Angela Terry

‘Angela Who?’ you ask. Well, she’s the ‘Environmental Scientist’ (ie ‘Environmental Campaigner’) who went on the telly to denounce conservatories …… from her own conservatory.

Apparently it’s okay for her to luxuriate in warmth while we members of the great unwashed shiver our bollocks off. Her ‘Get Out of Jail Free Card’, you see, is that it was already there when she bought the house.

So if she thinks conservatories are so bad, why did she buy a house that’s got one? Or having done so, why not have the fucking thing pulled down? And how simple must she be to get herself interviewed in her conservatory? Perhaps not so simple, however, because all the other rooms in the house probably have air con, open fires, gas/oil-fired central heating and are stuffed full of electronic gadgetry which would have shown her up to be an even bigger hypocrite. The conservatory was probably her safest option to avoid looking and sounding like a cunt. Well you failed you thick bitch, you are a cunt.

Anyway, I do like the comment at the end of video – ‘My house has a coal mine in the garden. It was there when I bought it, so that’s okay, I’m keeping it’.

Nominated by: Geordie Twatt

89 thoughts on “Angela Terry

  1. All of these green cunts are do as I say and not as I do.

    I remember some of those XR cunts driving tacky gas guzzlers like 4x4s and Range Rovers.

    I cannot abide the green brigade, they are worse than woke people in some respects and I don’t buy the whole global warming thing anyway.

    • I have noticed most have either – a) Rich parent (inherited wealth) b) A partner in a professional job (civil servants/lawyer) and therefore have a nice big fuck off house in the country, no money worries but since they have nothing to worry about they have decided to take it upon themselves to lecture the rest of us how to live our lives.

      I hate the smug arrogant wrong headed twats with a passion.
      And more importantly they are just wrong.

      • The Bono-Geldof archetype. A rich narcissist who refuses to just fuck off and enjoy their riches in peace.

        They should give me the country estate and their money, and go join antifa and live in a squat in Bristol. Fucking cunts. It’s wasted on them.

      • I recall Geldof saying he hasn’t bought new clothes in decades. No shit, Cat Weasel, no shit.

      • He doesn’t need to. He was inundated by tons of clothes by people who
        A. Hoped he’d wear them to promote their brand, and
        B. People who sent clothes, hoping he’d somehow get them to the places Bob was trying to tell us were naked and starving.

      • I sent Bof Geldof a silky camisole, stockings & suspenders. I haven’t seen him wearing any of them.
        Oh, and his vacuous daughter ‘Peaches’ is a spoilt, airhead, woke dummy.

      • Geldof looks as if he hasn’t washed since he slithered out of his mother’s bits. And hasn’t washed his clothes either. Filthy cunt.

    • This is the crux. If you believe in deep-ecology, then you have to LIVE THE LIFE of a deep-ecologist like that Finnish fisherman, Pentti Linkola:

      But they don’t, these preaching faux-ecologists, they aren’t living in 100% ecological houses, not driving a car, buying only eco-food, recycling their waste water, boycotting the corporations, etc. They all ALL TALK and no (homemade) trousers. Call them out when they preach to you, ask them to remove their oil-based clothing and shoes and watch them wither.

  2. The environMental shower are just another set of cunts clambering aboard the gravy train.
    They’d very much like to see us return to the Bronze Age..just so long as they still have their mobile phones cars foreign holidays etc etc

    I’m not a nature botherer myself so I’d happily see every last one of these bullshitting cunts gassed.

  3. I rather agree with her….conservatories are rather twee and..dare I say it…common.

    I have a vast yet typically understated Orangery.

    • DFF@ – Are those Greeks still demanding the marbles in your orangery back?
      I would have thought they would have been more philosophical about it..

      • @Vern….The Greeks’ll get bugger all off me after the disrespectful way that I was treated when I visited several years ago…. arrested,incarcerated and deported indeed…fucking Amnesty International weren’t fucking interested when I contacted them either…be a different matter if I’d been a Sooty,no doubt.

      • I hope your orangery is full of exotic blooms from far-flung places acquired from jibber jabbing tribesmen at the height of Empire by a 19th century botanical Fiddler, Dick.

      • I actually chucked all the plants out to make more room for my naked calisthenics workouts,L.L….caught my ballsack once too often on the prickly-pear.

      • High jinks at the rugby club after dinner drinks too I should think, playing chicken with the Venus fly trap and some unfortunates cock seemed like a good idea at the time.

