Elon Musk (3)

What’s in a name?

“Elon Musk and singer Grimes have confirmed they have named their baby X Æ A-12.
The Space X CEO announced the birth of their son on Monday. “Mom & baby all good,” he said on Twitter.
He posted that the child would be called X Æ A-12 Musk and his girlfriend later offered an explanation to her followers on social media.
The name X Æ A-12 has been trending on Twitter with many asking how the name will be pronounced.”

That’s one kid who’s going to be fucked up from day one. Surprised you didn’t just tattoo a barcode on its head.

Your parents would of done the world a favour if they had just call you Massive Cunt Musk.

Nominated by Sixdog Vomit


Elon Musk and his wife

I will keep this short and sweet. Mr and Mrs Musk have named their child something similar to what Prince did in the 1990’s. When he choose a symbol instead of the word Twat, mr and mrs Musk have christened their few days old baby, X Æ A-12. Now unsurprisingly people are asking how you pronounce this. It’s simple and easy it is pronounced ‘my parents are cunts’

Nominated by Cuntsince1066

53 thoughts on “Elon Musk (3)

  1. Am just waiting for the next desperate sleb couple to call their new sprog E=MC2. Ffs

  2. Cunty behaviour on a regular basis from this one. Kids name, hoying a car into space ” cos he’s got the cash to do it “. Money is no object and neither is taste and respect with this one. South African/ Canadian / American citizenship. Says it all

  3. If you look at that ‘name’ like you would a 1990s magic eye picture, it looks a bit like the word ‘YEAR’.

    Shame, I was hoping it was more like ‘CUNT’. Poor kid. Won’t be getting much milk out of those pancakes and kids will bully him because of his ‘name’. Still, daddy is loaded so he can always fuck off to Mars on one of his dad’s rockets if things get too tough.

    • Don’t these stupid idiots realise that giving their children abnormal names is simply cruel? The kid is going to be known as ‘X’ most likely, until he’s old enough to change his name legally to something normal.

      I remember some chav prat naming his son after an entire soccer team because he was a fan, but at least only one of the names or two at the most would be chosen as his shortened name.

      This smarmy faced cunt Musk and his girlfriend has removed any possibility that his kid can feel properly like a human by making him sound like a mathematical formula. They’re a pair of narcissists. Shit on them.

      • Charlie Oatway was a footballer whose old man named him after the 1973 QPR team, poor cunt.

  4. If this cunt didn’t have the money piled up behind him he could easily find himself enjoying full bed and board in the local asylum.
    That bloody woman looks like she’s been locked in one of his highly flammable automobiles.
    Pair of circus act cunts.

    • Sadly I find her very doable. She obviously likes weird cunts so maybe she’d let me. He’s a podgy faced unattractive cunt so she definitely isn’t that worried about looks or maybe a few billion makes one more attractive? Who’d of thought?

      • Yeah, I’d let it take up residence in my cellar and fuck it no holes barred every now and again, but doubt that’ll ever happen cos I don’t have $37 billion in my Nationwide account paying 0.01% interest. (0.01% interest on $37 billion would be more than enough for me to live the life of Riley).

      • I just don’t see the attraction. Looks like Mr Ed at a goth/drag convention.
        Beauty is in the eye of the $ holder I suppose.

      • Used to work with a guy nicknamed Harpic. Because he was clean round the bend.

      • Not that necrophilia would see the end of you on this site; you’d probably get promoted to the higher echelons to be with B&WC, Fiddler et al.

      • Pair of the cunts look like they need introducing to soap and water.
        Or as Nurse Cunty so eloquently put it Harpic.

  5. He’s going to grow up to be a spoilt as fuck, drugged up, tree hugging, woke trannie freak so they may as well call him Archie.

  6. Weeeellll?…..just look at some of the names here…toxic techno sixdog cunty .you used your imagination for your name . Just sayin, hee hee hee.
    The Real Cunt of Montybisto

  7. A total twat who could well end up running for president. He already has the trump trait of destoying anyone who says anything against him or just takes a different view.

    Witness his reference to a rescuer of the boys trapped underground in Thailand as a ‘pedo’ because he rejected the ludicrous publicity-inspired offer of a minisubmarine.

    He is a nasty egomaniac who thinks money can buy anyone and anything.

    Well, it can’t buy respect for this chancer cunt.

