Joe Biden (2)

Joe Biden
What a slimy piece of crud this lying, plagiaristic would-be leader of the free world is.

His latest attempts to distract attention from his hypocritical past – using a speech by Neil Kinnock and claiming it as his own, claiming to have been arrested in South Africa in an attempt to visit Nelson Mandela, denying sexually assaulting former members of his staff – is to play the race card.

He has demanded “justice” for a black jogger who was shot dead in February by a former policeman in Georgia. The local official who decided not to prosecute the killer does seem to have screwed up but his decision has now been overturned.

However, this sudden interest by Biden who says his “heart went out” to the dead man´s family is cynical bullshit and aims to get black voters on his side.

Biden blatantly used black Democrats as voting fodder in the primaries in a way that would have been regarded as racist if he had singled out say Irish-Americans, Italian-Americans or Polish-Americans.

I hope Trump tramples all over his mean little face and suspiciously Jurgen Klopp-like pearly gnashers.

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47 thoughts on “Joe Biden (2)

  1. He will then move on to the alphabet brigade to win a few more votes and pander as much as possible to win the democratic nomination.

    the bandwagon has already started spinning and he has hopped on as quickly as possible.


    • This seems to be the way of politicians these days.
      Cast your net far and wide and at least a few of the repressed cunts will crawl ashore, voting papers in hand.
      Look at the shit our own opposition hoovers up each time.

      • US has a one party system, disguised as two.
        The choice presented to Americans this year is ‘would you like to step in the pile of dog shit on the right, or the pile of dog shit on the far right.
        Voting is futile, not just in America.
        Time to stop doing it. It validates the criminal games played by governments. If you vote, you are complicit in their crimes.
        End of rant.
        All politicians are untrustworthy, self-interested CUNTS

  2. Creepy Joe dropped a hilarious bollock during a recent interview when he said that any african american who voted for The Donald “wasn’t really black”
    What a senile old duffer…

    • He does appear to have parted company from a few of his marbles. He should be in the same care home as Vince Cable where they can exchange memories (?) – ‘ I coulda bin a contenda’.

    • We didn’t see the lefty media condemning Biden for that gaffe did we?

  3. I really hope the Orange Man beats this hypocritical senile old cunt in November. If not, the Western world will be well and truly fucked.

    • If Biden gets in the world is fucked from one side.
      If Trump gets in the world is fucked from the other.
      I think we may be fucked!

  4. Fuck me they lined up one of the most hated cunts in America last time, now they want to go with this doddery old fuckwit? The Orang Utan in the Whitehouse must be pissing himself and ordering extra bananas for election night. Is this the best the libtards can do? They might as well not bother.

  5. It only seems like yesterday that Big Don Tango had won and there was the mass whining of libtards, cry babies, lésbos and all kinds of people were being touted to defeat him into 2020: O’bomber’s big wife, Oprah bloody Winfrey, Dora the Explorer…anybody who offered a glimmer of hope. They’ve all curled into cowardly shells after they realised the oncoming trouncing. Consequently they’re left with this bumbling Corbyn-lite duffer who seems to be a sacrificial lamb. I feel a bit sorry for him but he could’ve said, ‘No.’ It will be a slaughter.

  6. I blame the Russians. They have made sure a senile old chump gets to stand against Trump. The Russkies obviously have a tape of Pelosi pissing out of her saggy minge on Biden and his son

  7. This is why I’m a monarchist. I’d rather the health services devote all their resources to keeping Bess and Chuckles alive for another hundred years than the cavalcade of elitist fucktards and demented Generals we’ve had as GG’s or the worse of any meddling class prat becoming President. God save America and thank Yasur were not.
    Imagine Abbott, Blair or our arch traitor Hawke on a stamp

    • As a monarchist, Shacks., you could do worse on your stamps. You could have Paul Keating cuddling Her Maj.

      • Thanks, Bertie. Finally got round to popping my nominations cherry after several recent near misses. I’m feeling like a proper cnuter now.
        If only one of my Deadpool noms would do the decent thing🤞

  8. Biden ! And for the error of one letter,,,,,Bidet ! How approriate. An arsewashing rim licking piece of shit, who is every bit as odious as that cunt Cliteron.

    This is why I support Trump, all the politicians on the planet are the fucking worst case of bowel expunging crap and the Don exploits their crass stupidity mercilessly. Bring on the elections, lets see what that outcome produces…..Trump for a second term, Biden binned !

  9. I watched a thing about “creepy Joe Bieden” on t’Youtube. It seems as though he was at the same finishing school of one James Savile Esq. It was truly astounding. The Democrats in USA seem to be arse-licking the dark keys in the same way that the Cuntservatives seem to be arse-licking the mozzas. Does anyone know if it was Eid the other day – the media seem to omit all the sheep and goats dying in agony, which seems to be a feature of this particular “holiday”. Cunts to a man (and woman).

