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As I predicted, there was a sudden increase in coronavirus infections during ramadamadingdong. And as predicted, the BBC blamed the increase on VE Day celebrations.

Their article makes out that the mosques are closed and that they aren’t gathering (and won’t when Eid starts soon). Well, in Lancashire there have been a few social media posts showing that they’ve been gathering in large groups outside mosques (and then going inside). It’s been going on a over the country too, apparently.

But no, the spike was caused by VE celebrations, of course.

Utterly predictable, utterly pathetic and soon, in my opinion, about to lose their precious licencing fee arrangements.

These cunts have been taking the fucking piss for too long now.

Nominated by Cuntybollocks

The BBC again but from a different angle.

I looked through the TV listings for Weds May 20. And this is what I found on BBC1. The flagship.

The fucking One Show – lightweight pap and free advertising for cunts.

A documentary on the world stone skimming championships. Yes, you read that right.

The Repair shop which features the restoration of a dictionary. Fucking riveting.

British Sewing Bee. Watch cunts sewing. Thrills and spills. Repeat.

People Just do Nothing – substandard shite, escaped from BBC3 about London DJs and rappers. Repeat.

A Question of Sport. Repeat

Islam, Women and Me. No surprise there. Repeat.

At the same time BBC2 had mostly repeats of shite which shouldn’t have been seen the first time around.

This is what we get for our BBC poll tax.

I rest my case.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

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    • Chief flag wavers of Remain 👎
      Supposed to be totally impartial Emily Maitlis you are an absolute cunt 👎👎

  1. The stone skimming championships have been featured before, on country file or something like that.

    On balance the BBC is essentially shite, which would be fine if we didn’t have to pay for it.

    It’s a pity there isn’t the same diligent reporting on the peacefuls that they gave to DC

  2. I’ve already posted this in another thread but i think it’s just as appropriate here, if not more so. Honestly, I’ve given up on this country now. I’m absolutely sick of it. What did we actually win by defeating the Nazis? Asian rape gangs, Black drug gangs, and globalist banksters controlling all our politicians. We can’t even fly our own flag without being called racists, but politicians from all sides wish a happy Eid Mubarak. We won absolutely jack-shit! In fact we lost!! As soon as my nan kicks the bucket, and I get my inheritance, I’m off!!!

    • Our enemies after ww2 have been very clever. The Germans control Europe and the ting tings are now probably the biggest economy in the world. More importantly we have let it happen. Nuff said cunts

  3. Why oh why oh why oh why?. ‘A point of view’ was a bbc program from when those who had a point of view actually had a point of view about programs that were worth watching. Now there is not a lot of worth to watching repeats (last of the summer wine !!!! w.t.a.f ) or woke nonsense .
    Bbc is a london centric out of touch behemoth and needs an inquiry into how this state run box of lies operates

  4. When you look at the BBC1 lineup you have to say they get money for old rope. Repeated old rope too.

    BBC2 used to be the channel for documentaries but now anything mildly intelligent gets sent to BBC4, a relative backwater. The BBC3 yoof station was ported online for economic reasons but now its coming back to free view. Whoopee!

    What else is there on offer?

    The iplayer with mostly repeated material.

    Apart from this there is hardly any more than we got in the 70s and 80s.

  5. Kuenssberg was at it again this evening, happily mis-reporting Dom’s press conference. I’m glad Dominic still has his job. Whatever you think of his recent conduct, you can bet he’s plotting revenge on the BBC.

    • Wall-to-wall coverage of Cúmings’ trip by the fanatic Al-Beeb on radio and tv, desperate to wreak revenge on the fellow who denied both Comrade Corbyn power and further bleeding of money to the dreadful Reich.

      Fuck their nóncey reporters and fuck their licence.

  6. I don’t get it. The politicians love the peacefuls, the media love the peacefuls, the slebs love the peacefuls. The snowflakes, the poofs, the treehuggers, the animal rights cunts, even the bible bashers……all love the peacefuls.
    Sorry but are these the same, superstitious, primitive savages who make slaves out of women, want to slaughter non believers, want to throw bumders off buildings, stab random cunts in the street and blow up little girls at pop concerts? Oh and cruelly slaughter animals and fuck underage girls. (as long as they’re white)?
    Obviously not. Can’t be. There must be some other peacefuls in some parallel universe that I know fuck all about. Thank fuck for that! I thought I was going mental there for a minute.

    • Freddie, you’ll be pleased to know I’ve given the peacefuls a separate cunting today for all of the above. Fingers crossed it gets through.
      They are indeed cunts of the highest order.

    • Damned right, Freddie.
      The only people who don’t like ’em are white taxpayers.
      Oh, and Indians too.

    • They excelled their religion of peace in Afghanistan. Attacking a maternity ward and killing mothers and newborns. Perhaps the BBC might like to pry into the mindset that can do that?

