The World Athletics Championships

Emergency cunting.
The World Athletic Championship and the British Team.

The British team have won nothing, all that tax payer funded training, the event being held in their own back yard, well the Islamic republic of Londonistan. Wall to wall coverage on the Beebistan broadcasting corporation and if lucky some beta male with a hipster beard manages to get a β€˜pb’

As for the fuckers in the crowd cheering the Somalian who lives in the states last Friday but running under a flag of convenience, eat quorn you cunts.

Nominated by Leonardo di Cunty

128 thoughts on “The World Athletics Championships

  1. The World Athletics has been piss poor for many reasons, and the constant hype of the Muslim Broadcasting Corporation has led to great disappointment.

    I personally don’t give a fuck for the Standard Bearer for Islam and his “heroic’s” and his faux patriotism. As far as Im concerned he is simply the skinny little opportunistic Somalian cunt he has always been.The Quorn munching little fucker now lives in the States ( wiv is famly, ) and needs to fucking well stay there!

  2. I’ve been extremely fortunate and haven’t seen a single minute of this BBC saturated wankathon!!….
    Normally I would accidentally stumble into this and end up wasting an hour or two watching this fuckin garbage, don’t get me wrong I don’t mind having a peek at the Olympics but that’s it…. And Mo ( chicken chaser) farrar can COCK OFF!!

    • FFS!!
      I’m being moderated for saying ” chicken chaser” and ” cock off!”

      • Probably not. Moderation is a bit random sometimes. Blame the cunt that wrote it.

        Often it’s a missed typed username or email address. Also using a different IP will do it e.g a wifi hotspot…

      • One is Sky Broadband and the other is Vodaphone
        I’m guessing one is a PC and the other a phone?
        PC uses your router, phone uses the phone network not your router
        Anyway, having been approved both should go straight through now…

      • I keep getting the message about having posted the comment previously.

        No I haven’t, but then it posts it anyway!

      • I use a VPN sometimes on this site and it works fine especially when I’m in the Pub and o2 won’t let me in. VPN is great for things like p2p downloading as well

    • You changed your IP address from 85* to 94* so it treated you as as first time commenter and moderated you.
      Sorry but entirely down to you…

    • I try to never write anything controversial, Q. I like to think that any of my posts could be quoted on Question Time and be greeted with murmurs of approval from a panel consisting of Diane Abbott,Grayson Perry and Harriet Harman.

      I am the very essence of decorum. The Mods. know that I won’t overstep the mark. πŸ™‚ .

      • Was flicking through some mag in M&S today. Came across an article on what it’s loike to be Kevin, Grayson Perry’s cat.

        A Doctor writes:
        “As proctologist to Kevin, I cannot breach patient confidentiality”

  3. Would digging a big hole and throwing money into said hole then burying the money be a lot less traumatic than the total wankfest that is the government’s “lets give loads of other peoples money to this sure fire (insert project etc)”. Other people running very fast, cycling very fast, jumping over hurdles, playing underwater volley ball or whatever do not benefit me in any shape or form. Cunts one and all.

  4. I’ve submitted a freedom of information request to find out how much of our money was pissed supporting Laura Muirs “heroic” fourth.

    And why the fuck does Mohammed Farah think we want to see his scrotey kids?

  5. The skinny Somalian cunt reminds me of that talking Mr Shit in South Park. The beebistan broadcasting corporation sports dept is a total cunt fest, its full of wogs and underachieving tarts.

  6. Drugged-up coons chasing each other? Don’t need stage an athletics meeting to watch that, they’re at it pretty much 7 days a week in London. You’d imagine that our relay teams would have a distinct advantage,what with being used to carrying and passing knives to each other. I’m surprised that the other teams haven’t complained…probably scared of being stabbed or having their phones and wallets stolen.

    I think that athletics should be more like The Krypton Factor. The athletes should have to stop half way through,and complete a brain-teaser puzzle. This would give the white athletes a chance to catch-up. I’d also keep the male and female athletes strictly apart. The sight of a load of white women in shorts obviously inflames the black men,and encourages their natural inclination to chase.Another example of the blacks being given an unfair advantage.

    • I think it is the distinct nasal flare that allows darkies to consume more oxygen that gives the cunts the edge over whitemen.

      I would rather be slow than have the snout of a darkie.

      • You have a point Asimplearsehole but these darkies are are always in top form because of constantly running from the law, plus have you never seen instead of a rabbit running round the side of the track they put some fried chicken instead.

