Ebay [5] and the Queen’s Lying In State Wristbands

Cunts selling their used queueing wristbands on ebay.

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Also includes the cunts who are stupid enough to buy them, and ebay for allowing it.

It’s a short nom, but given the subject, I hope admin will post it. I’m not a royalist, but this is beneath contempt.

Nominated by: mystic maven

54 thoughts on “Ebay [5] and the Queen’s Lying In State Wristbands

  1. Why would you buy one?
    Makes no sense?

    A wristband for something you didn’t attend.

    Some people will buy any old shite.

    • Shoot them all at dawn after a ritual disemboweling & throw the remains to the hounds 🐕!
      Why on earth anyone would stand in a line for 12 hrs to file past the coffin of some elderly billionaire ( the Queen 👑)who really couldn’t give a toss about their lives is beyond me …whoever buys a paper band for £100+ for a band for an event they didn’t attend needs certifying….they are ALL a shower of CUNTS !

  2. Just checked this stupidity out, and one has bods of more than £50,000
    I don’t know why when there’s another for £1, but it does have the serial number 666.

    • The savvy bidders who may be fucked off with people selling them, bid huge amounts then just don’t pay and the seller ends up shelling out 12% of the final bid price in ebay fees….then has to try and get the money refund back from ebay once they confirm the seller has welshed on the deal.

      Fucking funny.

  3. At least Sugar Tits Willoughby and her gopher diddling sidekick can’t be accused of cashing in since they didn’t have to queue and were there “working for ITV”.

    Who buys this shit for hundreds of pounds? Cost of living crisis? More like lack of a fucking brain crisis.

  4. Better then them going to landfill……don’t really see an issue if all someone who attended is going to throw it away, then may as well get a few quid for it. Don’t blame the sellers….blame the buyers if you want.

    • Queuing for 12 hours, fuck that, if I had known about this little earner I could have got one and then fucked off, kerching!

  5. I just sold a American bloke a small bottle containing a little bit of burial dirt from the Queen’s graveside.
    Thrilled to bits he was .
    A piece of history!
    Then sold 20 bottles to a jap.
    20 to some Arab.

    Just ordered 3 ton of top soil.

  6. When I was in Vietnam I was planning on visiting the mausoleum of Ho Chi Minh in Hanoi but apparently every year around Oct/Nov his embalmed body is taken back to Russia for ‘routine maintenance’ by experts.

    Missing a trick here the royals, although Jezza Corbyn will be on display at the Friends of Russia soup kitchen in Islington.

  7. The wristbands should’ve had each persons names printed on them, similar to when born. Now they can grow up.

    • I’m currently selling George Harrisons moustache,
      And some of princess Di’s pubes if anyone is interested?

      Open to bids,
      pubes slightly singed.

  8. All to post on fuckbook with a smug ‘Yeah, man… I was there’.

    Grovelling, grasping scum-cunts.

  9. How long will it be before we see some of the Queen’s personal belongings ending up on similar auction sites?

    I bet Halfwit and Migraine will soon be rummaging through her drawers looking for a) her will and b) anything of very high value to flog

  10. It’s for the purposes of historical reenactment.

    Imagine yourself at the airport in a giant queue waiting to be treated like a criminal by the Pakis running the security checks..

    Pretty unpleasant experience.

    Not with your fancy green official Royal Grave Queue wristband!

    Now you can pretend you aren’t being treated like a suspected terrorist in your own country..and feel quite smug about it too.

  11. It’s a faacckking disgrace,that’s wot it is,Guv.

    King Charles (Gord bless ‘im) should lock them up in The Tower of London ( unless it’s been converted into a “cosy bolthole” at taxpayer’s expense and given to some Royal inbred in-law,of course)…then he should have them beheaded for disrespecting that very essence of Britishness,the Sax Coburg Gotha clan’s matriarch…Saint Betty of SomeoneElseCanPay Palace….then he should put their heads on pikes and display them on Horseguards Parade to give the horses something less frightening to look at than Camilla.

  12. This reminds me of the stampede to buy Fat Reg’s ‘Candle Up My Arse’ when Princess Di thought it would be jolly good fun to be driven at 120mph in a city centre by a pisshead and not put on a seat belt. Some fuckwits bought dozens of them.

  13. I still have Princess Died’s skidded keks. With provenance from her ‘rock’ , Willie Stroker.

    Open to offers.

  14. I wonder if anyone flogged St George of Floyd’s hoard of bling, street clobber, drugs, knives, guns and oxygen respirator? (allegedly)

    • Lunar Rock

      John Lennons broken glasses,

      George Floyd’s original banana butty

      Anne Franks passport (unstamped)

      Loads of bargains out there!

      I remember as a kid,
      Advert in a comic,

      “Vial of REAL Transylvanian grave dirt

      Hahaha 😄

  15. I don’t see the problem.
    You got a useless piece of crap and there are mugs lining up to bite your hand off. What’s not to like?

    • And eBay are cunts too for appeasing the inevitable prigs who demanded their sale be banned.

  16. Can you imagine if someone like Katie Price flogged her dirty under-crackers on fleabay?

    I wouldn’t put it past her: anything to make a few extra quid for her next facelift.

  17. I met some girl in a nightclub in Essex some years ago anyway after a few drinks we went back to hers and she agreed to have a shag with me so after a while I started to finger her and after about 10 minutes she said you could at least take of your gold ring , I told her that I don’t wear rings only a wristwatch

  18. If Ebay had been around in 1989 there would have been tons of concrete pieces for sale with hints of spray paint being sold as fragments of the Berlin wall. Most would be fake of course.
    Suckers deserve to get fucked.

    • I was there shortly afterwards and they were selling little bits of the wall encased in plastic. I saw a bloke with a big lump hammer smashing at the wall and putting the pieces in a bag.
      I always remember he had the word “FUCK” crudely tattooed on his forearm.
      It’s funny how little things like that stick in your mind innit?

  19. No problem as I can see, the royal gangster family has been making money out of the great unwashed for a thousand years…..☠️


  20. I’ve jar loads of steam from my piss I could get rid of. Or I might save them for when it gets colder.

  21. Wonder if the bookies have bets on crippled kids falling out of their wheelchairs, now the embarrassed footballer are bringing them out again in all sorts of disguises. My money is on the brain in the fish tank that hits a divot. What! Well I think its funny.

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