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  1. And of course Cox’s cuntitude factor doubles on account of his resemblance to Mark Owen from Take That.

  2. If your surname was ‘Cocks’, would you change it?

    I have no idea who he is and I’m not going to wear out Google looking for him/her/it. I can tell by his smug face that he doesn’t do anything worthwhile and gets paid shed-loads for it.

  3. And on the subject of irritating cunts here is another one:

    Lucy Worsley

    Lisping “I’m all right peasants” posh pudenda Oxbridge mafia aging telly tart presenter of things historical and pop-sensational. Irritating cunt on the BBC gravy train. Currently lisping and donkey braying her way from chat show to chat show flogging her latest book. One of the ‘new look’ fucking presenters over acting to buggery. Her fashion style is 1950’s escapee from a children’s home.

    But is it fuckable? Me pet vulture Gristle intimates that the filly may be into S&M and while as broadminded as any old English aristo and quite happy to let her paddle me arse whilst trussed up like a chicken (thus we won the Empire) I do draw the line at electric violet wands and that kind of malarkey. Me old heart donchaknow.

    • Sorry, Old Son, but I just realised I missed that comment and have accordingly added her to the end a of a quite long queue!

      If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s a superior posh bitch that smirks. Yuck……..Wouldn’t fuck it with yours – unless there was a paper bag over her smug, overbearing boat race.

  4. Brian Cox is not a cunt I know. I used to know a Brian Goode. He was an absolute cunt so by association he must be a total cunt too. I reckon he would burn well.

    • Absolutely right. Mrs D’s first husband was a Brian. He was an absolute cunt so your logic would appear to be spot on.

      All blokes called Brian are cunts. Simples…

    • Your decree of cuntage is accurate sir, one also has not met a Brian who is yet unacuntable.

  5. Paid a fortune to speak to adults like they are invalid toddlers and get’s applauded for this insult to all human achievement by other non-intellects like Stephen Fry.
    Did a 6 (or so) part series where he managed to talk to the audience as adults ….that was short lived period in his career.

  6. I would like to nominate myself as at least a laughing cunt and by dint of the ladder of cuntishness it started with a smirk. Also my middle name is Blair. I think this alone would win me the prize if any. However there’s more. I’ve been smirking at people all my life in the vain belief that nobody was smirking back. I couldn’t have been more wrong. One day you cunts will find out how big a cunt I am. And you will be smirking all the way to your cuntish beds there to sleep the contented sleep of a cunt.Blissfully unaware of the cuntish trick I behaved like a cunt to my mother,my teachers,my friends,and my pets.All this time there were other smirking cunts viewing my every cuntish move through my own eyes via a silicon chip implanted in my brain. Like the truman show except with a cunt as the hero. I’ve no doubt the dvd will be released one day and this post will be part of it. You will all be credited too as people who made me laugh harder than I have in a long while for your honest opinions of those cunts Cox, Worsley,and fry.Cox in particular. Things never got better at all despite his piss poor songwriting .Hard for a cunt like me to take when I’ve got the middle name I have. In fact they are getting worse. A lot worse and that smirking cunt has to answer for his bollocks to god and other smirking cunts above. If I ever see him I’ll wipe his slimy smirk off his face . This I swear to you and to him as he’s probably watching right now the smirking cunt. Thanks for watching cunts. Thanks for understanding and having this website. Smirking cunts are not exclusive to earth. There are plenty seeding the universe as we speak with said smirks and cuntish tricks of a magnitude Cox and his GMO. loving pimps could only dream of.Cunts one and all. I will take a lie detector test to prove this but not on that other smirking cunt Kyle ‘ s show. Your thoughts on him please.

  7. Smug Brian Cox has got to be one of the most irritating presenters on television. Professor ? That’s a joke. He’s embarrassing to watch and should be teaching introduction to science in a primary school. He never ever gets beneath the surface of any subject, reciting the most obvious of observations and then grinning at the camera as though he knows he’s just astounded you with his wisdom. Self-congratulatory idiot.
    Those who would like to be educated about science and entertained at the same time should watch Michio Kaku. Now there’s someone who really knows what he’s talking about.

  8. These professor types on TV were better when I was a kid… I remember this mad fucker called Magnus Pyke… A proper demented mad scientist, but he knew his shit… The show he presented was Don’t Ask Me… It’s theme tune (‘House Of The King’) was later used as the theme to Saxondale…


  9. Everything Brian Cox says always seems to be “The first rule of thermo-dynamics” nothing’s ever the second or third rule. His entire programme was full of inconsistences saying “energy cannot be created or destroyed” then in the next episode he talks about all energy being used up at the end of time. He says the big bang occurred 13 billion years ago then says pulsars are trillions of years old. He’s always looks happy tilting his head, like he’s on drugs.

  10. Brain-Cocks was asked what he thought of the 1000s of irrefutable inconstancies contained within the NASA moon photographs and videos.
    His in-depth, methodically researched reply:
    “It’s like saying- Did we discover penicillin? Yes. Did we go to the moon? Yes! That’s the end of it.”

    Then he made a “BRILLIANT tweet” (according to Huffing-Cun Post):
    “If you don’t think Apollo 11 landed on Moon you are a colossal nob end & should get a new brain.”

    Calling people RUDE NAMES is not an academic argument. It’s also IMMATURE.

    Return your PHD to the packet of Frosties Cornflakes where you found it. Or was it the Polytechnic of McCunt?

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