  8. I named all my kids. Cunt1. Cunt2 cunt3. Saves time having to remember the fuckers real name.

  9. And I thought Frank Zappa was a cruel cunt for naming his kids Moon Unit & Dweezil.
    Mind you if I could stuff Mrs Musk she could call the Sprog anything she likes 💪💪💪

    • Moon unit 😂

      Sounds like a new measurement denoting the gravitational fatness of said body. I reckon Diane Abott is roughly 32k moon units.

      • Dweezil is one brilliant guitar player nowadays. Plays his dad’s songs but legal wrangling from his mother meant that he couldn’t use his surname or some such nonsense.
        And we thought that the U.K. was strange.

      • Fuck – does that mean I’ve got to stop calling the TV remote “Frank” now ?

  10. One of my neighbours looks a lot like Musk, could probably double for him in dim light, I reckon Grimes is a dirty bitch and enjoys a good Tesla.

  11. It’s Dominic Cummings when he lets his hair grow.
    Go fuck yourselves.

  12. In that photo, she looks like she’s having a psychotic episode. I bet she howls like a junkyard dog when she’s being rogered.
    Hopefully, Musk will join Branson on his maiden space flight.
    🎵 Ground control to pair of cunts,
    Your circuit’s dead, 🎵
    There’s something wrong,
    Can you hear me, pair of cunts ?
    Can you hear me, pair of cunts ?🎵
    Can you hear me, pair of cunts ?
    Can you heaaaaaaaar ? 🎵

    Get To Fuck.

  13. I always thought I had a cunty middle name, however later in years I look back at generations of men in the family with the same cunty middle name, even my nephew continues the tradition.
    Fortunately it is not as cunty as that one, so my parents were traditionalists not cunts.

    No fuck off I am not telling you.

  14. Musk is a total cunt. All the stupid fuckers who buy his wanky cars to ‘save the planet’ – how much pollution do his fucking rockets give out? Damn sight more than my ten year old Merc diesel I bet which, apparently, runs on the Devil’s spunk.

    • “runs on the Devil’s spunk” I will try and use that in a sentence this week at work….Brilliant!

  15. Musk reminds me of that Cotton pickin pesky varmint, Muskie Muskrat in Deputy
    Dawg. It’s possible….it’s possible. You must remember it Spoons?

  16. He looks like Robbie Fowler after plastic surgery ….therefore I do not like nor trust the cunt…

    • Ive got a thing for goth birds.
      Hope them and baby R2D2 live happily in their space rocket 🚀
      Love a crackpot I do.

    • ‘looks like Robbie Fowler after plastic surgery’.
      Fucking brilliant!

      These two look like a right pair of twats.

  17. Musk is a scent derived from a deer´s glandular secretions, according to Wikipaedia.
    And there´s more: “The name originates from the Late Greek μόσχος ‘moskhos’, from Persian ‘mushk’, similar to Sanskrit मुष्क muṣka (“testicle”), derived from Proto-Indo-European noun “mouse”. [3][1][4] The deer gland was thought to resemble a scrotum. ” Testicles and scrotums – that about sums him up.

    Never thought to look it up myself, I assumed it had something to do with an animals arse, I think beaver musk is used in food flavourings.

  18. He’s currently winding up the tinfoil hatters with his plans to force everyone to have a chip implanted in them, so they will do his evil bidding. Zzzzzzz

  19. &amp is a cunt ffs what the fuck does it mean?
    Only a cunt would use it, like this deluded rich cunt and his fucking pig ugly doris, the cunt.

  20. Could of used the silly X eA 12 fucka mawhooy name as a middle name or a nickname but this is just pathetically attention seeking and sad fuck them

  21. My granddad and great uncle fought the japs and the krauts so cunts like this Musk cheesehole and his slag act like attention seeking circus freaks and be people to be ‘looked up to’?

    Fuck that.

  22. I remember E=MC2. Big Audio Dynamite wasn’t it? Ahh the fucking 80s, I was only a nipper but please, take me back.

    Can’t cunt Musk sorry. It’s still fresh how he recently and so gloriously fucked off the Californiacs.

  23. Fair play to the man. He makes a statement saying his own companies share price is over valued and it fucking doubles within 2 months.

    I think this man sees something we don’t. A master class at manipulating morons.

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