  7. I remember a time when Zola Budd, (who came from Africa just like Mo Farah) tried to represent GB at long distance running.
    She was jeered and harangued everywhere she went.
    So why are these hypocritical cunts cheering and supporting a stupid looking Somalian fuckpig instead of telling him to piss off back to where he came from?
    Surely it’s not a question of race or colour?

    • Although undoubtedly a cunt farah has at least won stuff, we’ve had a long tradition of imported Cunts who have been thoroughly useless!!!
      Zola budd- fell at Olympics
      Graham hick- didn’t like people bowling too quickly…
      Greg rusedski- simply wasnt fucking good enough
      Joe bugner- had all the tools but didn’t fancy the job
      The list of useless cunts is as very long one , it’s been going on for years!!
      Amazingly and Against all the odds the UK has managed a production line of black athletes who simply aren’t quick enough!! Can’t jump high enough! And can’t throw far enough!! …… πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      • And our white ones seem to disappear when the going gets tough!!
        Back in the day our swimming teams were an embarrassment!!
        They got in Aussie bill and he got the ball rolling!!, we’ve never looked back….
        Cycling too
        So not all is lost…..

  8. I like Athletics and I enjoy watching a lot of Tracks and Field events especially at the highest level.
    However I have a problem with cunts representing their country, the cunts decide to run for a country they are not even born in. It’s in all sports, White and black cunts are all guilty. We seem to welcome any foreign cunt to represent us in sport, you only have to look at Tennis, Athletics, Football. Maybe we are crap and that’s it but I would feel like a cunt competing for a country I wasn’t even born in or have any of that countries blood in my veins.

  9. Excellent counting Leo dc I couldn’t agree more, would it be possible to count the Essex council for trying to appear pc when the ex mayor has correctly said what everyone already knows- travellers are thieves and should take their thieving ways back to the emerald isle…..dam right thieving gypsy bastards are all scum… quoted in the film snatch_ I fucking hate pikeys and with good reason,these cunts cause nothing but problems and as far as I can see are of no benefit to anyone….the only good irish import was guiness they can have the pikeys back.
    Also can I cunt this silly bitch on the news who is campaigning to make it illegal for perverts to take upskirt phots……I agree it should be illegal but you can hardly take the high road when you have a skirt so short you can see the slags ham sandwich and then get annoyed when people look and some perv tries to get a keepsake for his wankbank…..wear trousers you retard or knickers if you have to wear a short skirt whilst striking a pose going up stairs with feet far apart you bring it on yourself you count….

  10. Loved watching Steve Ovett, Alan Wells, and Daley Thompson back then…. Seb Coe was – and still is – a cunt… Zola Budd was a cunt too (British my arse), but Mary Decker Slaney was an even bigger cunt… Those histrionics put Francis Lee and Jurgen Klinsmann to shame…

    Now athletics is shit… Full of ‘look at me’ and ‘show us the money’ cunts like Farrah, Ennis-Cunt, and Insane Bolt…

    • Watching Ennis shoe horned into those shit Santander ads really annoys me. Not on a Cordon level obviously, but enough for me to yell fuck off at the TV every time I can’t fast forward through it.

      • I’m ure eight month pregnant Jessica Ennis won a medal the other day from FOUR years ago.
        I hate that little cunt already, but four years later??????

        Get over yerself, ya prick.

  11. In my day it was how you performed on the rugby field and cricket pitch. Nobody gave a fuck about a load of Nancyboys and their Hop,Skip and Jump or Egg and Spoon races.

    I like that Caster Semenya,she looks like a game bird who wouldn’t be averse to a bit of slap n tickle. I shall send her a sketch of my cock,that should tempt the little Minx.

    • Tongue in cheek?
      That was tongue in cheek, Dick Fiddler, right?

      Yer crown is safe, you are the king.
      You don’t have to sully it with thoughts of she men.

      • She’s 100% woman,Birdman. Apparently someone got the job of checking her plumbing. I wonder if they do that for all the women athletes? I might apply. Perhaps it could be a whole new career for me. I’d also be prepared to have a close keek at some of those women tennis players, (not the Williams,obviously),football players,golfers and darts players.

      • I would be very keen to check the plumbing of that Dutch Dafne Schippers who beat women in the 200..

        On another note, may now Poland are ranking third, will the be the new UK Replacements of all the converted Africans (Participants and TV hosts?)

