Teachers (4)

Teachers are cunts aren’t they?

I know three of the fuckers, and, predictably, they are all libtard lefties. All moaned like fuck when they had to go back to work: “it’s dangerous”, “government wants to kill us” etc etc ad nauseam.

Now they’re moaning again because they can’t have another month off tax-payer funded holiday, unions winding them up again.

The bullshit that teaching is a calling is fucking shite, it’s a fucking soft touch and they know it. Try digging roads or burning off bolts in mid winter from a submarine’s propeller casing.

Fucking sappy cunts!

Nominated by: West Cuntry Cunt 

64 thoughts on “Teachers (4)

  1. If teachers are worried about the parents seeing them on line then they must be shit with something to hide.
    I also think that the National Anthem should be sung in every school assembly to increase patriotism.

  2. We have become too soft as a country in every aspect. I have genuinely been told not to mark in red pen because it’s “too harsh of a colour”. That’s where we’re at people.

    And that’s why prison bosses need to order 72-inch waist trousers for inmates who eat fry ups and watch TV all day. Imagine what a skin and bones poor bastard in some Far Eastern hellhole prison would think of that.

    We are a fucking laughing stock.

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