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As I predicted, there was a sudden increase in coronavirus infections during ramadamadingdong. And as predicted, the BBC blamed the increase on VE Day celebrations.

Their article makes out that the mosques are closed and that they aren’t gathering (and won’t when Eid starts soon). Well, in Lancashire there have been a few social media posts showing that they’ve been gathering in large groups outside mosques (and then going inside). It’s been going on a over the country too, apparently.

But no, the spike was caused by VE celebrations, of course.

Utterly predictable, utterly pathetic and soon, in my opinion, about to lose their precious licencing fee arrangements.

These cunts have been taking the fucking piss for too long now.

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The BBC again but from a different angle.

I looked through the TV listings for Weds May 20. And this is what I found on BBC1. The flagship.

The fucking One Show – lightweight pap and free advertising for cunts.

A documentary on the world stone skimming championships. Yes, you read that right.

The Repair shop which features the restoration of a dictionary. Fucking riveting.

British Sewing Bee. Watch cunts sewing. Thrills and spills. Repeat.

People Just do Nothing – substandard shite, escaped from BBC3 about London DJs and rappers. Repeat.

A Question of Sport. Repeat

Islam, Women and Me. No surprise there. Repeat.

At the same time BBC2 had mostly repeats of shite which shouldn’t have been seen the first time around.

This is what we get for our BBC poll tax.

I rest my case.

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  1. If Cummings helps bring down the BBC many will forgive his lockdown indiscretions, like most on this site I’m sick and fucking tired of the Biased Broadcasting Corporation, staffed by the same cunts you find over at the guardian and The ( not so) independent it’s high time to cut them from the public purse, let’s see how many people will voluntarily stump up their “hard earned “ to be swamped by the BBC.s patronising propaganda? I bet the cunts change tack sharply once they’re denied a captive income stream, watching them going round (like the guardian) with the begging bowl out will be deeply satisfying …….

    • Heart warming stuff WC
      I noticed the rocket is called cosmic girl
      Maybe branson could name another after himself “stratospheric cunt” perhaps?

  2. this morning the bbc claimed that the weather was not helping the lockdown – juust how much more shit are these people coming out with – cummings should get right on and close this lot down today – they still see no problem millions are in their home under house arrest but complain that it’s too fucking warm and sunny .. at the end of may FFS – close it down now!!

  3. As they’ve hardly made any of their programmes which are the envy of the world (so we are told exclusively by people who work for the BBC) will they be offering refunds on the licence fee?

    Or will they simply continue being the audio visual guardian, sneering at anyone who dares to think differently to them, and watching Sandi Toksvig shitting into Nish Kumar’s wide open mouth while Mel and Sue vomit into each other’s cunts and Linekar fiddles with his permanently flaccid cock as Esther Rantzen dribbles piss out of her adulterous flaps over his face?

    That’s roughly how I imagine an average day at the BBC.

  4. These Beebfucks don’t even have a decent music programme any more. Since the demise of the Old Grey Whistle Test we have had to put up with that Jools Holland cunt. Who basically just has who he likes on ‘his show’ and it’s a load of shite. Celebrity cunts in the ‘audience’, relics from the 60s like Tom Jones doing some recycled soul shit, crappy ‘world music’ i.e: bogo bogo bollocks that nobody wants to hear, and Holland’s favourites like Lily Mong, Ruby Turner/Beverley Knight (same thing) or KT Cuntstall.

    And the thought of the BBC raiding their vaults for music is also a non starter. They just repeat the same clips of Hendrix and the Stones that they didn’t wipe and put silly day glo captions over them. I would love to see the Kinks or Timebox on Colour Me Pop, but the fuckers wiped them. The fucking cunts.

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