Angela Terry

‘Angela Who?’ you ask. Well, she’s the ‘Environmental Scientist’ (ie ‘Environmental Campaigner’) who went on the telly to denounce conservatories …… from her own conservatory.

Apparently it’s okay for her to luxuriate in warmth while we members of the great unwashed shiver our bollocks off. Her ‘Get Out of Jail Free Card’, you see, is that it was already there when she bought the house.

So if she thinks conservatories are so bad, why did she buy a house that’s got one? Or having done so, why not have the fucking thing pulled down? And how simple must she be to get herself interviewed in her conservatory? Perhaps not so simple, however, because all the other rooms in the house probably have air con, open fires, gas/oil-fired central heating and are stuffed full of electronic gadgetry which would have shown her up to be an even bigger hypocrite. The conservatory was probably her safest option to avoid looking and sounding like a cunt. Well you failed you thick bitch, you are a cunt.

Anyway, I do like the comment at the end of video – ‘My house has a coal mine in the garden. It was there when I bought it, so that’s okay, I’m keeping it’.

Nominated by: Geordie Twatt