The Great ‘British’ Woke Off [3]

My wife watches this shit (Honest, not me, never .No) Anyway where to start:

There are 12 cunts in the tent. By demographics this should be 2 effniks and perhaps 1 uphill gardener.
However, as usual there has been massive racial discrimination. Against guess who?

We have 5 effniks, mostly not even British as per programme title. One appears to be of the gay persuasion.
A Pole who also lifts shirts. But is white.
What may or may not be a trannie.
2 Jocks, one of whom seems a bit limp wristed.
2 ‘normal’ women. Yes, just 2.

Add the completely unfunny pair of cunts who engage in ‘banter’ One of whom looks like a victim of the gay plague. The other is simply a cunt.

And there we have C4 version of modern Britain. God help us.

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106 thoughts on “The Great ‘British’ Woke Off [3]

  1. I hope the contestants are showing their passports before entering. “The Great Illegal Immigrants Bake Off” doesn’t seem to have a ring to it somehow.

    • Speaking of passports, I was somewhat alarmed to hear on GBNews this evening that the Markle creature is now a British citizen and has been baptised and confirmed into the Church of England.

      Naturally I hired a private investigator to locate the truth of this, and he has provided me (at considerable expense) with concrete evidence that she is in fact not of the former, but is indeed a card carrying member of the Church of England, a circumstance of which I could give not one shiny shit about.

      • She fucked up didn’t she RTC, the Mega one.
        If she the Mega_one played her cards correctly and endured the arduous task of humility , she would now be sitting in the billions club, the ham fisted fuck that she is.
        Kiss my hole Mega cunt, its over and Way too late to turn it around, you’re shit stirring cost you all and more.

      • Evening RTC i liked Diana RTC in a sexual way when in my youth but more importantly also in a plutonic way.
        She highlighted the injustice, for whatever reasons, particularly the landmines left behind in certain wars and struggles.
        i mean who else was going to say a word.
        I think that she did connect to a much wider audience than one gives her credit for.
        She got sick of the the lies and deceit that surrounded her position.
        She unfortunately for her turned punk and dated an Arab and stuck two fingers in the face of the very heritage that she was privileged too.
        She was pregnant RTC and the line in the sand was drawn
        “this will not come to bear, not under my watch”
        The End

      • I reckon it’s only a matter of time now for the Markle Trash.
        I reckon Harry will not want to piss off his King any more than he already has done, if he’s got any sense left. Mind you, he’s that pussywhipped, his stupidity will probably be his undoing too.

        As long as we are rid of the Megain Mantis – one way or another – I will be satisifed.

  2. I’d love to have a crack at the GBBO (accepting that I’d never get on as I can’t cook, am too white, too heterosexual). I’d lace the Tesco flan that I didn’t prepare earlier with rat poison and arsenic.

  3. The programme I despise the most is EastEnders. Their recent story about nasty white far right types plotting to bomb a mosque was the final woke insult. There has never been a bomb attack on any UK mosque. However, the blood can still be seen at the Manchester Arena, and the families of David Arness and Lee Rigby will never get over the deaths of their loved ones. Yet the BBC and CuntEnders want to make out that it is the peacefuls that are wronged and attacked. Nice to know the nation’s public service broadcaster and its flagship soap condone, protect, and try to promote terrorists and murderers.

    • And after years of being straight, that WokeEnders cunt Sonia is now suddenly a dyke. Suits it, mind. A right fucking minger. Looks like Stallone in drag.

    • Yet again Norman you’ve hit the nail on the head.

      Essentially it’s a nest of traitors and fifth column vermin.

      They should hang.

    • Time will soon come when we will have react to the eradication of the British “way” of life…..


    • The Far Right are the Cilit bang of western politics Norman. The eternal bogeyman that must be ever present in the pubic psyche. Don’t like the opposition? Smear them as far right, public asking awkward questions about immigration? Invoke the far right.

      Eastenders is a useful platform to reach the plebs who don’t keep up with politics.

      The message is I suspect that if you don’t want the hordes of the far right taking over then you jolly well better get your pride badge in and support the far left.

      Just don’t do a body count.

      • ‘Eastenders is a useful platform to reach the plebs who don’t keep up with politics’

        Unfortunately the millions of viewers have stopped watching because many are what the BBC nowadays classes as ‘far-right’.

    • Thanks for highlighting this, Norman. I haven’t watched Bellenders for about 30 years and as I don’t pay the Telly Tax, I won’t be starting anytime soon. That storyline is an outrage and typifies the scum that infests the BBC. They are a rat’s nest of cunts for promoting such woke horseshit.

      • And even that weasel Ian Beale has fucked off and left. Last I heard of him, he married Sharon Watts and his murderous son converted to peacefulness and was then the victim of an i’slamahobic’ attack. Every stunt pulled, every barrel scraped. Utter fucking shite.

    • That total load of shite trigger point the nasty white fascists where the perps wank stain of a production.

  4. ‘There are 12 cunts in the tent. By demographics this should be 2 effniks and perhaps 1 uphill gardener’

    i sincerely hope we are not at the point in our population whereby every 2 in 12 are effniks and one is an uphill gardener, although give it another 5 years and who knows? Not the fucking government that’s for sure.

  5. Are there any effnik uphill gardeners? Just askin’ for a ‘friend’.
    Or any Muslamic ones?

  6. Woke propaganda aside, you must be a bloody imbecile to watch this to see if somebody’s bloody cakes or bread come out of the oven alright or have a soggy bottom.

  7. The programme is made redundant, simply by making anyone they choose a winner with a CGI pie.

  8. If the Italian elections are going to go like they look like they are, I expect Lineker will be a busy boy. The cunt will be blocking anyone on Twitter who tells him to ‘get over it’. Just like he did, when Macron beat Le Pen in France. Tough shit Gary, you squealing hypocritical little snake.

  9. Channel 4 aren’t operating on the same planet as the rest of Britain. They made an episode of Dispatches devoted to uncovering the ‘far-right’ group Patriot Alliance. Nobody on the youtube video seems to mind the Patriot Alliance, more the cry-baby reporter and various academics wringing their hands over it all.

  10. The Great British Bake Off or as I prefer to call it, for a joke, The Great British Fuck Off has always been a pile of wank. Same as Strictly Come Dancing, The Great Pottery Throw Down, The Great British Sewing Bee, MasterChef, Celebrity MasterChef and programmes like that.

    Cheap to make television starring exhibitionists that appeals to the women, the gays and the trannies. If I were to switch on Television X at 9pm every night Mrs P would start divorce proceedings.

  11. This won’t be the first or the last ethnically diluted show! Or shows that’s full of screaming benders. White faces are slowly disappearing from TV ads and history is slowly being re-written with these wokey shit period dramas. The Pedo-C started the trend the fucking fiddling degenerate cunts with the rest of the cunts following like a load of lap dogs. Philip ‘Feltcher’ Schofield – I rest my case! Fucking bent smarmy cunt

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