    • You are Lord Armstrong of Cragside, and I claim my ten guineas! Seriously, though, Cragside is a beautiful place.

      Afternoon all.

  4. “No your honor I didn’t know my house had a sex dungeon when I bought it. …oh the girl chained up? Didn’t know she was there either”.

    • That happens when you buy in Brussels.
      As long as it wasn’t Kirstie Allslop in the basement…

  5. My cuntservatory is 600 sq ft +👍

    I will burn some tyres, empty pesticide containers and creosote rags to celebrate, this weekend👍

  6. It’s like the Lucas telling people they will have to fly less to stop global warming…… unless they have a damn good reason to fly. For example having a relative in another country, it just so happens her son lives in the USA.

    Nothing wrong with wanting to ‘do the right thing’ as long as it’s not me, me, me.

    Fuck off, I might like to have a conservatory and it’s my fucking business!!

    • funny thing, about 5-10 years ago we were told conservatories were good. They trap heat that you can then let into the house, instead of putting the heating on.

  7. What is it with having a conservatory? “Your house may get too warm in the summer”.
    Wtf has that got to do with anyone, never mind what it has to do with global bollocks warming???

    • Might as well say, “if it gets too hot in your house, open the fridge and freezer doors, derp derp.” That’s the level of thinking among the “SAVE THE PLANET!!!” derpers.

    • It’s because of the winter, really. So much glass and little insulation means it leaks heat in cold weather, meaning people increase heating to keep warm, hence extra fuel = extra CO2. Also, some people have air con in summer, same issue.
      The answer is to have proper external doors providing access, and shutting it off in colder weather, but us selfish sods, according to people like Ms. Terry, want to use them all year round.
      How very dare we!
      Surely in this day and age it’s possible to construct a conservatory that is warm in winter and cool in summer, oh wait! Isn’t what all those ads on TV already claim?

      • I’ve always found conservatories weirdly uncomfortable, draughty, covered in bird shit and green mould.
        Build an extension and build a man-cave, or as I call it, “the War Room.”

      • I agree, CG. I’d much rather have a cosy, brick built, soundproofed extension, preferably with no windows.
        Folk round here are reit nosey!

      • Windows are a cunt these days. Neighbours with industrial-power garden equipment that put out Motörhead-level decibels at 7am on a cunting Sunday. I need my windows for my plants, but I’d do without them as they just let in cold and noise and get covered in bird-shit. Great invention back in the day, but they are annoying for a home these days. If I had the billions, I’d have a massive underground artificial cave system like they have at Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, but with all kinds of ballrooms, ice-rink, football pitch, etc! Modern billionaires have to taste, vision, boldness these days, they suck, they just want money but do fuck all with it.

      • I agree with you about the Sunday morning power tools.
        I never use them before noon any day of the week, never mind on a Sunday.
        It’s just rude.

      • I get it for the winter, but according to the government, and I quote from the Independent : The regulations are being introduced after concerns that Britain’s homes are at risk of becoming uninhabitable if summer temperatures continue to rise due to global warming.

        I kid you not

      • If that’s true, about global warming, I don’t see the problem. The warmer it is, the less fuel we use, so it’s a win-win.
        Except, people would have us believe that global warming is going to have a significant effect in my lifetime, my children, grandchild and future generations.
        This is simply not true. Yes, the planet will flame out and die, eventually, but not for many thousands of years, by which time we will, as a human race, all be dead, or have colonised other planets.

      • The Romans lived in abundance during their age of a warmer climate, there’s literature on this, huge-ass grape harvests and shit. Bring on a warmer climate! The problem isn’t carbon dioxide, this world is designed to cope with that, it’s the release of METHANE GAS from Arctic tundra that is scary, but that never gets brought up by the climate clowns. Shit, I’ve barely looked into climate change and I know more than these braindead activists.

  8. Bastard hypocrites. I guess their advice is good enough for the brainless gurning peons to whom they dispense it, but not for them. Fucking cunts.

  9. Lock the cunt in her greenhouse on a sunny day and turn up the heating. It will save Terry turning on his oven.

  10. What an elitist slapper – saw this on her website.

    Environmental scientist and commentator, sharing knowledge to save the planet

    What’s your name Boris – set an example you smug bint and take your conservatory down but leave your knickers on ‘cos you ain’t worth touching.

      • People who live in glass houses…shouldnt get changed with the lights on. If at first you dont succeed, try chewing it instead. Remember, the glass is only half empty if you’ve been drinking out of it.

