Fat bastards (3)

Fat cunts very much deserve a nomination. Over the past few months, since he rsplit and ultimate divorce from her husband, Adele has lot several stones in weight. Good for her us normal might think. And to be honest, the new slimline Adele looks pretty good. Unfortunately, people who aren’t normal, SJW’s etc, are not thinking “good for her”. They’re slagging her off. Yes, you read that. Worse still, these sad, demented pricks are accusing anyone who dares compliment for improving her health and reducing the chances of her suffering weight related issue in later life of being “fat phobic”. I mean what the actual fuck are these retards on? Apart from a dozen Big Mac meals a day. With a side order of double fish and chips. And a diet coke.

Some are saying that she lost weight because of mental health issues. I say that the only ones with mental health issues are the dumb shits who have gone into a rage at Adele for losing even an ounce in weight. The fact is, fat phobia is not what’s at work here, it’s thin phobia. We have an entire generation of people who have been raised to believe that being the size of a walrus is not a bad thing, when medical evidence suggests that it very much is a bad thing. Being obese can cause joint problems, heart disease, diabetes and a whole range of other ailments. I’ve super massive fatties using mobility scooters because they are too fat to walk.

Some people are fat due to medical conditions. But most are not and my philosophy on obesity has always been that if you want to be as fat as fuck, that’s up to you. We live in age where the dangers of it are well known. If you’re one of those people who is obese through being a greedy cunt, then you accept the risks. Don’t expect me to pay your medical bills though when you inevitably get struck down by gout or diabetes or one of the other illnesses associated with being fat. Don’t expect me to feel sorry for you when the ambulance and fire services have to demolish your bedroom wall, lift you onto a reinforced trolley with a crane and load into the back of an ambulance that’s had to be adapted for use by two ton Tony’s.

Being fat is nothing to be proud of. It’s certainly nothing to be celebrated. And it definitely does NOT give you the right to criticise people who decide that they want to lead a healthier lifestyle. That’s THEIR choice, just like most fatties have chosen to shovel vast amounts of food into their mouths. And then they actually demand that we respect their lifestyle choice. Well why the fuck should we, when they don’t respect Adele’s choice to stop being fat? And let’s not forget, the people currently whingeing about “fat phobia” are the same cunts who whinge about fat shaming. Well, if it bothers you, then you’re clearly not as secure in your obesity are you constantly claim to be.

What this boils down to is jealousy. They see Adele looking pretty attractive with her new, slimmed down body and a lot of them wish they could do the same. Well, they could. If they had enough will power to resist the urge to endlessly shovel junk food into their gaping maws. So, fuck you, you thin shaming cunts. Go back to your dozen mega sized pizzas and mind your own fucking business.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

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  1. The crap around fat, if you’ll excuse the term, probably started with that book ‘Fat Is a Feminist Issue’. Load of garbage, fat is a health issue.

    The fat feminists, who hate Adele now she’s skinny, actually think she’s turned herself into an object for men and are jealous of her slim shape because they can’t be bothered to stop eating all the pies and/or exercise.

    Nobody piled on the male actor Jonah Hill for losing his immense girth.

  2. Another excellent nomination.

    I don’t begrudge anyone of their lifestyle.

    I have friends and o that eat like a horse and are still slim because of metabolism or the amount of exercise they do.
    There is energy in food. When exercising it is used up. If that energy is not used up it gets stored as fat.

    When I was a child I was slim. Mainly because of the exercise of the outdoors with friends, kiss chase, rough and tumbles, etc.

    When in my teenage years, when the body goes through changes, my weight was up and down.
    Also, experimenting with all sorts of things.
    Exercise was here and there.
    Coming out of teenage years, for me, something pinged in my brain. I was doing lots of exercise. I lost weight.

    Then at some point certain things were happening in my life.
    I became less active, less sociable, low mood. I found comfort in food, sweets etc.
    I put on weight. It took a while to sort myself out.
    Keeping busy in body and mind is important.

    These days, I’m not as fat as I was. Oh dog no. I’ve got a bit of a tummy but I can see my toes when I look down.
    I’m comfortable in myself. I do know the signs and signals to lookout for if I get that feeling or urge to over eat again.
    Or rather to over eat and under exercise.

  3. I for one would give Adele and her new slimline Duracell coloured Twat a damn good rogering. I would also lick her bum hole while stimulating my own private parts with my right hand. Bootiful really bootiful.

  4. I love BBW’s, they give me the horn something rotten, but they have to have huge tits and an even huger hairy minge.

    Cannot abide large girls with teeny titties and huge arses though.

  5. Classic nom and responses. Practically peed myself laughing while trying to appear restrained and give wife – who could lose a few lbs but don’t even mention the subject or tears will flow – the impression I am reading the Financial Times.

  6. From my walks in the park and to the shops, it appears to me that the fatties have vanished. The mildly plumpies are still around but not your mahoosive wobble-bottoms. Covid doesn’t like fatties so they must be hiding under their beds, although they might find that difficult.
    I hope the American fatties survive though. I enjoy the My 600lb Life shower scenes.

  7. The problem isn’t what they they put in their mouth.

    It’s the fact that they haven’t got 2 arseholes!

  8. I was persuaded to browse a well known website for people offering sexual services , and the size of a lot of the munters on it beggars belief. Dress size 18 up to 22 FFS! Why anyone in their right mind would fork out their hard-earned cash for an encounter with these smelly living-waterbeds is beyond me.
    BBW,SBBW my arse!

  9. Let the fatties stew. Their resent.ent over Adele managing to shed weight shows them up as lazy cunts and they dont like it, so it’s easier to wobble their heaped chins in a tantrum, their folds slapping to ‘peanut butter, jelly time’ and call her fat-phobic.

    I’m a podgy bastard and even i want to kick these pathetic lardarse biffers in the gunt.

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