    • She does look like she could put up a bit of a struggle,Mike,I’ll give you that. However, I was recently accused of being a slight bit of a bigot !!!! Well,of course I was horrified. What better way to prove that I am truly a New Man prepared for a New UK,free of racism and sexism,than to turn up at the local Leek and Whippet Show sporting a big,black Tranny on my arm? I feel sure that I shall sweep into a commanding lead in the “Thoroughly Modern Gentleman” competition.

      • Now,now B.C. We can all take the odd bad photo. I feel sure that La Semenya has hidden depths. Although,to be fair,looking at that photo,it might take a bigger (in every sense of the word) man than me to be capable of bottoming out in that particular little cutie.

  12. Qunts eat and enjoy Quorn.
    Get fuckin over it , yaaaaaaawn.

    Come into the fuckin nineties.

    Mo Farrah is a cunt.
    Liz mcColgan’s daughters face would get pumped.
    Can’t believe West Ham play football there.
    Cant believe the tax payers of UK were forced to pay for that stadium.
    The shotput cage is pink.
    A lot of these athletes are piss poor and i truly believe that at the age of 42, that i could do better than some/most.
    It’s shite and the missus is on holiday and watching as much as she can even though she’s never ever shown the slightest interest in this tat before.
    Its mind numbingly sheeeeiiiittee.

    That’s my thought on whatever this gathering of cunts is called.

  13. I prefer the Olympics as it’s not just out and out track and field and more varied sports.
    I particularly like the sailing where we’ve had some success recently, especially the Laser class event where Britain took gold, Denmark took silver, Portugal took bronze and Somalia took a British couple hostage….

      • I was county standard at synchronised wanking and formation pissing up a wall. But there was fuck all lottery funding for me.

      • The para Olympics is my choice, the brittle bone boxings always worth a watch, and who can forget the S7 swimming final ? When the ear beat the eye by a nose…..

      • The cunt in the leccy chair struggled a bit in the swimming mind!

        He was sponsored by Tesla and now he’s sponsored by Dignitas.

  14. Average speed cameras are in need of a cunting,
    There everywhere, there’s no beating the fuckers. Why the fuck do I have to slow down from 90mph to 50mph on the motorway when there is nothing going on?
    I got caught by one a while ago I was doing an average of 49mph in a 40mph zone, I’ve had to pay almost Β£80 to go on a Speed Awareness course (no doubt run by a load of ex Coppers) who will tell me that going faster than the speed limit is…going to fast. My other option was to pay Β£100 and get three points on my license.
    They are taking all the fun out of driving.
    What a moneymaking scam, the cunts.

    • Well cunted, it is ALL about the money.

      I had my van broken into a couple of years ago and all my tool nicked.
      Cunts didn’t even show up.

      …probably too busy working non jobs, advising people of the dangers of driving at 49, ON A FUCKIN MOTORWAY.

  15. The roads need a cunting,
    How the fuck can the roads be so bad and no one complains. The roads here are starting to resemble a poor countries roads, I swear the road conditions cause loads of damage to vehicles, where do they put all the road tax money. They are being so stingy that when they don’t even resurface the motorway when they finish shrinking/changing the direction of the lanes.

    • The roads up here’ll have been a smoother ride when the fucking Romans built them. I’m just waiting for some cyclist or biker to hit one of the potholes near where I live,it’s bad enough in a 4×4. The Council have let the roads deteriorate for years and now they just can’t keep up with the repairs.

      • Thing is they even mess up a simple pothole filling. What also pisses me off is they lay a nice new road a day within a month some cunts from the water company dig the road up and it when finished relay the road with a different type of asphalt. The rain gets in and it’s a pile of cunt again.

    • Try cycling on the roads.
      The smashing together of teeth as yer wheels crash into they canyons is torture.

      Here in La Linea the town is built on sand, and means many of the potholes are feet deep.
      And due to tremors the cycle paths buckle upwards.
      Good for BMX-ing though.

      • I’ve got a nice bike Birdman but I only ever use when I’m in Bristol, fuck riding a bike in London. I like riding my bike but it’s dangerous on the roads especially with all the cunts out there. Gonna start cycling to Bath (12 miles) it’ll take a while to get the fitness up though.

      • You’ll be amazed at how easy twelve miles is, Black and Whits Cunt.
        I’m lucky here that its pretty flat with only the odd gradient.

        I know its an old clichΓ© and seen as sexist, but for me it’s wimmin drivers i need to be careful of. Especially when they have their tart mat sat next to them.
        Wimmin cutting me off at roundabouts is a daily occurrence, and even yesterday i pulled into the kerb to push that unexpected shite back up my arse.
        Seriously wimmin, whats the big idea?
        And they all seem to drive Chelsea tractors

      • “even yesterday i pulled into the kerb to push that unexpected shite back up my arse.” haha that made me laugh. I reckon I’ll donthe trip to Bath ok but it’ll take a bit of building up to. It helps when you have a nice view of the English countryside to keep you entertained.