    • You forgot to mention they cant even hit the right target in a drive by shooting (Blackburn, last week)
      The target was a bloke but they managed shoot some tart.


  7. Ha ha, it was only last week that Pratt Hancock was on the telly chairing one of those ridiculous press briefings, licking Müzzie arse congratulating the backward bastards on what a wonderful job they were doing during Ramadamadingdong adhering to social distancing rules and “doing your bit to keep us all safe”. 🙄

    Oh please just fuck off you duplicitous müzzie appeasing CUNTS!

    • Well a wasted opportunity there, couldn’t a military jet accidentally drop a load of bacon rolls that would have made the fuckers move

  8. When being interviewed by the BBC, and all the other feeding frenzy press, he should remain calm and reasonable, just like he has been, but in front of him he should have a sign on which is printed
    KINNOCK, S. – M.P.

  9. Everyone inhabiting that den of traitors should be summarily shot.
    Burn it all down.
    How we let these vermin get this far is beyond me?
    What fucking use are they at all?
    Christ they make my blood boil the traitorous cunts.
    Get fucked.

  10. Wireless 4 is even worse – in between constant trails for tghe fucking Archers, today before the news at midday there was a charming trailer for BBC soiunds about a MAN who has just become a GRANDMOTHER. He/she sounded very dodgy indeed.

    Effnicity innit is the main subject of documentaries. Today at 1345 they started a ten part documentary about the “Post Office scandal” where sub-postmsters ended up in chokey – they were all Asians interviewed.

    Then of course “test track and trace” not to mention “R number” or “social distancing” and the “crisis” all with the subtext we would do so much better if we stayed in the EU and had Kweer Charmer leading us.

    • On Sunday there was a programme on R4 extra about Somali poetry. Apparently it is still an oral tradition there (because very few can read or write) and is not widely understood here because it describes the nomadic lifestyle. Then we were treated to some deathless prose from some cunt that had fetched up in London where it had been noted there were people begging ,but also people driving BMW’s!!. My piss was close to boiling point and then came the revelation that British people don’t understand poetry or know how to to react to it. How on earth have we managed without this unmitigated shite up to now?

      • And yet…and yet… R4Ex has been serialising a complete and unedited reading of Chesterton’s “The Man Who Was Thursday”. (Still going, Miles, and let us not forget that until Henry VIII England was a Catholic country….)

      • Accidentally switched to it Komodo. ‘How did this get through?’ Couldn’t believe it. Geoffrey Palmer reading…the style was familiar, took me a little while…the mention of ‘Syme’ brought it home to me. I identify with Syme of course.

        Tremendous shock.

  11. The picture at the top forgot ‘Anti-Male’.
    Anti -White Heterosexual Male, that is.
    Misandrist demented goose stepping femstapo filth.

    Fuck the BBC .

  12. I haven’t posted a comment on the BBC’s Have Your Say for months but I received an email last week saying my nom de plume ( I was also using Simmy Javil) is offensive and from now on I will have to use a number. They must be missing me. I think I will re-register as HolfRarris or HuartStall just to fuck them off. Cunts.

    • Try Kriss Denning (based on one of the original R1 dee-jays who has been convicted several times, both in the UK and abroad, for sex offences against minors). The alternative spelling of Chris sounds a bit modern and might get through unnoticed by the bright young things currently leaving their mark on Auntie Beeb (that mark being a diarrhoea yellow skidmark). His leaving the corporation in 1969 is likely to be years before they were even born so they won’t get the connection.

      • The list of sexual miscreants with links to the BBC is quite a long one so I think I could be playing the ‘names that people could find offensive’ game with them for a long time.

      • BTW. Talking of games, Simmy, the next time you write to them remind the buggers they still haven’t told us the result of the test card noughts and crosses game between that girl and Bubbles the Clown. 53 years we’ve been waiting with bated breath. The suspense is starting to wear thin.

      • To make the BBC drool at your every word I would suggest Mandy Campbell-Blair. They would love it, especially if you imply you are a single parent lesbian who worships the ground Jess Phillips walks on.

  13. Yup, the BBC reporting on out of control VE celebrations from that well known bastion of white Britishness – Bradford.

  14. Even at cunting number 34 , this is a necessary cunting. Thank you cuntybollocks. .
    The bbc is “Vile” ..

    I could carry on; literally for many sentences, paragraphs, chapters, books or volumes of books but why bother it is vile..That is it..Thank goodness I don’t watch it or pay the fucking tax .

  15. Pete & Dud had the BBfuckingC sussed years ago, as evidenced towards the end of The Horn.

    “Cunt London, that’s all you have to put. It’ll get there”.

    • Cunt! London! It will reach the Director General of the BBC.
      Never were truer words spoken in jest.

      • The BBC was actually pretty good back then though. It’s only in the last few years they’ve become a commie supporting, woke, shitshow.

