Keyboard anger


The internet ‘lost it’ brigade are due a well deserved cunting.

Three times now in a week i’ve seen internet trolleymongs use the phrase ‘lost it’ when referring to the fact that something random a complete fucking stranger has posted that has caused them to dribble shake and tremble in rage and ‘lose it’ whilst hammering the shit out of their keyboard in a clumsy insult laden rant that they think passes as a reply but actually reflects all the insults that have been leveled at them all their lives by their alcoholic depressed and disappointed parents/carers or the people that pretend to like them lol

I would seriously like to advocate their suicide as a solution to their weak mindedness affliction as the internet and the world in general would be better off without these low rent intellectually deficient oxygen wasters, the only drawback to this solution I can imagine is I may have to source my own supermarket trolley…but that is an inconvenient chance I am willing to take for the greater good!

Nominated by: Pagliacci