Val McDermid


I’d like to nominate crime fiction writer Val McDermid. She’s a paedo protecting cunt. Naming child abusers after they die is no good. How many kids have suffered because she didn’t and still hasn’t spoken up. Here’s a quote from the festering cow

“There was much more to it than that. Savile was common gossip in the newsroom in the 80s. There were three names that were always mentioned,” said Val.

“People would come in or they would phone up and the same three names came up.

“One was Jimmy Savile and one was Cyril Smith and we now know the truth of both of those.

Who is the third one then Val? How do you sleep at night?

Oh and she wrote wire in the blood, her pen led to Robson cunting Green back on prime time TV, that alone makes her a cunt.

Nominated by: London cunt

8 thoughts on “Val McDermid

  1. OK I give up, what the fuck is that a picture of? And why isn’t it in its cage at the zoo?

  2. Two gentle reminders of outstanding nominations

    Maher al Assad

    Crippled cunt and younger brother of Syrian Dictator Bashar al Assad.

    The sadist straight man in the double act. A Dr Strangelove without the warmth. Reportedly survived an asassination attempt which crippled his left arm and blew his left leg orf and by all accounts his bollocks with it. What the yanks would call “one mean maher”. A tosser that can’t toss himself. Time to blow his other leg orf.

    The smart money has this crippled cunt behind the sarin gas attack which killed 1500 people in Damascus.

    Video floating around from 2008 shows him filming dismembered corpses for his viewing pleasure after a prison riot was put down.

    Has extensive dodgy business operations based in Lebanon (business associate of yours Dioclese?).

    Commander of the Republican Guard and 4th Armoured Division he is principle muscle man and enforcer for the regime. Rarely seen and works the dark shadows controlling the psycho squads responsible for the worst atrocities. Has HATE tatooed across the knuckles of both hands (but only one hand works now).

    Crippled Corrupt Commander Cunt


    Mark Carney

    Mark Carney is a pinch faced canadian cunt dedicated to nuking interest rates and destroying me savings. Get a better return by stuffing me dosh up the memsahib’s fanny. On second thoughts will wait till the new plastic notes come in before trying that.

    Hand picked by Osbourne therefore must be a major cunt – and the tosser costs us £11000 a month rent on top of a £874000 pa salary plus perks.

    The main result of this ex Goldman Sachs wanker’s low interest rate policy is to spawn a new nation of fucking estate agents (up 77000 this year) and spawn another housing bubble. Bubbles burst and spew out bastard bailiffs.

    We inbred aristos know all about debt. Been maintaining the life accustomed by mortgageing or flogging orf parts of the ancestral pile for decades. Return on capital is the old life blood. Though, fair play he volunteered, me butler’s arse too old to go on the game again. So something has to go. Me Bollinger or me Bentley?

    Who can deny an old sportsman down on his luck. Any of you cunts lend me a tenner?

    • If I don’t get any of my nominations put up I’m gonna start throwing my tows out of my pram.
      Then I’ll be orf to Guido Fawkes blog and fuck the lot of you cunts.

  3. Stanley Collymore is moaning, whining, race-mongering, Brummy cunt.

    When he’s not out dogging or drunkenly thrashing his girlfriend/someone else’s wife, he’s spouting utter fucking nonsense on Talksport or making a complete cunt of himself on Twatter. When he tires of that he sometimes threatens to kill his ex-wife, or burn her parents house down, or both.

    He seeks to deflect all criticism of himself by claiming that anyone who can see he is momumental prick is a racist or prejudiced against mentalists.

    Contrary to his irrelevant opinions, being a complete wanker is not a mental illness.

    We’re not racist, we’re not prejudiced, we just think you’re a cunt. A massive one, who should shut the fuck up and piss off back to Brum.

    BTW, If it were not for reverse racism, this dopey fucker would never have seen another microphone or camera again, unless it was those used by the reporters as he came out of court on another assault charge, cunt.

  4. forces have caused more deaths in Iraq in the past 3 years than Saddam did
    during his 23-year rule and insisted Bush should stand trial for war
    crimes. And the panel of the glove compartment will remind you not of the old Grande but rather of the original
    Sumo. Shouldn’t we, as individuals, start to prepare for survival, in our own homes and communities.

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