  16. Don’t watch the shite so no complaints from me. Due to the fact I refuse to pay the wankers.
    Slightly offensive that my 102 year old Grandmother has to now, apparently.
    Just so she can watch the fucking news and consider a quick one way ticket to Digitas.
    My Grandad fought in Africa and never got to see as many b1ack cunts as are on the One shit trick pony show.
    Gylls Brandreth still wanking over his collection of Teddy Bears? Weird cunt.

    • I should imagine the Beeb’s PR department would crap themselves at the thought of taking a 102yo non-licence paying granny to court. If your grans up for it, take them on. Say she’ll have to sell her wheelchair or something similar to embarrass the theiving sods.

      • Thieving. I need to borrow that dictionary somebody gave MNC a few weeks ago.

    • The BBC could and should revive “What’s My Line?” as “What’s My Kink?”. A team of ;politicians and disc jockeys discuss their perversions with the aid of a bit of mime, introduced by Eddie Izzard and voiceover from plummy Stephen Fry. It could run for years.

  17. Shows how truly powerless we all are. Perhaps the majority even, that the BBC can just go on year after miserable year being the traitorous bastards that they are without fear of any comeback apart from Boris saying we might look at the tele tax one day, maybe sometime in the future. Perhaps.

    • When he said it did his lips move?..lying then.
      Talks bollocks mixed with pointless facts, bit of Latin.
      Caught spedding?

  18. Well, i’m glad the BBC are leading the assault on Baldybollocks. If, as the libtards keep telling us, he’s “running the country” he won’t forget that in a hurry. Never forgive, never forget.

  19. I have given the BBC some thought and St Terry Wogan in particular, the only thing I can pin on him is stork margarine which should you try it is like gloss paint on bread.
    Fucking wanker, I hate stork .
    That’s me done, BBC is shit too.

  20. Out of interest, I wonder how many on here slagging off the BBC actually pay for the TV licence? I never have and never will, I can’t stand the cunts but at least watch it for free and don’t support the cunts.
    However those that whinge abaaaaaht the BBC yet pay the licence fee need a cunting.
    Anyways fuck off…I’m watching BBC news. 😁

    • Not me never paid for a licence in me life, did’nt even like blue peter! much prefered ‘ Magpie’.with the gorgeous jenny Hanley & susan Stranks.

  21. I believe it was Edward V11 who’s dying words were said to have been “bugger Bognor.”
    I intend mine to be “Fuck the BBC.” Of course, it may be some other cunt or cunts by then but that’s my intention.
    If it’s some letterbox nurse leaning over me at the time you can probably guess what my words might be.
    I’m almost looking forward to it.

  22. In other news Spain are saying tourist cunts can travel there from July 1st with no quarantine…what the cunts forget to mention is that if Corona kicks off again you ain’t coming back for we 10 week’s.
    Cmon let’s have an Is a cunt holiday bender and see who makes it home alive. 😁

    • Yeah. Come on out to my neck of the woods. Bar open with a big terrace and it’s nice and hot. We could put up about 10 of you. Not near the sea though.

      • I got drunk with another fella,
        Who’d just brought up a previous paella
        He wanted a fight but said they were yella Majorca.
        A stomach infection put me in the shade
        By the balls of Franco I paid,
        Had to pawn my bucket and spade
        Next year ill take the International Brigade
        …to Majorca
        Dr J.Cooper Clarke

  23. Vote with your wallets and purses and don’t pay for it and don’t watch it.

    BBC – Big Boobies, Cor!!!

    P.s if people give it up, will the BBC cease to exist or will it survive somehow?

    • Maybe all of those overpaid celebs and presenters will band together and run it as a “worker’s collective”
      That’ll kill the fucker off for sure…😀

  24. I hate these fucking cunts with a passion.Here’s an example:
    Mrs C. (who ,judging by her viewing patterns) appears to be developing early signs of dementia,watches this tripe called “Antiques Road Trip” where the viewer has to watch “the nation’s favourite antiques dealers” cavorting around the British countryside in clapped out cars , and visiting various “emporia” to purchase a load of shite which they sell at auction. This is accompanied by a voice-over from Tim Whatacunt who spouts the same drivel every episode (“there’l be worthy winners and valiant losers etc…”)
    What particularly annoys me about this shite is:
    1.Each episode the participants end up driving a through numerous counties resulting in a round trip of at least 600 miles guzzling vast amounts of petrol at our expense.
    2.Throughout the show the cunts make a point of showing just how much they are thoroughly enjoying themselves by engaging in pointless banter and laughing all the time no doubt being handsomely rewarded for taking the piss out of us licence payers.
    3.Perhaps, most annoying of all , one is forced to listen to an unending background soundtrack of highly annoying “roaring twenties” music.
    I wrote to the cunts expressing my disapproval and the cunts couldn’t give a shit.
    Perhaps it’s because I belong to a minority group…white heterosexual male.
    Fuck off.