  10. He also said that ‘you can’t be black if you vote for Trump.’ There’s no way they’re actually going with him… surely…

      • It’s like he’s actively trying to lose RTC. Even for him that is a gaffe of epic proportions.

      • Creepy Joe has been taking election lessons off Hilary ‘Deplorables’ Clinton. I should think the senile old cunt doesn’t know which state he is campaigning in half the time, about as much use as Anne Frank’s drum kit.

      • Joe ‘Exotic’ Biden garbles so much he makes George Dubya sound like Professor Jordan Peterson.

  11. The scary part about rag time cowboy Joe is….If he appoints higgy cunthook his VP. You can sure as shit know she will get him removed ASAP if he gets in by some fluke (Which he won’t). The sex alligation. The fact that he likes to sniff kiddes hair. The jogger BS story, obamagate, #you ain’t black. The man is like media outlets a fucking joke. In fact he’s the US equivalent to Grampa Corbin.

  12. I’ve got some concerns about my eyesight at the moment.
    I think I’ll load all those who are dear to me, into the motor car, and drive up to Barnard Castle, to see if I’m fit to be on the highway …….. Fuck off.
    Joe Biden ? Flamethrower.

    • Evening Jack.
      New glasses arent broke in till youve 500miles on the clock.
      500mile=20/20 vision.😁

      • Good evening MNC. Dominic and Boris obviously think we’re a bit dim.
        I don’t know about you, but I don’t like having my intelligence insulted.
        I wonder if they concocted this load of old rubbish behind the bike sheds at break time ?
        It’s a fucking joke.
        ” Dominic won’t be in today as he’s a bit poorly ”
        Signed, his mum.

      • What little intelligence I have I dont like insulted,
        Its true.
        Just seen Boris on the news trying to duck awkward questions from Dark key Cunts favourite reporter Beth Rigby,
        I was cringing, hes completely out of his depth, pitiful.
        Seems a bit “special needs’ after contracting the Bat flu?

      • He’s always been a blusterer. Fancies himself as a modern day Churchill. Nowhere fucking near.
        All piss and wind.

  13. There’s rumours the democrats want Hilary to run as VP, Obama was mentioned but he can’t as VP becomes president if the POTUS is incapacitated or dead. Hilary though would be eligible so Biden would be lucky to survive election night if he win and she was V.P.

    That’s if the democrats don’t ditch him for being handsy.

  14. So everyone excuses all the gaffs, lies, vulgarity, spitefullness and idiocy which trump displays every day but picks up on the allegations against Biden?

    Well, I tell you guys that he couldn’t do any worse than trump who has failed dismally as leader of the free world, buttered up the North Korean loony and the bully Putin with no positive results, made a mockery of any concerted fight against the corona virus and divided his own country and the planet.

    Biden might be an old duffer but he can’t fail to have more of a heart than the Donald.

    However, it is astonishing that a nation of 200 million people can not produce better candidates than these two.

  15. It’s worth noting that the sexual assault allegations against Slow Joe were never weaponised by the Republicans. They were weaponised by Jeremy Corbyn’s counterpart Bernie Sanders’ disciples who hate Slow Joe because he isn’t a Communist.

  16. Creepy Joe Biden is a man who if he had a waxwork at madam Tussauds, the fuckin dummy would look more life like.
    A american grifter thinking everyones a sucker, type who cheats at cards, sells pyramid schemes, and has wandering hands.
    9 carat cunt.

  17. Don’t let this doddery Dithering old bastard fool you With his chummy grandpa act , this cunt is just a front man for the Republican Party , if anyone believes that this confused blithering idiot is really going to be running the show they need sectioning, a political stool pigeon with a bad memory and wandering hands…… Trump must be laughing……..

  18. I know the The Donald is no spring chicken at 73 but Biden is 77 for fucks sake. If he did get in and served two terms he would be 85 at the end of his presidency. No wonder Donald calls him Sleepy Joe. Just what we need, an 83 year old senile, pissing himself old cunt with his finger in the nuclear button.

  19. American politics is hilarious. How obvious does it have to be that the whole thing is a rigged scamola, when the nominees are consistently shit decade after decade.

    Sort of like our system but with more theatrical guff and hoohar.

  20. if they ever get round to having presidential debates I sincerely hope that Trump picks this guy up and eats him whole – with added mustard and tomato relish

  21. Thanks to MSM, no-one either realises (scary) nor cares (scarily still) that he’s a bare naked pea dough file. Check out PJW’s ‘Creepy Uncle Joe’ video for initial proof, then one of his rally vids from a few months back where he expatiated about little black girls jumping in the pool with him and feeling the hair on his legs. Yes, that really was a thing… thank God for the candour of senescence.

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