    • The problem with the roads are this:

      1. HM Govt officials get massive kick-backs for awarding contracts.

      2. They are not fixed price. If they were then said “contractors” would have to foot the bill themselves. Which would virtually guarantee that they’d be done on time and on price as opposed to the “cash cow” system them have now.

      3. They award the contracts to pikey road diggers (no better than the drive tarmac’ing cunts recently prosecuted for slavery) who spend the day shovel-leaning while they recover from a hangover, and the nights getting smashed ready for the next day.

      4. Most of the roadworks – which are every fucking where – are pointless because by the time they have finished the extra capacity it was supposed to create will have been taken up by all of the extra cars, vans and campers with PL, RO and BUL plates on them!


  16. Fuck me I have driven on roads in poor countries and most of them are in better condition than the crumbling tarmac potholed streets around where I now live. Some of the potholes on the A and B roads in parts of the UK are now about eight to ten inches deep. I have been told that if a pot hole damages your car you can sue the local council for the damage it never gets to court the council just pays out, apparently paying out is cheaper than repairing all the holes.

  17. Unladylike women is a cunt,
    I don’t like women who drink pints, a pint in a woman’s hand looks wrong.
    I don’t like women who smoke roll ups (makes me think they cannot afford a proper cigarette).
    I could meet the fittest lady but if she farts it kills the lady respect I have for her (do that in private).
    Is it too much expect a lady to act like a lady?
    It’s all good banging an unladylike woman a few times but if you want something a bit more long term a proper lady always wins.
    The problem these days is the ‘Ladette’ culture with these women, ask one of the cunts what she’s cooking for dinner and she’ll say ‘a Tesco ready meal’. I am not an old cunt but it seems ladies weren’t like a lot of them are now back in the 40s, 50s and 60s.

    • Well cunted Black and White Cunt.
      In a similar vein, I’d like to cunt females who act like they love sex and have the appearance of a slapper, but when you get back to a bedroom, they just lay there and let you give them some missionary sans present root blow job.
      I pulled a so called slapper i knew from school once, when we were older, and all i got was being told to “hurry up and come”, and after i asked why i never got a blowjob, she replied that i spent too much time licking her out.

      I meekly got my clothes and called a taxi as she snoared away.

      • It’s rare you get the ultimate combination of a lady whose also a proper dirty slag in the bedroom (or anywhere). I find it’s usually the ones you least expect or the least slag looking ones who turn out to be the best in the bedroom.
        I need a new lady, whose also a slag.

      • What is it with women who have no imagination in between the sheets? I notice when you’ve been with a woman for more than a couple of years the sex gets predictable and boring. It’s one of the reasons I can’t see myself ever getting married or being faithful. I went to a Wedding the other day and I ended up banging one of the Bridesmaid’s, she is 21 and was quality although being 38 it made me feel a bit old.

      • You’re lucky it was female! I’ve heard of birds having their gay mates as bridesmaids these days!

        Fucking society is a cunt!

        I hope you did the the “Crying Game” check B&W cunt! πŸ˜‰

  18. I fucked an anerexic bird once , she was so short of skin that when she closed her mouth her arse would open.

    • I once dated an anorexic girl who sadly passed away, although I do take some comfort in the fact that she died doing what she loved best…..starving herself.

  19. Let us hope that a good few snowflakes get a richly deserved slapping in Charlottesville today…. Cunts…

  20. Ed Sheeran is a gargantuan cunt…
    Now there are so many reasons to detest this tuneless ginger bollocked gargoyle, but now this cry baby gnome has left Twitter…. Because people are sending him nasty tweets and reading them has been ruining his life…. Seriously….The cunt is a millionaire many times over, even though he has the talent and the charisma of a fresh dog turd in a heatwave…Yet nasty comments have been ruining his life?! Is he that much of a fairy princess cunt?! Obviously….who`s managed to become crazily successful despite having all the natural talent and

    • That smug fuckin face of his.
      I’m positive that he does that just to piss me off and it’ll be used as my defence in court.

      Guess what? Lucky old me has never heard one bar of his tat, not one, but I’ve still been able to judged this cunt to be a supa dupa cunt and can honestly say that all his tat is shite.

      I may be vain, but i truly believe the look is as important as the it, and this cunt looks shit.