    • I always find the shows “negotiating” both insulting and cruel:

      Road Tripper: You have £200 pounds on this. I will give you £15
      Dealer: All right, Paul*, it’s a deal

      (*Paul is the Scotch fucker, tighter than a knat’s arsehole, who has grown a beard to showcase his enormous protruding teeth. He looks like Margaret Beckett’s secret love child.

    • Also despise this jolly hockey sticks bullshit.
      Paid to drive around picturesque areas of the country in classic cars.
      No doubt superb accomodation each night. (Lock the bedroom door though wouldn’t want Tim creeping in, with his foreskin lopping knashers!)
      Not a bad weeks work for a cunt eh?

    • Tim Wonnacott looks like a half-melted Hitler and sounds like Terry Thomas after a stroke.

  25. The not so subtle EU loving, Commie Cock Sucking, Woke PC, Joe Daki love in on the BBC would make even Joseph Goebbels blush. If it wasn’t so serious you’d laugh. I’ve actually come to the conclusion that they actually love and are revelling in this Covid 19 shitfest. By the way I’m starting to get fed up of seeing that insipid cunt Kuensberg. Her fucking gob looks like The Joker if he had a stroke. Fuck off BBC the Bolshevik Broadcasting Committee. Wankers.

  26. PS : Forgot to mention (not just the BBC) but is it a requirement that one has to “bat for the other side” in order to present an (albeit , crap) tv programme?
    Joe Lieclit
    Gayle Winton
    Larry Gayson
    Anal Carr
    Sandy Tosspig
    Sue Merkins
    Stiff (clit) McGovern
    Graham Whoreton
    Susan Killman
    Moaner Clameron
    and My Kill Barrywhore.

  27. Narrative is also important.

    Look today at their article on left wing pro Islam NZ PM, Jacinda Horseface, conducting a press conference in which an earthquake struck. Their headline is that she ‘Takes it in her stride’. ‘You go girl’, being the (not particularly subtle) message.

    Honestly, if the same had happened to another foreign politician, say, Marine Le Pen, Donny Tango or Victor Orban, would the narrative be the same?

    Would it fuck!

    • 🤣🤣….your news feeds are seriously that short on content they run an item on what was nothing more than a plate rattler?

      Boris’ misdemeanor regards Cümmings got a place on the scrolling text at the bottom of the screen.

      I’m noticing a lack of regard for Jacinda from you Cunty 🤔

      • No, I’m not a fan. She’s a libtard and moose limb arse kisser. Sorry if that disappoints you. She changed her tack a bit during the pandemic because of a thing called ‘reality’. It affected her too, you see! Islamist ghettos won’t ever be anywhere near her home. But they might be near yours soon if you’re not careful!

        Yes, C…mmings is a cunt and it’s wall-to-wall/24/7 in the British MSM. But the BBC ignore the left-wing politicians doing the same (or at least don’t report with anything like the same level of vitriol).

      • Doesn’t disappoint me in the least, it’s your opinion and you are very welcome to Express it.

        I don’t know how informed of NZ politics you are, but she didn’t actually win the election. Far from it in fact, as National pulled the most votes and then some (I voted National for party and Bill English for PM)

        What you are seeing with Jacinda in charge is the result of MMP, where unless the winning party has sufficient seats to govern alone (61 I think it is), then they have to cobble together a coalition. As the minor parties decided to back Labour instead, Jacinda became PM despite being a distant second with the voters.

        I think I’ve read that you guys wish to implement this system in favour of first past the post? Good luck is all I can say.

      • As an aside regards TV politics and their slant on things…..ours tend to have bias as well. TV 1 leans firmly left and TV 3 is much more to the right, although both will put the boot into any party when the mood suits then.

        TV3 at the moment (right leaning) is tearing strips off of the new National leadership for various things, while talking up Jacinda, although now the unemployment rates are spiking (10,000 lost their jobs so far) that’ll change soon.

        Maybe by giving the license fee to Auntie Beeb, it really does give them a sense of carte blanche to inject their own bias into everything? Just a thought.

  28. When I worked in 3rd world black countries setting up infrastructure the only way to get real news was the BBC World Service in short-wave, help keep my sanity. Now I wouldn’t give them the steam off my shit, full of Feminist Leftie regurgitated garbage. BBC is not the only one ‘Gone Woke’, the western media wonder why they are becoming irrelevant and loosing money. The reason is you fuckwits is that I don’t want to know from somebody a mile away from the incident ‘how they fucking feel’ I just want the news without a leftie green message shoved in. Living in a fucking world of there own, isolated back patting idiots. And by the way, Doctor Who is a bloke you commie feminist binary or whatever you identify with producers, wankers. Go Woke Go Broke!

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