Noam Chomsky [2]

Noam Chomsky is on Newsnight saying the American Republican party is the worst organisation in human history and are more dangerous than ISIS.Fucking irritating pseudo-intellectual cunt!I have always hated him but this has made my piss boil..He also says he would vote for Corbyn if he was English.Says all you need to know.

Nominated by Shaun

Who the fuck is Noam Chomsky?
Actually never mind, anyone who says that the Republicans are that and that he would vote Corbyn is an utter cunt.

….Just google the stupid old cunt, he also says that Labour’s future is with Momentum.

Christ, I’ve only just learnt who this old bastard is and I already hope he hurries up and fucking die already!

Has Noam Chomsky been cunted yet?

I think he should be. Anyone who claims that; the yanks republican party is the most dangerous organisation in the world, is worse than ISIS, thinks that the Labour party’s future lies with the vile Jim Jones like cult known as Momentum, would vote for noted commie lunatic Corbyn, yet another bleeding heart for the murderous, terrorist empowering Palestinians and generally a stupid, delusional, hard left old cretin is well and truly a cunt.

Nominated by prime minister sinister

Russell Brand and Noam Chomsky


Russell Brand has been getting on my tit ends with his childish rants and typical adoption of a far left agenda just when his career goes down the shit pan.

I`d also like to nominate all the cunts in my university and across the country who look up to this wankstain as some sort of modern day Gandhi:He is not he is just a pox infested unfunny faded actor who`s political views are akin to those of a brain damaged Noam Chomsky (who is also a massive cunt)

Nominated by: Shaun of the Dead 69

Never heard of Noam Chomsky until he was nominated. Forced to investigate out of sheer curiousity. Now wish I hadn’t…

Noam Chomsky is even more fucking pretentious than Russell Brand! Brand is apparently a ‘comedian and campaigner’ as well as a massive twat. Chomsky on the other hand describes himself as a ‘linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, logician, political commentator and anarcho-syndicalist activist’. What the fuck is an anarcho-syndicalist when it’s at home ?!?

Seems to me to be just a self-publicising Yank cunt, who looks like Michael Foot without a duffle coat, and who’s made a shed load of money by spouting bollocks about communism and conspiracy theories. If he was really a communist, he’d have given all his wealth away to help the downtrodden working classes, the fucking hypocrite.

A wealthy communist is an oxymoron – Miliband take note!

Nominated by: Dioclese