Gangs in Leicester, the BBC (76) and the MSM in General [19]

Yet more third world enrichment

Apparently gangs of ic4 males have been roaming the streets of Leicester of Saturday nights since a cricket 🏏 match between Pakistan and India took place in August.

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It was like football fans leaving the stadium was how a resident described it. What lots of hoodies smelling of curries.

How the really old original folks of this city feel about this will never ever be told because it goes against the diversity is our strength bollocks.

The acting head of plod says they ( plod) are taking control. Yeah right till an ic4 thug cops an unfortunate one. Then it’ll be racism.

Whatever it’s a Cunt.

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I’d like to add the media into this cunting. The BBC for a start totally ignore the diversity aspect of this story.

If this was BLM they’d identify the culprits whilst justifying their actions due to something that happened in the US or something that happened 300 years ago.

Because this disgusting behaviour is between two imported enriching communities the media don’t mention the participants race or religions.

I can only assume that’s because it would highlight the total cultural suicide of inviting the cunts here to begin with.

Does Leicester now follow the mother country into separation and partition?

...and this from the grand old cunter of cunts, Dioclese…

Yes, it’s another cunting for racial intolerance in Britain – only this time it’s not the wicked white colonial slave trading supremacists. What! I hear you say. Surely only white people are racists?

Well it appears not as unrest continues on the streets of Leicester between muslims (the religion of peace) and Hindus (which God would you like to pray to today?)

I confess an interest here as Leicester is my late father’s home town and many of his family still live there although thankfully not I. Last time I was there, my meek mild mannered and tolerant cousin John had turned into the grand wizard of the Klu Klux Klan. Apparently this was as a result of dear old Idi Amin (see recent cunting) kicking all the Asians out of Uganda so they could settle in Leicester.

I don’t condone his attitude but I can understand how he got there. The town he lived in all his life has Ben changed beyond all recognition.

But it’s good to see that whitey is not the racist mob for once. Makes a refreshing change doesn’t it?…

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And finally, some words of comfort and joy from Sir Cuntalot:

Riots in Leicester and Birmingham

Peaceful Cunts are fighting with Hindu Cunts after bringing their enrichment and diverse strength to two of our major cities. Even though Hinduism is much older than the peaceful fairy story, the adherents of Hinduism are not as dangerous as the carpet kissers; indeed they tried to rid themselves of the savages when partition occurred and resulted in the pariah country of Pakistan. Fuelled by misinformation on Social Media and ignorance on both parts they are now becoming a threat to their fellow citizens. Unfortunately no U.K. politicians will try to do anything effective to stop the dangerous nonsense, Eventually, indigenous citizens may have to deal with the problem to stop their primitive third world cuntitude.

The National News Link.

More here, this time from Field Marshal Cuntgomery and those cunts at the BBC

The BBC’s coverage of the Leicester riots. Sorry, mean ‘Unrest’.
Auntie has got her knickers in twist over the recent spectacle of Muslim and Hindu gangs kicking off in Leicester.
This simply isn’t meant to happen in the woke bubble they inhabit, so sidestepping and blame shifting seems to be the order of the day.
First it was blamed on a recent international cricket match, but that just makes the protagonists sound like hooligans.
The latest theory is that it’s all the fault of social media and a innocent misunderstanding. The fact that your average Indian cannot abide a Pakistani, and visa versa, doesn’t come into it apparently.
Another BBC article claims that the people of Leicester expressed surprise at the shenanigans. Which completely contradicts what a friend of mine who lives there told me, she could see it coming years ago.
Old Bill don’t come out of this too well either who, like Auntie, also wish to revise the truth.
Let’s just pretend it didn’t happen eh? Maybe it’ll go away.
Don’t fucking bet on it.

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The Death of Nicknames

I never hear people called by a nickname these days…presumably people are afraid to give each other nicknames for fear of offending someone or getting arrested for “hate-speech”.

I remember a few really clever ones over the years….There was an idle bugger whose surname was “Keane”,,,he was known as “Notso”. A landlord who had lost a limb and short-changed people when they were pissed..he was “The One-Armed Bandit”. A young ‘un called “Brown” who was known as “Strangely” due to the fact he appeared to have a touch of the tarbrush despite his parents being white. “Grizzly” who was a very plain, dumpy little woman who wore a long fake-fur coat when prowling about the village and was a maneater.

Yet none of them ever spat the dummy about their nicknames…took it all as a joke…nowadays they’d be suffering from PTSD and organising a GoFundMe appeal to send them on a holiday to get over the trauma.
(Funny nickname related link provided by Night Admin – NA)

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The Great ‘British’ Woke Off [3]

My wife watches this shit (Honest, not me, never .No) Anyway where to start:

There are 12 cunts in the tent. By demographics this should be 2 effniks and perhaps 1 uphill gardener.
However, as usual there has been massive racial discrimination. Against guess who?

We have 5 effniks, mostly not even British as per programme title. One appears to be of the gay persuasion.
A Pole who also lifts shirts. But is white.
What may or may not be a trannie.
2 Jocks, one of whom seems a bit limp wristed.
2 ‘normal’ women. Yes, just 2.

Add the completely unfunny pair of cunts who engage in ‘banter’ One of whom looks like a victim of the gay plague. The other is simply a cunt.

And there we have C4 version of modern Britain. God help us.

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Ewan McGregor [5]

Ewan McGregor is a cunt.

That utter luvvie twat and woke licker, Ewan McGregor is all outraged and indignant at some black bird from the new Obi Wan Kenobi series getting alleged racist abuse on social media.

Like the useless penalty missing England players after Euro 2021, it depends how many messages there actually were and where they were actually from (they weren’t from England). But – like the MSM with the Euro 2021 ‘racism’ – McGregcunt has forgotten to mention how many there are or who was actually doing it.

Naturally, he will want to blame white English (or English speaking) people and make a huge fuss about nothing.

Also, did McGregcunt say a word when Gina Carano was hounded out of her job and shat on by Lucasfilm/Disney for daring to speak her mind? No, the luvvie fucker never batted an eyelid.

Thing is, the lovely Gina isn’t black, you see. And nobody gave a toss because -according to woke zealots like McGregcunt – only black lives and black Star Wars actors matter.

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