  11. I wonder how much funding she receives? 😒 🤔.
    The way energy prices are going it’s highly improbable that the average family have money to piss away on a seated greenhouse.
    Silly trout.

  12. I don’t give a shit. Coal and wood in the log burner, waste oil in the burner. Excellent stuff – also use it to treat the fence, and it smells of old chips as a bonus.

  13. Typical of the blind Eco- Commentariat, oblivious to the fact that she’s sitting in a conservatory, but that’s ok because she’s enlightened and has made up for it with “Eco-Credits”.

  14. To quote Margaret Thatcher

    ‘We must try to find ways to starve the terrorist and the hijacker the oxygen of publicity on which they depend’.

    Ms Terry (I’ll bet she’s a Ms) may well be far from being a terrorist but she’s an ideologue so 2 sides of the same coin.

    As long as cretins like this are given a platform they’ll be plenty of fodder for ISAC.

  15. Hypocrisy from an environmentalist? Whatever next. I bet Attenbore has one he uses as an office to plan his flights to far flung places with his film crew. Nothing surprises me with these cunts.

  16. When is Angela Terry giving up her car, walking or cycling everywhere, moving into a 1 room shack with a solar panel on the roof and a windmill in the garden and eating plants, insects and grubs then?
    Oh yes, and spinning her own clothes out of nettles because the carbon footprint of making them in the third world then transporting them to the UK is simply unconscionable..
    Yet another full of shit hypocrite.
    And I am still, after thirty years of asking, waiting for an answer from any climaloon or environ mentalist why there was 400% more atmospheric CO2 in the last ice age than the present day.
    We live on a thin skin of rock surrounding superheated liquid which is constantly moving, global warming and cooling is a naturally occurring cycle which has been happening since the creation of Planet Earth and the CO2 output of humankind has made precisely zero difference to global warming.
    And I am now pretty sick and tired of constantly being browbeaten by cunts who just want another excuse to tax average Joe to death as they fly about on private jets tut tutting.
    Fuck them.

    • You are correct Vern. Global warming or whatever they call it now, climate emergency or some such horseshit, is a scam to tax more and control more by the usual suspects. Just more fear mongering to subdue the unwashed masses. I’m sure this trout is a watermelon like the Lucas and the rest of them, green on the outside, red on the inside.

      Do these people have the faintest idea what ceasing to use fossil fuels will look like? It will mean the breakdown of law and order and civil society. It will be like the Hunger Games. Elites, who will control access to ‘fossil fuels’* will rule with an iron fist or things will break down to the degree that feudal warlords will emerge. Either way Utopia it won’t be.

      * Fossil fuels is also bullshit. Hydrocarbons are abiogenic in origin and practically limitless. Russian geologists know this, and you can bet Chinese ones do. Prof. Thomas Gold of Cornell was the principle advocate of this theory in the West. But there’s no profit in unlimited.

      • We have survived endless volcanic eruptions…

        But we’ve never had a massive methane release from the Arctic permafrost.

        Climate is insanely complex and I reckon most people don’t understand it. I wonder how many credentialed climate experts fully understand it. Maybe even GOD doesn’t understand it!

        “Yo! I just CREATED the Earth, I don’t know how it WORKS, niggas!”

      • Methane is released into the atmosphere continually from both biogenic sources such as decaying vegetation etc ( I reference my previous cunting entitled Cow Farts) and abiogenic sources. Vast methane reserves exist as methane hydrates at ocean depths for example. Even with warming the methane in permafrost will not be released catastrophically anymore than the Greenland ice sheet will melt overnight. Warming would result in a gradual Northward advance of the boreal treeline, creating new carbon sinks (trees) as it goes. Methane is as much a part of the carbon cycle as CO2 itself and oxidizes to CO2 in the atmosphere. Although in a laboratory, methane has strong infra red absorption bands which on paper makes it a stong ‘greenhouse’ (a misnomer) gas, those absorption bands overlap with those of water vapour and CO2 which are much more dominant due to higher concentration. In non technical terms this means, the methane doesn’t absorb the IR radiation because the water got there first (which incidentally is also true for the CO2, which is why that’s not a problem either). Like I said, scam.