  21. I back all the red kneck hics that are trying to defend their heritage in Charlottesville. They should do a Deliverence style beating on those snowflakes trying eradicate good ole Southern hospitality. LITTLE PIGS

    • You cant erase history just because it ‘might’ offend people. Like the cunts at Oxford who set up Rhodes Must Fall campaign, especially when some of the precious little pricks were benefiting from a Rhodes Scholarship themselves. If he didn’t exist then pay your fees in full cunts.

      • I agree with you Fenton Fistula redneck neo facists didn’t start the violence, it was cops and leftists. Remember protecting your heritage is racist and goes against the forced globalist mindset.

        Its disgusting how many cucky politicians denounced them saying they don’t have a right to free speech. These spineless rootless politicians describe themselves as not having a racist bone in their body and will suck a million foreign african arab and latino cocks to prove it virtue signalling is truly repugnant

  22. Athletics are an ancient cunt.

    They were based on activities of the day such as hunting, running to pass on messages, etc.

    Nowadays athletics should be given a modern lickspittle of paint like the…

    – 100 metre dash without getting killed by a “peaceful” cunt.

    – The tri-way pram steeplechase (for the chav brigade).

    – The modern vociferous denial pentathlon for MPS, MEPs and any lickspittle cunt in Brussels working for the EU.

    – The paternity pole-vault for Father’s derelict in their responsibilities to their kids.

    – The Jeremy Corbyn giveaway marathon where comrade Corbyn himself identifies the most useless cunts in society and throws money at them will the minority working force gets taxed to death to pay for it.

    Also on the 100 metre “peaceful” dash. It wouldn’t be elite athletes doing it, it would be cunts like Corden, Lily Allen, Adele and Lineker, et. al.

  23. Just a silver for Sir “peaceful” Farrah.

    Hopefully that draws a line under the cunt and we can get back to preventing more of his ilk entering this country via the Merkel invite. Twat!

  24. Oh but then we win the 4x100m relay gimmick race and that makes all the money pissed-away alright then???

    Just like Darren Osborne’s limp, pissed up attempt at driving in Finsbury Park. That one act absolved all the “peaceful” atrocities and deaths which preceded it.

    Anyone heard “critical threat” mentioned by the cunts in Westminster since the Darren Osborne fuck-up?

    And you won’t. The threat is not greater or lesser than it was pre Osborne but thar cunt has made it so that we’ll have to deal with a volley of “peaceful” terrorist attacks before Westminster is allowed to use “critical threat” again.

    So we’ll done Britain and N.I. 4x100m team (I suppose using the term “UK” would offend the fienian bog-trotter pikey terrorists in Nor’n Eye-lan and we couldn’t have that), your one act has absolved all of the other “excited about 4th!” and piss-poor PB crap gushing from Darren Campbell’s gob! You cunts!

  25. If it hasn’t got a ball, it’s not a sport. (Boxing excepted.)
    Athletics, aquatics, snow and ice flannel, boats, cars, bikes, gymnastics, and the rest can all get cunted.

    • I concur with the ball rule, though I do think Darts is a real sport.

      Any sport that Britain didn’t invent is not a proper sport.

      • Have a go at ice hockey no ball there and more fighting than in the average boxing match. And probably first played in the UK or North UK as Canada is known

  26. shame about Bolt. bit of a sad end. btw i read in the Daily Mail today that on a recent visit to London he bedded 7 women one of whom sold her story to a red top..

    • Don’t worry, if any progeny arise from his actions the UK will foot the bill for the little basket!

  27. Poofter newspaper The Pink news has announced Prince George a ‘gay icon’ at the age of four. WTF, they could choose any one of the mincing turd burglars from entertainment that infest our screens, its not the fact he happens to be a royal but a young child and now the palace are in a difficult position to comment without be labelled out of touch or homophobic. Luckily I’m in not such position, so cunts, arseholes are for scratchin n’ crappin or unless you happen to be St Gary of Lineker, talking out of.

    • Don’t forget, we live in a fucked “minority rule” society and therefore as the majority – who would no doubt find such publications/associations of a royal (and a 4yr old at that) concerning if not distasteful – have no say on the matter.

      So it’s arseless leather chaps and a black studded leather cap for poor wee Geordie on his next public outing!

      FFS! Society is a cunt!

    • I’ve always believed that most arse-bandits were also kid-chasers. That’s why I wouldn’t allow them access to children…no adoption,teaching,etc…..Nothing. Just as they claim that they “were born this way”,they were also “born nonces.”

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