BBC Boffins


From Prof Brian Cox to Prof Alice Roberts and the whole shower of cunts employed by the BBC to bring you retard level science. Water can be a liquid, a solid or a gas. Fucking hell, bust out the nobel prize… for cunts!

Brian Cox is possibly the most well known, a theoretical physicist (charlatan) involved with CERN (Cunting Euro Retard Nonces, well it should be!) but it’s center for euro research or some bollocks, fucking Google it if you care!

If you’ve never seen him just imagine a ‘messy’ haircut in skinny jeans or any bass player from any ‘indie’ band in the last 25 years. A monumental cunt of epic proportions, he oozes cuntitude and is the BBC’s current ‘top boy’, can often been seen mincing around wit that Eyrish cunt Dara O’brien.
He makes Joey Essex look charming and somewhat of a raconteur you’d invite round for supper.

Then we have Alice Roberts, a fucking veggie no doubt (topical), tree hugging, red hair dyed bumpkin, she seems to raise the temperature of the ‘Time Team’ set who only get excited at finding a 12th century shithouse with fecal remains.A biologist I think, but seen presenting all sorts of guff on BBC4.
Probably a lesbian, but filling some PC box at the BBC and the current ‘top dog’ of the bitches.

Then you have the shower of shite who make up the rest, Dr Suzannah Lipscomb, Dr Helen Czerski, Prof Jik AlkAlili, Neil Oliver, and the worst of the lot Dr Kate Williams.

Kate Williams deserves a cunting all of her own, she looks like Elizabeth I from Blackadder, has her tongue so far up the Royals arseholes her breath smells of corgi shit . She is on every TV show whenever there is anything in the papers about the Royals, She is always promoting, defending and wanking over the royals, what an epic brown nosing slag, sling her in the tower, the cunt.

So the BBC and their shower of open university grads presenting science even a 6 yr old could understand deserves cunting…

Nominated by: Boaby

Brian Cox [2]


Smug Brian Cox has got to be one of the most irritating presenters on television.

Professor ? That’s a joke. He’s embarrassing to watch and should be teaching introduction to science in a primary school. He never ever gets beneath the surface of any subject, reciting the most obvious of observations and then grinning at the camera as though he knows he’s just astounded you with his wisdom.

Self-congratulatory idiot.

Those who would like to be educated about science and entertained at the same time should watch Michio Kaku. Now there’s someone who really knows what he’s talking about.

Nominated by: Allan

Brian Cox


Brian Cox is a giant arsechicken, wobblybrained, mingepiece cunt.

If time travel were possible you would have disappeared up Uranus years ago much like your career as a pop piss icon.

Nominated by: Lord Noel Wyatt s.o.c