      • Correct, the shale Gas in the Bowland area in Lancashire has enough Gas to supply 100% of UK needs for 50 years and that is just tapping 10% of the deposits, it just shows there is more than enough domestic Hydro-carbons on and off-shore the UK to not only supply our needs but probably to export it to Europe, But the government and its quangos have squashed it all because of the nutty green lobby and now we have rocketing gas prices, what a bunch of idiots we have running this country.

    • If you can bear it have a look at her website.

      Apparently it was the TV crew that wanted to do the interview in the conservatory.

      Now call me a cunt but you’ve got to be a massive cunt not to see where that was going.

      But here’s the real hypocrisy, it turns out Angela can see into the future.

      That’s right. Angela knows what the temperatures will be in 2050 and how they will pretty much kill the following.

      Pregnant women, children and the elderly. So there you have it.

      Apparently these groups won’t have the common sense to open doors, take a dip, wear loose clothing, find the shade…..

      Such a shame that Angela’s special powers didn’t extend just 24 hours to see the how much of a cunt she’d look giving an interview about the damage conservatories do to the climate, in her conservatory.

      Oh and btw, Angela lives in Bristol.

      Now there stereotypes and then there’s stereotypes….

      • Angela has that vacant stupid look of a typical well off greenie, I would not trust her to pop to the shops to pick up some bottles of pop let alone predict the climate in 50 years.

      • @Cunty Gordon
        What’s all that shit about a butterfly flaps its wings and down the line comes a violent hurricane somewhere.
        Must be a massive butterfly.

      • Technically Miles it is called ‘sensitve dependence on initial conditions’.

        It means that the time evolution of a complex system such as the atmosphere cannot be reliably predicted because of anlack of precision in the knowledge of the initial conditions. It is fundamental to chaos theory and is characteristic of non-linear differential equations. Turbulence in fluids is a classuc example that is notoriously hard to model due to the butterfly effect. The fluid dynamical models used in climate models are based on the Navier-Stokes equations which suffer from this butterfly effect and that is only one reason that the notion that we can model the atmosphere accurately is absurd. As I said elsewhere on this thread, global warming is a scam.

        The elite masters of the universe know all this but they lie, except perhaps useful idiots like BoJo.

  17. Angela Terry the “environmental scientist” does not appear to have a single scientific qualification.

  18. Government wants to control your life and tax you for the pleasure, if you combine that with any existential threat they can pull out of their arse they will control everything we do and tax is harder.

    I’m done with the fucking lot of them.

  19. The problem I have, is that the powers that be think I’m as thick as a short plank.
    It must come as a terrible surprise to them that a council estate twonk actually has the intelligence to call them out on their “climate change crisis”

  20. I’m bored as fuck. Listening to Adele and Ed Sheeran on Spotify. No connection to this post, but I may want to kill myself based on the content of both sites, and the mere nature of complaining about Angela Terry, whom I do not give a fuck about in any way, shape or form.

  21. Off-topic but that woman has worked her cotton-socks off to rid our land of vile racism and sexism.
    She deserves all our thanks.

    I must say also that I’ve been very worried about her since she resigned. How will she manage? Will they be able to pay the bills?

    My worries have been assuaged somewhat by this news-(from the MailOnline):

    ‘In line for a £575,000 payout and a £160,000-a-year taxpayer-funded pension pot, Cressida Dick gets set to put her feet up at her £1m country home and enjoy a leisurely life.’

    She should be able to scrape by.

  22. Off topic, but just seen an advert showing that the Disney channel here in the UK will have a programme/film about the Pamela Anderson Sex Tape. On DISNEY? Really?

    • Also off topic: just read an excerpt from the book ‘The Future We Chose’. A book about the effects of climate change (which cant be stopped). To summarise the excerpt: life will be shit. Dwindling resources, massive immigration, the rich exploiting the poor, lots of slavery, fighting and war, mass suicides. Puts the whole thing into perspective.

      • I would not worry about the climate too much, technology can take care of that, and the UK at 50 Degrees N is hardly going to be the Med anytime soon. I do think there is something real and worrying about the increasing gap between a tiny elite connected to Technology (Musk/Bezos etc) and the vast non-college educated population whose real living standards are not going to be great (no car/not a home owner/etc). Its playing out in real time now in California just look at SF.

  23. Her, Roger Hallam, Harry half-wit, the BBC.. All complete hypocrites and the last people I would listen to on any matters of science, technology or energy policy, which is what the green lobby want to educate people on but don’t have the brains to do so.

    For me the whole green/climate change movement has been suspect since the Energy Saving Trust had its adverts pulled for being misleading (many years ago).

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