Cummings and goings

Dominic Cummings : Well, not him; the cunt is the media storm surrounding the allegation that he broke his government’s rules on lockdown. Unsurprisingly, this story has been released by The Guardian and Mirror. And such is the ferocity of the storm, that the truth is lost in the tumult.

In the past couple of months, this country has largely behaved with dignity. I like to think this is in recognition of the seriousness of the situation and there are some parallels with the population’s stoicism during WW2. For a while, we benefitted from an opposition in lockdown. Sadly, the left, now restless, are allowed a voice and are using Covid 19 as a stick with which to beat the government. And the lefties now crawling out of the woodwork, are seeking to gain political mileage in the most disgraceful way. This includes scientists hoping to dodge blame, remainers hoping to usurp democracy, immigrant sympathisers who seek to see the UK down the pan, the greens who think this is utopia, and healthcare professionals hoping to gain… what? I nearly forgot to add Ian Blackford.

Meanwhile the Tories continue to behave with the dignity and the measured approach that is required to govern a country. Perhaps they are mindful that people are still succumbing to this disease.

Nominated by Sgt Maj Cunt

An Emergency cunting for Boris Johnson/Dominic C/The Government,
I am watching Boris present todays Press Briefing and he DOES NOT believe Dominic C has behaved in a way that warrants his sacking…Well, well, well.
Not only has Boris shown he cant take a piss or a shite without Dominic holding his hand he’s shown that Dominic is really running the country.
I have serious concerns abaaaaht this lockdown response and the laws brought in and also the proposed privacy breaches they want to bring in.
I also have concern’s abaaaaht this Government’s plan to force people back to unsafe work places because they are shitting themselves due to the economy going down the shitter and also the fact they jumped in the deep end by paying people to stay at home and then wonder why not many want to return back to work with the lovely weather etc.
Regarding Dominic…I quite like the cunt. He is obviously a clever, arrogant near genius (like myself) but where Dominic and I differ is that he allowed himself to get caught being a hypocritical cunt.
So Boris has showed that he is possibly a likeable clown but a bit aaaaaht of his depth.
I predict a Rear Stormer, Labour victory in the next election after this pile of cunt has been dissected.
This country is going down the shitter, run for your lives.
Go fuck yourselves.

Nominated by Black and White Cunt

The MSM’s attempt at destroying Dominic Cummings. Cummings mission is to destroy woke bollox and the “march through the institutions” deep state. He is the only hope of any change. He goes then we are back to the old normal bullshit. We need major change, or we are all well and truly fucked. Fuck lockdown, fuck the useless civil service, the bureaucratic NHS, home office,foreign office clone Blairite,un,who, eu loving fucking cunts.

Nominated by Smug cunt

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  1. I rather like the cut of your jib Solar, welcome aboard.

    Little yellow bastards.

  2. When asked if he felt his actions were regretful , given that so many millions had made sacrifices , he commented – “Listen you lot. I was doing what I thought was best, and once we’d confirmed my eyesight was ok , then what better way to test our post-Covid immunity – by having the wife gang-banged by everyone there , with me fluffing and cleaning the cocks afterwards.
    The fact that neither of us have shown further Covid symptoms is a positive , and our personal sacrifice was necessary to allow me to get back to what I do best – which is everything”.

  3. Remainer Daily Mirror,Guardian,led witch-hunt Lefties opportunity to get rid of Cummings once and for all Yes he did wrong told lies to avoid the lockdown rules yes Cummings is a total cunt but good at his job and that’s what the Labour Party don’t like. Stephen Kinnock and his Sister both broke the lockdown rules when they traveled 300 miles with a birthday cake and card for their father and were later both interviewed by the Police and both given a caution for breaking the lockdown laws but that’s ok Labour total hypocrites 👎👎

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