Keyboard anger


The internet ‘lost it’ brigade are due a well deserved cunting.

Three times now in a week i’ve seen internet trolleymongs use the phrase ‘lost it’ when referring to the fact that something random a complete fucking stranger has posted that has caused them to dribble shake and tremble in rage and ‘lose it’ whilst hammering the shit out of their keyboard in a clumsy insult laden rant that they think passes as a reply but actually reflects all the insults that have been leveled at them all their lives by their alcoholic depressed and disappointed parents/carers or the people that pretend to like them lol

I would seriously like to advocate their suicide as a solution to their weak mindedness affliction as the internet and the world in general would be better off without these low rent intellectually deficient oxygen wasters, the only drawback to this solution I can imagine is I may have to source my own supermarket trolley…but that is an inconvenient chance I am willing to take for the greater good!

Nominated by: Pagliacci

5 thoughts on “Keyboard anger

  1. How dare you, you ****ing **** people like you should shove your ****ing ***** up your ******** then after that go and **** yourelf. I have never lost my ****ing temper online or been abusive that would be ****ing disgusting.

  2. Good Cunting Paggers.

    Troll. Trolley; I see what you did there 🙂

    I tend to ignore the rants and the ranters, but, I suspect there is a problem developing with those who are unable to separate the wired world and reality. Wired world: no’but smoke and mirrors; the real world can kill you, really kill you and not just threaten it. In moments of boredom I will deliberately put up a ‘bait’ post on Spewtʘʘb to break up a mutual wank fest over some wanna be celeb; thing is: it just re-enforces the perceived righteous infallibility of their opinions as they turn on me and let loose the keyboards of wrath.

    Games consoles, puters and smart (?) phones, I believe, will erode the innate ability of people -who are addicted to this tech and I do see it as an addiction- to interact at a face to face level and can see there will evolve another strata of society who are unable to make eye contact and carry on a meaningful conversation. Suicide? Just take away their tech and they will disintegrate and settle into a puddle of bright green characters; I’ve read about this matrixy thing on t’interweb so it must be true………………………..

  3. Ever since I ditched my Facebook, YouTube and Movie discussion forum accounts in favour of just visiting ” is a cunt” keyboard rage has become a distant memory. No sanctimonious preaching or lectures just good honest spleen venting and persistent twats are swiftly dealt with. Fuck “Social Media” and all the wank that goes with it…..

    • There’s a lot to be said for ditching all that shit. I’ve never had a FacePlant account and never will do, as I reckon it’s a bit dodgy for anyone to advertise what they get up to on a daily basis.

      Today’s world is so fucking materialistic and superficial. I used to have a YouTube account several years ago, but it started to attract a lot of amateur online lawmakers, keyboard crusaders and weirdos, so I thought “why the fuck do I need this shit”, closed shop and walked away. I feel a lot better for it. These techwanksters always say “I couldn’t do without it blah blah” but we all seemed to manage ok before this social shit came out. What you’ve never had…you don’t miss.

      Social media is pointless. Making “friends” with faceless non-entities in obscure countries who they’re very unlikely to meet in person and don’t give a fuck about anyway? Who needs that shit? A big waste of time.

  4. Social Media is fucking arse wank.
    The home of the delusional narcissists who believe they are ‘celebrities’
    If I wanted to look at pictures of cats I would watch channel 5’s ‘whats cats do’, if I wanted to look at deranged selfies I would watch porn and if I wanted to look at pictures of children I would go see Jimmy Savile.

    The Internet is fucking shite, a breeding ground for narcissists, the easily offended and whinging warriors.
    Their point of view is right and if you don’t agree then you are a cunt, allegedly!

    Fuck Twitter, fuck Facebook and certainly fuck Youtube & Google.

    Apparently captain capacious arsehole (Stephen Fry) has deleted his twitter after getting some abuse, good!
    Instead of receiving plaudits, adulation and the attention of sycophants he has received some critical feedback, and the raging arse bandit does not like it, so he deleted his Twitter in a spat in the hopes everyone rallies around in sympathy asking him to come back..Fuck off I say, slit your wrists and do the world a favour, Twitter could do without you promoting your debauched bum sex, your latest TV show (at license fees payers expense) or your incessant advertising for Apple.

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