forces in a mega swamp of turds and sitting in the middle on top of a steaming pile of festering shite like king turd of poo mountain that colossal cunt BLAIR!!!!

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